the selectif ultrasound unique technology us absorbed by

The Selectif Ultrasound unique Technology US Absorbed By The Hair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Selectif The new Sound of Professional Hair Removal The Selectif Ultrasound unique Technology US Absorbed By The Hair Shaft Hair is an efficient conductor of ultrasonic energy Use of hair and skin characteristics to create focused and

  1. Selectif ™ The new Sound of Professional Hair Removal

  2. The Selectif Ultrasound unique Technology

  3. US Absorbed By The Hair Shaft Hair is an efficient conductor of ultrasonic energy Use of hair and skin characteristics to create focused and selective heat at the hair bulb Long term damage to the hair re-growth mechanism Minimal impact to the surrounding skin because ultrasound does not travel from one material to the other: from a hair (made of Keratin), to the skin (density similar to water).

  4. Selectif’s Core Technology The transducer’s piezoelectric component converts electric energy into US waves (vibration) � The transducer’s applicator condenses the US wave into the hair shaft , which propagate along the hair to its root. � The Ultrasound waves absorbed by the hair, causes heating of the hair shaft and bulb to >65ºC � The heat damages the hair follicle and it’s bulb. The dead hair falls off.

  5. H&E Histology Hematoxilin and Eosin (H&E) staining of porcine skin (coronal section) shows visible coagulative thermal necrosis US treated hair control- no treatment

  6. Temperature Mapping

  7. IR Air

  8. IR Gel + Air

  9. Human Hair in Skin Phantom Hair shaft – heated Hair bulb – the Ex-vivo hair and its as the us wave hottest spot follicle sunk in tissue passes through phantom

  10. Comparison of Hair Treatments Diode Laser Selectif • Surrounding skin is not affected • Large skin area is heated • White hair follicle is getting heat • White hairs not affected Dark Hairs White Hair Side view White Hair

  11. TM – Hair Phantom Selectif

  12. TM – Hair Phantom Selectif

  13. TM – Hair Phantom Selectif Selectif-Hair-Phantom-v1.avi

  14. Human Hair: Pre-Post Treatment Post 1 st Treatment Post 2 nd Pre Treatment Treatment

  15. Clinical Data

  16. The Clinical Trial Subjects : 36 subjects, men and women Skin type : Fitzpatrick 1-5, Hair colors : All colors- black, blond, red, and white hair. Ages: :18-60 Treatment area : 1 cm², Control area : 1 cm² non-treated adjacent area Method: Before treatment: Pictures were taken, hair was counted in both areas. Time 0- First treatment Time 1- Second treatment= after 30 days, photo and counting Time 2- After 60 days- photo and counting

  17. Final Results 39% hair reduction after second treatment (60 days) vs. 8% reduction at the control area. The results by Selectif are consistence with the highest level of hair removal technologies in the market. No significant adverse reactions High customers satisfaction

  18. Graphic Display

  19. Conclusions The Selectif Ultrasound Technology: Achieve similar (39%) results to laser hair removal device known in the market. The treatment is safer and painless compared to laser. The treatment is applicable to all skin tone and hair colors The treatment is applicable on sensitive body areas (eyebrows, upper-lip, bikini line, etc.).

  20. Brown Hair, Skin Type 3 Before Treatment After 30 Days After 60 Days

  21. Blond Hair, Skin Type 2 Before Treatment After 30 Days After 60 Days

  22. Black &White Hair, Skin Type 2 Before Treatment After 30 Days After 60 Days

  23. Rough & Faire Hair, Skin Type 1 Before Treatment After 30 days

  24. Blond Hair, Skin Type 3 Before Treatment After 30 days

  25. Blond Hair, Skin Type1 Before Treatment After 30 days

  26. Testimonials – Pro. Cassuto Daniel Cassuto, MD ., Professor of Plastic Surgery – University of Catania, Italy. Prof. Cassuto has over 17 years of experience in providing aesthetic treatments including hair removal. “ I confirm that based on my review and analysis of the materials study and tests results … the device has achieved 38% hair reduction after the first treatment. … these results compare favorably to the best results which were achieved by optical energy powered commercial systems … with no side effects to the subjects. … The results are independent of the color of the treated hair and skin. “

  27. Testimonials – Dr. Landau Marina Landau, MD . Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology. Dr. Landau is a Senior Dermatologist, Dermatology unit, Edith Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel. “ Reduction in hair growth of 39% was found in the treated on day 30 vs. untreated area, in which the reduction was only 8%. Reduction did not differ after 60 days … None of the patients developed permanent or long lasing side effect. … In summary, ultrasound technology seems to be effective and safe for hair remova l

  28. The Selectif Benefits Translated Into Commercial Success

  29. Clinical Benefits Long term hair removal Applicable to all customers: Applicable to all skin tones- Fitzpatrick 1-6 Applicable to all hair colors- dark, blond, red, gray. Applicable to all hair types- rough (shaved) or fair (post laser) Applicable to variety of body parts Precise handling and contouring of sensitive areas (eyebrows, face, bikini line, armpits, ears) Painless treatments Minimal risk or side effects

  30. Financial Benefits To Distributor Suitable for variety of customers: small clinics - a stand alone unit larger clinics and spas - complementary to IPL and Lasers High revenue - includes disposable components Affordable price - Low cost for the end user, more customers.

  31. Financial Benefits To End User Quick return on investment Low price- affordable solution High revenue- requires series of treatments followed by periodic maintenance Lower cost for operator Fast revenue- minimal learning curve No side effect- minimal liability risk

  32. Marketing Strategy

  33. Variety of Customers Stand alone unit affordable unit suitable for small beauty salons, hair dressers salons, nail clinics. Complementary unit- complementary to lasers and IPL, for fair hair post treatment. Large clinics and beauty salons, Spas and resorts.

  34. Return on Investment Selectif price- 10,000 $ Expenses per customer (6 treatments) – 6.7 $ Annual net revenue Return on investment (months) Conservative use scenario- 21,100 $ 5.7 Months 6 customers /month Moderate use scenario- 42,200 $ 2.8 Months 12 customers/ month Excessive use scenario- 63,300 $ 1.9 Months 18 customers/ month

  35. International Recognition The Selectif technology won the prestige Frost & Sullivan award for new technologies for 2008

  36. Summary • New proven innovative technology that presents significant competitive advantages • Differentiating solution in a commoditized market • First product, Selectif™, has value proposition for all aesthetic professionals • Additional aesthetic products and applications are in the pipeline

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