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Let the journey to rejuvenation begin Indriya wellness, spa & salon at The Umrao is oasis far away from the monotony of life. It is an Innovative concept featuring fully-customized wellness experiences, including an well thought menu of

  1. Let the journey to rejuvenation begin… Indriya wellness, spa & salon at The Umrao is oasis far away from the monotony of life. It is an Innovative concept featuring fully-customized wellness experiences, including an well thought menu of Salon Services, mind-body relaxing therapies, fitness center and Pool facilities. At Indriya, we look forward to enhance our guests’ experience with exceptional facilities featuring the most innovative wellness and fitness experiences.

  2. Area of Operations  Wellness Centre  Swimming Pool  Spa Therapies  Salon Facilities Timings Spa, Salon and Fitness Centre 0630 hours to 2130 hours Swimming Pool Summer: 0700 hours to 2100 hours Winter: 0700 hours to 1900 hours

  3. Wellness… fitness centre & swimming pool The fitness centre at Indriya review your approach to fitness with a professional trainers. Our Pool facing fitness center is equipped with a range of cardiovascular and strength training equipment. With gorgeous designs and indulgent featured swimming pool at Indriya takes swimming to another level. At Poolside we give perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy lite bites at pool bar with your favourite drink. Wellness Centre at Indriya take care of each and every requirement of your body to keep your muscles relaxed and energies. Whether it is related to you blood circulation or detoxification of the entire body. We have separate Steam and sauna rooms to fulfill all your fitness needs.

  4. Spa… Services & Facilities Our highly trained staffs at the Indriya spa, provides outstanding spa therapies with a personalized and attentive approach. Bases on our guests requirements and recommendations, our menu ranges from Classical Swedish Massage, the most widely practiced and best known western Massage system and is designed to invigorate and renew the body to Aromatherapy which uses blend of natural oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruit to sooth the senses and relax the mind, Deep Tissue to Thai Massage, Abhyanga to Balinese and Shirodhara. Using high quality natural ingredients that will take its guests on a rejuvenating journey of sensory awakening.

  5. Spa Therapy Rooms… The spa featuring 6 different therapy and thoughtfully kept names explain there feature itself. Choose from an array of Ayurvedic and internationally influenced therapies to restore the vital energy of the body. Or select one of our carefully designed beauty therapies that impart nourishment and radiance. Whatever your preference, your time Indriya will leave you refreshed, renewed and re-energised. will leave you refreshed, renewed and re Sadhana (Healing) Sadhana is a sanksrit word which means spiritual exertion towards an intended goal or healing oneself from within. In this treatment room we take all the healing treatments like Balinese Massage, An ancient deep tissue massage which helps in releasing the knotted tissue and to relieve stress and tension and improve circulation. Deep Tissue Massage - Targeted in on the under layers of muscles to release chronic patterns of muscle tension and loss of flexibility and motion.

  6. Spa Therapy Rooms… Aromaveda (combination of Ayurveda, yoga & aromatherapy) Aromaveda is basically combination of Ayurveda, Yoga & Aromatherapy. In this room we Ayurvedic treatments takes place which helps to tone up the muscles and tighten the skin of the entire body during weight loss. Anti-cellulite Ayurvedic products are used for giving manual massages on specific pressure points helping in strengthening the connective tissue, eliminating the toxins with the help of lymphatic drainage massage and shaping the adipose tissue giving an even and smooth appearance.

  7. Spa Therapy Rooms… Satkrti Traditional Thai Massage Room name kept as Satkrti it is a sanskrit word which means good action, as Thai massage is full of force and stretches to release stiffness and tension of entire body. Thai massage promotes a healing process and assures a feeling of sublime relaxation.

  8. Spa Therapy Rooms… Vilasa Vilasa is also sanskrit word which means Luxury. Show your better half your true romantic side by booking a relaxing massage in our couple spa thrapy room suite with a private Jacuzzi. Vilasa at Indriya Spa, is the most spacious therapy room with steam, sauna & jacuzzi inside the room. You can choose therapy of your choice from our spa menu or get it customised with the help of our expert therapist. Special spa packages are also available for couple suite.

  9. Spa Therapy Rooms… Dhyana As name explain itself Dhayana mean meditation. Here, the Ayurvedic expert therapist performs the Ayurvedic massages specially the Shirodhara, which comes from the sanskrit work Shiro (head) and Dhara(flow) and in that involves gently pouring liquids, depending on what is being treated over the forehead.

  10. Spa Therapy Rooms… Anubhava A literal Meaning is Experience. In this therapy room you will experience the wonderful sense of relaxation and rejuvenation and restore calm and balance to your body and mind. If you’re not sure which types of massages are best for you, then our therapists will happily advise you.

  11. Salon… Services & Facilities The salon at Indriya is modern and provides expertise in hair care, trendy and stylish haircuts, hair styling, advanced makeups, and many other services like comfortable hair wash stations, pedicure and manicure and beauty treatments such as hair removing treatments, facials, body treatments and polishing …

  12. Salon… Makeover & Bridal Defining class with simplicity, elegance, and sophistication, The Indriya- offers two bridal rooms, ( Jodha & Padma ) pushes the envelope by offering exclusive services to all your bridal needs with a expert steam of make-up artists and collection of latest trends & services specially designed for the trendy brides. One can also opt. for touch ups before dinner, baby shower or for a birthday anniversary .

  13. Indriya Menu Spa & salon

  14. Indriya Menu Spa & salon

  15. Indriya Menu Spa & salon

  16. Thank You Indriya Wellness, Spa & Salon Umrao Hotels and Resorts Pvt. Ltd. National Highway – 48 | Samalkha | New Delhi – 110037 T: 011 4770 7033 / 59 | E: spa@theumrao.com | www.theumrao.com

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