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Wh What in the World?! Sa Sauvign gnon Bl Blanc as s an Inter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Wh What in the World?! Sa Sauvign gnon Bl Blanc as s an Inter In ernation ional l Varie iety Jo John hn Bue uechse hsens nstein SauvignonBlancExperience.com #SBE2018 The aroma of Sauvignon Blanc is so unique that it is T

  1. Wh What in the World?! Sa Sauvign gnon Bl Blanc as s an Inter In ernation ional l Varie iety Jo John hn Bue uechse hsens nstein SauvignonBlancExperience.com #SBE2018

  2. “The aroma of Sauvignon Blanc is so unique that it is “T impossible to confuse it with any y other varieties… It has been be n compar pared d with h that hat of vani anilla a and and mus uscat at, but but it is different, and di and cons nstitut utes the he singul ngular ar tas aste of Sauv auvigno gnon n Blanc Bl anc wi wine nes.” Mi Michel Ca Cazeaux-Ca Cazalet (1910), am ampelograp aphy by by Vi Viala an and Ve Vermorel SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  3. IM IMHO: A good Sauvignon the worl rld over r should exhibit: Ty Typicité & & Or Origi ginal nalité Fl Flavors o of a a w wine m must b be t true t to g grape t type(s) a and ex expressive of its place of origin, i. i.e. e. Eac ach sau auvig vignon on shou ould ld expres ess it its TE TERROIR!

  4. What contribures to flavor formation that gives rise to “typicité/originalité” or “terroir” expression ? • Cl Clima mate ~ ~ • Pr Precursors of varietal expression (DNA) • Su Sunlight energy, luminosity, temperature • Ha Harves est timi ming ng, frui uit ha handl ndling ng, eno enological • Ra Rainfall, , hydrology, , water r use duri ring the ch choice ces seaso se son • Fru Fruit and winery microflora (microbial • Ge Geological parent material, te terroir) Soil com Soi ompos osition on • Fe Fermentation microbes and • To Topography: Aspect, inclination, te temperature exposure ex • En Environm nmen ental odo dors? • Vi Viticultural choices • Pe People and their traditions and • En Environm nmen ental flora and nd fauna una cu cuisine…from Ol Old W World a and Ne New.

  5. Jancis Robinson on typicité/originalité… “I “It sho shoul uld be be ad added ed, ho however, tha that, t, as as wi winemakers in increas easin ingly ly travel be tr betw tween wi wine re regions, ab absorbin ing an and ap apply lyin ing di different te techniques, so some di disti tinc ncti tions ns be betw tween wh what we were re regard rded as as wi wine archetypes ar es ar are be being ng er erod oded ed, an and the there is is mo more di disa sagr greement tha than ev ever as as to to wh what co constitutes ty typi picality ty.” rd Ed JR JR, Ox Oxford Co Comp. 3 rd Ed. SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  6. What constitutes sauvignon flavor “typicité” ?

  7. “A “Almost imperceptible in unfermented must, the aroma characteristic of Sau Sauvi vignon Blan anc wines mai ainly develops during al alcoholic fermentati tion from th the ar aroma-less p precursors i in th the m must. t.” Denis De nis Dubo Dubour urdie dieu in in TONG NG, N°1 1 (2009) 2009) “ It It i is t the w winemaking w which r reveals t the a aroma h hidden i in t the f fruit … … T The w wine tastes m more o of f fruits ts th than th the g grape d does … … F Fermentati tion a acts ts t to r reveal aroma aro a by libe berati rating ng the the aro aroma a compo pounds unds in n the the Sauv Sauvigno gnon n Blanc anc grape grape.” ” Emile Pe Em Peynaud, “The Taste of f Wine (1 (1980) SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  8. “Schools” of Sauvignon flavor… v Fru Fruity/Fl /Floral v Ve Vege/grassy/herbal v “Sty “Stylized” ” v Va Various combinations SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  9. FR FRUITY/FL FLORAL (t (ter erpen enes es, thiols iols an and es ester ers) • CI CITRUS – gr grapefru ruit/l /lemon/l /lime/orange • ME MELON • FI FIG • AP APPLE/PEAR AR • ST STONE FRUIT – AP APRI RICOT T PEACH • PI PINEAPPLE PPLE & TROP P FRUITS – gu guava, passion, mango • GREEN F FRUIT ITS S – go gooseberry SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  10. Fr Free Volatile mo mono-Te Terpenes fl floral/fr /fruity/per erfu fumey • Li Linalool ool – sp spicy floral al (dap aphne) • β-Ci Citronellol – sc scented geran anium • Geran aniol – ro rosey/per perfume umey/s /scented geranium • 2,6 2,6-bi bis(1,1-De Demethylethyl)-4-me methyl phe pheno nol – “g “green” • Ne Nerol – lemon g gras ass, s sweet r t rose-lik like • α-te terpineol – lilac ac, f floral al SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  11. Es Esters = = Alcohols s + + Organic c Aci cids • Et Ethyl propionate ate – “f “fruity ty” ” possi ssible pineap apple • Is Isoamyl a acetate – ar art. t. ban anan ana a (is (isobutyl l ac acetate – fr fruit it, ap apple le, ban anan ana) a) • Et Ethyl caproate ate (hexanoate ate) – ap apple peel, , fruity ty • Am Amino aci cid ethyl esters – var arious f fruits ts SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  12. Vo Volatile Thiols – Th The s e sou oul of S of SB c B character er • 4MMP 4MMP 4-me mercapto-4-me methyl-pe pentan-2-on one – ca cat pee, broom, boxwood • 3MH 3MHA 3-me mercaptoh ohexanol ol acetate – pa passio ion n fruit uit, , bo boxwood • 3MH 3MH 3-me mercaptoh ohexan-1-ol ol – gr grapefruit, passio pa ion n fruit uit • 4MMP 4MMPOH 4-me mercapto-4-me methylpentan-1-ol ol – ci citrus zest • BM BMT be benz nzene nemetha hane nethio hiol – mi mineral, smok moky, flinty De Denis nis Dubo Dubour urdie dieu, TON ONG N°1 1 Ot Other r odors are possible such as those found in bla black cur urrant bud, bud, tomato le leaf, , rhuba hubarb SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  13. Perception threshold (ng/L), olfactory description and conc. (ng/L) Pe of of vola olatile ile thiols iols in in Sauvig ignon on Bla lanc win ines es (L (Loir oire, e, Bor ordea eaux) ) Perception Conc. in Compound Olfactory description threshold wines 4MMP 0.8 Boxwood, broom, cat pee 3-44 3MHA 4.2 Passion fruit, boxwood 0-800 3MH 60.0 Grapefruit, passion fruit 600-12000 4MMPOH 55.0 Citrus zest 0-150 BMT 0.33 Mineral, smoky, flinty 0-15 Denis Dubourdieu, TONG N°1 SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  14. Th Thio iols ls: must be managed! • Sk Skin contac act t is necessar ary for sufficient t pre-fe fermentation extraction of thiol precursors i is m man andatory • Th The norm rm in Ne New Zealand is mech chanical harvesting • Th The mace ceration due to mach chine harvesting and tru ruck ck transport rt time is a wo wonderful unintended benefit! • Ra Rapid addition of antioxidants, SULFITE TES and AS ASCORB RBIC ACID, is essential. Bo Both are added to gondolas in the field. • Ad Addition of enzymes is very benefici cial along with the antioxidants NZ Comments, Caren NZ n Coetzee, W& W&V May 2018 2018 SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  15. VE VEGE GE/GR GRASS SSY/HERBAL • GREEN G GRASS, SS, D DRY G GRASS, SS, h hay • VE VEGETAL AL – bell p pepper “ “cap apsicum”, c celery, c can anned p peas as, as aspar arag agus • LE LEMON ON GRASS – (a (a mon ono-te terpenoid) • HE HERBAL L – dill, t tar arrag agon, b bas asil • GOOSE SEBERRY SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  16. Pyrazines Py • MI MIBP Met Methoxy-isobuty tyl-py pyrazine and others The vari Th rious “green” or r “ve vege ge” ” odors: s: bell p pepper, , asp aspar arag agus, s, jal alap apen eno, , grass, ass, ce celery Th Thiols may also be making this flavor r contri ribution. Possible low level contribution to “m Po “mineral ality ty” SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  17. Al Aldehydes – mi mino nor contribut butors • Ace Acetaldehyde – fr fruity, pumpki kin • He Hexanal – “f “fatty ty” ” green grass assy, , unripe fruit • 2-Met Methyl-propan anal al – nutty ty, c cheesy • Be Benzaldehyde – al almond SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  18. “S “STYLIZED” ED” (c (cer ertainly y familiar to o us in Califor ornia) • VA VANILLIN • Ot Other er Oa Oak lac actones – coconut, t, s spicy, e ear arth thy, h herbac aceous • BU BUTTER – ML MLF diacet etyl • Fu Furf rfural – car aram amel, b butterscotch • Guai aiac acol – sm smoky, , char ar • “SU “SUR LIES” S” CHARACTER ER • HO HONEY, nectary, HA HAY SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  19. Ma Malol olactic F Fer ermen entation on • Di Diace cetyl – but buttery • Cr Creamy mouthfeel • Pu Pungent popcorn notes (“sur lies”) SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  20. So So, wh what’s wi with “m “mineral ality” ? Va Various theories exist: • Ro Rocks? Minerals? NO • Tr Trace concentration of pyrazines? Maybe • Tr Trace concentration of thiols? Maybe • Tr Trace levels of sulfide/mercaptans from struggling yeast or possibly BMT benzyl m meth thyl th thiol – Ve Very possibly SauvignonBlancExperience.com

  21. Co Consid sider er t the g e growin ing c condit itio ions s and flavor pr and profiles es of Sauvi Sauvigno gnon n fr from k key g growin ing sit sites a es around the wor th orld… SauvignonBlancExperience.com

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