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HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESENTATION OF Shree Rameshbhai S. Patel Matiya Samaj President For & On Behalf of Matiya Patidar Samaj, Mumbai - Navsari, Bardoli, India during the 3 rd MW convention held on 22-23-24 th July 2011 at Orlando FL USA 24 th July

  1. HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESENTATION OF Shree Rameshbhai S. Patel Matiya Samaj President For & On Behalf of Matiya Patidar Samaj, Mumbai - Navsari, Bardoli, India during the 3 rd MW convention held on 22-23-24 th July 2011 at Orlando FL USA 24 th July 2011 Namaste, Namaskar On behalf of three Samaj of India, Mumbai, Navsari & Bardoli. I wish to express my thanks for being invited to the 3 rd Matiya World convention held at Orlando, Florida, USA While Visiting various cities, towns, villages and rural areas of India and other countries, in past several decades, multiple issues came before me /us when interacting and exchanging of views with members of Matiya Parivar. Similarly read, seen or heard on Doordarshan (TV) and Akashwani Radio discussing on various such problems and their solutions. These all activities of Matiya Samaj comparing with other Communities, Samaj or Sanstha, their leaders, their creativeness and inspiring setup of volunteership, then one thought game across to me. Aren't members of Matiya Patidar & their children in advance level with all others communities? The answer is YES. Let's refer to past history of 70 years of Matiya Parivar there were much more Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Architects, Chartered Accountants, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Businessmen, Dignifying Farmers. In all local or State or National events Matiyas had incredible participation. Commitment & Volunteership alongwith other community or Samaj in our villages and district. ANCESTOR’S DEEDS We all know "Sardar" Vallabhbhai Patel, the only one leader who builds & brought together India as one country, who united approx 500 states or kingdom as one country. The NICK name "SARDAR" came from a female volunteer during freedom moment, she was non other than a Matiya Female Smt. BHIKHIBEN SOMABHAI MORARBHAI PATEL, Village Akoti, Taluka Bardoli, Dist Surat / Johannesburg South Africa. This affirms the hidden potential, spirit & confidence amongst Matiyas and more then 100 Parivar's member & may be more across the world whose deeds are incredible, excellent, in comparable and worth notable and is before us as symbol for our present & future generation. ** Page 1

  2. Unitedly We All Matiya from around the world can create a platform for this & future generations to support & enable them to reach goals of high profile technocrats / professionals/ CEO /Entrepreneurs. One Need to accept that Matiyas are not only Shubhechchhuk - well wisher but are also extreme "Shubhchintak" - Deep thinkers and are more advanced in Human Resource & Public Relation, hard working community and great achievers. With Various aspects 3 Matiya Samajs of India called a meeting at Navsari in 2009 wherein discussed the aims & objectives and proposal to register as a Trust as Samaj or Mandal. At the end of 3 rd Meeting it was decided as "Shree Vishwa Matiya Patidar Seva Samaj." (SVMPSS/VM/VMP) NRI members of Matiya Parivar were also present in all 3 meeting. Instead of Name Federation the Name Samaj was confirmed as said here above as a whole was accepted and passed unanimously. Step -1 Having these all expression including Aims & Objectives / Vision & Mission and Deeds of Ancestors decided to prepare a booklet & post to each & every member of Matiya Parivar across the world to get their feed back. Step- 2 Similar way to all Matiya Samaj through out the world for their feed back and views. Step- 3 To send extract & highlights of booklet in English to young member of Matiya Parivar across the world through there Samaj & all other having email I.D. / Address Step- 4 Monthly communication of activity / progress of SVMPSS = VM to all Matiya Samaj Here below are Aims & Objective of VM Page 2

  3. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF SHREE VISHWA MATIYA PATIDAR SEVA SAMAJ, NAVSARI, INDIA Vision � To unite and unify the entire Matiya Patidar Community throughout the world. � To develop friendship and fellowship � To preserve and promote social, cultural and religious activities of our heritage in our present country of residence. � To develop and support the ideal community service. � To help build happy, harmonious, prosperous and progressive community. � To create goodwill and better understanding with other communities. � To create and provide financial aid for education, sports and medical needs. Mission � To promote and strengthen our community through understanding, advocacy, and networking initiatives. � To share information and shape policy. � To be a team player for the Samaj. � To create a forum for frank, free, friendly, and fearless communications of views and opinions. � To preserve and promote our cultural and religious traditions. � To attain personal fulfillment in helping others rather than seeking help for one self. � To empower all generations to achieve lifelong, lasting successes, under the banner of unit and partnership. Objectives 1. To amalgamate all Matiya Samaj Worldwide under one umbrella of Vishwa Matiya Patidar Samaj. 2. To complete Deeds of ancestors of Matiya Patidar Worldwide in form of Granth. 3. Minimum Master Degree in Education to all children/students of Matiya Patidar Worldwide and to be a part of Global Move. 4. To provide exclusive care set up for senior citizens. 5. To provide Medical assistance. Page 3

  4. 6. To encourage, motivate and support the students and young entrepreneurs for their hidden potential for better lively and family hood. 7. To know, follow and practice the basic value of life. 8. To set up Central information Center. 9. To learn / speak / understand / read / write minimum six to eight languages to meet the ever increasing global challenges. (Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, German, French, Spanish & Marathi) 10. To plan and project in all these aspects for the years 2020 & 2030. 11. Autonomous management forever in Vishwa Matiya Patidar Samaj. 12. Network: Minimum one volunteer / member to coordinate with 8 families residing near by or within the vicinity of area, township towns across the world. In additions 1. Memorial Granth : For those all who left for abode (Both Granth and on website) 2. Ancestor’s Granth : Their Deeds as symbol for this and next generation (Both Granth and on website) 3. Vidhyarthi Granth : Achievers Data (Both Granth and on website) (Vidhyarthi & Student) 4. Digital Library : In Phase II 5. Register and Digital Data : Dates of Birth, Marriage & Deceased person 6. 11 Days : 20 NRI Students in one Batch such Educational 20 batches in a year from across the world CAN learn 1 st level Workshop 1. Classical Music 2. Classical Dance (Bharat Natyam etc.) 3. Yoga, Yogasan & 4. Languages Suryanamaskar 5. Cooking (Vegi) 6. Rangoli 7. Mahendi 8. Skin Care (Beauty) Naturopathy way 9. Diet 10. Naturopathy Treatment 11. Acupressure 12. Acupuncture 13. Reiky 14. Ayurvedic 15. Herbals 16. ½ City Sight seeing 17. 2 Hours on beach 18. 1 Gujrati Stage play (Natak) 19. ½ Day ferry visit to Elephanta 20. Public music or any other Cave event in Mumbai 21. House hold Remedies (Dadimanu Vaidhu) Page 4

  5. 7. News Letter : Presentation through website / email 8. Parallel Languages : To start with minimum 4 to 5 languages Preliminary Stages : Gujarati, Hindi, English, Sanskrit (1) Words only, year by German, Marathi, year (2) Sentences only next 3 languages French and Spanish or more 9. Bulletin (Monthly & : Notification, Acts, Rules, Laws related Gradually to Weekly) NRI, Farmers, Entrepreneurs, Trust, Co-op. Housing Laws etc. and plus related to any subject worth informing source: Press, Journals, Magazines; consultants and authorities, Gazzette pertaining to Indian laws. Opportunity & Challenges  Challenges for students will come across to meet VISION opportunity for every student even more for Matiya Privar.  1) Year 2020 Phase one: High Profile education to achieve high profile status by each and every Child of Matiya Parivar. Moderate Livelihood in present and ever changing Global economic scenario.  2) Year 2030 Phase Two: NRI Position in Global move Learning of English Started in China, so major share in all field will take care by them, in such a situation Matiya students to move one step ahead or be high profile professional in service/business to meet challenges.  3) Year 2040 Phase Third: For NRI Students & Entrepreneurs To sustain the status, one needs to reach advance level. By this period Mexico will step in.  4) Year 2050 Phase Four: NRI Student / Service / Business… By this period Brazil will take major share in the service / business oriented areas with many more multi issues will arise so students individual goal is to be above par excellence. Page 5

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