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Haldin Company Presentation Haldin, Introduction Haldin is an Indonesian based manufacturing company which focuses in the production of natural ingredients, mainly botanical extracts such as coffee, tea, and ginger. Natural Ingredients as

  1. Haldin Company Presentation

  2. Haldin, Introduction Haldin is an Indonesian based manufacturing company which focuses in the production of natural ingredients, mainly botanical extracts such as coffee, tea, and ginger.

  3. Natural Ingredients as Building Blocks sweetener, = + flavor, coloring, + stabilizer, preservative, = + etc.

  4. Our Customers Food & Beverage Health Food Flavor Cosmetics • Instant Sachet • Supplements • Food • Face Flavoring Drink • Capsule • Body & Skin • Beverage • Ready to Drink • Hair • Tablets Flavoring • Dairy products • Feminine • Healthy Candy • Cigarette • Confectionary Hygiene • Syrup Flavoring & Snacks • Baby Care • Syrup / • Topical Care Concentrate

  5. Our Products Essences, Tea & Spray Essential Oil & Vanilla & Natural Extracts & Coffee Dried Floral Waters Cocoa Sweeteners Concentrates • Red Ginger • Black Tea • Honey • Guarana • Cajeput Oil • Liquid Spray Dried • Ginger • Palm Sugar Extract • Ginseng • Anise Oil • Tamarind • Black Tea • Brown • Oleoresin • Guava • Citronella Oil Concentrate • Turmeric Sugar • Sour Lime • Sandalwood • Sirih Extract • Black Tea Oil • Cogon Grass Essence • Manjakani • Ginger Oil Glycolic • Eurycoma • Green Tea Extract • Roselle Spray Dried • Coffee Essence • Coffee Concentrate A total of more than 100 products

  6. Why Us?

  7. Experienced • More than 20 years in natural ingredients business • Established its own extraction manufacturing facility in 1992

  8. Certified Quality • ISO 22000 food safety • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, • Halal & Kosher Certified • Organics Certified • SAP system

  9. Supply Chain Sustainability • Supply Chain Management • Traceable Raw Materials • Environment preservation & Societal Aspects DIRECT INVOLVEMENT IN THE PLANTING, CULTIVATION AND HARVESTING OF RAW MATERIALS

  10. Capability & Technology • Batch & Continuous Extraction Technology; from small to high volume output • Output capacity up to 3,500 tons annually • Aroma Extraction & Recovery • Granulation, Agglomeration, & CO 2 Injection

  11. Justified Quality Control • Series of tests that qualify product to be sent out: – Chemical Pesticide & Heavy Metal – Organoleptik Sensory test based on appearance, odor, taste, etc – Physical Consists of solubility, specific gravity (SG), pH, Refractive Index, & Moisture Content test. – Microbiology Consists of Total Place Count (TPC), Yeast & Mold, Bacteria Pathogen Test.

  12. Continuous Solutions • Extensive Research & Development for New Product Development & Product Improvement • Technical Support for Specific Product Information Requirement & Stability Testing • Product Application Lab for Application Information; Usage, Formulation, & Stability Test consultation

  13. Worldwide Market Coverage Continues to develop new market around the world, shipping its products to more than 30 countries

  14. Tea

  15. The Tea Supply Chain Tea Processing Haldin’s Involvement picked withered & rolled From fermenting to drying, we make sure that every process is fermentation conducted in the appropriate way to guarantee our raw materials quality fry drying

  16. Comparison of Different Type of Teas

  17. Tea Parts & Processing Flowery Orange Pekoe (FOP) • Raw Material Source: – Java, Indonesia. Orange Pekoe • Leaf Part Used: (OP) – Orange Pekoe Pekoe (P) – Orange Pekoe Flowery Pekoe • Process, blend of: Souchong (PS) – CTC (Crush Tear Curling) – Orthodox Souchong (S)

  18. Production Flowchart - Introduction Raw Material Purified Water Slurry Preparation Body Flavor Extraction Concentration Spray Drying Aroma Essence Concentrates Spray Dried

  19. GC profile of processed Tea – Illustration Artificial Flavor Freshly brewed tea The “green” aroma characteristic • Brewing tea cannot extract the whole aroma profile; too hot to extract the starting profile, too cold to extract the end profile. • Artificial tea flavor only copies some of the top note of tea aroma • Haldin process is capable of capturing almost all of tea’s aroma profile.

  20. Haldin’s Black Tea Powder Extract Product 10000604 10000018 10000017 Form Powder Extract Essence Concentrate Yellowish Brown Fine Brown to Dark Brown Color Clear Colorless Liquid Powder Viscous Liquid Solubility Soluble in Water Min. 1 year when 6 months in 4 ° -8 ° C 12 months in 4 ° -8 ° C properly stored Shelf Life storage, away from storage, away from direct sunlight direct sunlight

  21. Haldin’s Green Tea Powder Extract Product 10000082 10000135 Form Powder Extract Liquid Extract Color Darkish green viscous liquid Greenish brown powder Solubility Soluble in Water Total Polyphenols Min. 50% Min. 30% content Shelf Life Min. 1 year when properly stored

  22. Applications From Ready to Drinks to instant powder sachet.. From Dairies, Ice Creams, to Concentrates… Haldin’s Tea has been applied to many applications And still more to come…

  23. Packaging Essence & Concentrate available in: • 20kg plastic HDPE, • 200kg metal drum, & • 1,000kg TOT Powder Extract available in: • 25kg plastic PE in Box Carton Samples available in: • 50ml dark colored bottle (Essence & Concentrate) • 15gr aluminum foil (Powder Extract) Storage Recommendation: • Cool temperature (Essence & Concentrate) • Room temp (Powder Extract) 1,000kg TOT Packaging

  24. Our Ingredients, Your Products, Shared Success… A Total Natural Result

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