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Foyle River Gardens Project Mission: To be a symbol of regeneration, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Foyle River Gardens Project Mission: To be a symbol of regeneration, transforming spaces and communities to create a sustainable world- class asset for Derry~Londonderry. FRG Video Where are we talking about? So, what does the Foyle River

  1. Foyle River Gardens Project Mission: “To be a symbol of regeneration, transforming spaces and communities to create a sustainable world- class asset for Derry~Londonderry.”

  2. FRG Video

  3. Where are we talking about?

  4. So, what does the Foyle River Gardens do that’s different? Education Health & Heritage, Environment Tourism Employment & Skills Well- Culture & Being History Community Foyle River Gardens Charitable Trust

  5. The Masterplan – Our Principles

  6. The Masterplan – Our Principles

  7. Vision Celebrate wet, wild weather

  8. The Masterplan – The Zones

  9. The Masterplan – Site Opportunities

  10. Boom Hall – A Romantic Ruin

  11. The Walled Gardens Trail – A unique network of heritage and productivity, some even older than the City Walls

  12. The Ice House – A Subterranean Dining Experience accessed from the River

  13. Forest Cabins – experience nature at first hand

  14. The Canopy – Learning is fun in the iconic submerged structure concealed within the landscape

  15. Riverside Lido and Theatre – heated by biomass, enjoyed by the many

  16. Third Level Educational Campus open to the public

  17. Greenhouse, Laboratory and Soil Testing Site

  18. A Co-working community hub for eco-entrepreneurs

  19. Innovative transport through the site

  20. Making the River Foyle come alive

  21. Connecting with nature through landscape trails

  22. Bringing the Gardens into the sky

  23. Connecting Young people through the Youth Gateway Park

  24. Instilling drama into the landscape

  25. Our Partners

  26. Architectural Masterplanners

  27. Dominic Cole Landscape Architects

  28. Highway Engineering

  29. Environmental Consultants Planning Consultants

  30. City of Nantes Lost Gardens of Heligan La Machine Aardman Studios Artistic Partners

  31. The West Shore Retirement Village

  32. Foyle River Gardens Legacy to the City Become a world-class destination for tourists to Derry Create Jobs and business opportunities for local people Change Derry’s relationship with the River Create spaces for play and learning for all the family – whatever the age Provide world-class facilities for science, research and the study of well-being

  33. Some Numbers £20m - Economic Impact 200 jobs created on site 100 volunteering opportunities to the local community p.a. 25 apprenticeships created p.a. 200 jobs created within the local community Bringing 400,000 350 Construction jobs 5 km of riverside landscape 3 historic walled gardens brought into use visitors a year to Derry trail created 1,000,000 oak trees grown 225 acres of land opened up for 2 historic great houses accessible to the public and used to reforest Ireland the benefit of the community 1 17 th century battle site enhanced 20,000 sq ft enhancement 1 historic ice house restored of historic buildings 1 st environmental adventure park 1 st sustainable off-grid energy park in Ireland £60m investment cost over seven years in Ireland

  34. Our ambition knows no bounds

  35. Our Five Core Themes Productivity Play Activity Connectivity Community Benefit Economic Creativity Activity

  36. Connectivity • Re-connect positively with the River Foyle (collaboration with Our Future Foyle, Loughs Agency, DCSDC Greenways) • Creation of cultural hubs where communities can image a future together • Farm Shop will be home to artisanal craft and agricultural produce – The best NI has to offer • Restaurants and Bars will rely on season produce harvested from the land, river and lough • Events to draw the city to it by trail and river • Workshops and studios for artists and students.

  37. Productivity • We will create a collection of walled gardens incorporating floating river gardens, stepped ponds, sunken labyrinths, futuristic roof gardens, modern crannogs…. • An urban farm to bring visitors face-to-face with livestock. • A home for research into landscape, biodiversity, horticulture, agriculture and the cloning of the champion trees of Ireland. • All supported by vocational qualifications and university degrees.

  38. Play Activity • We will create the best and largest outdoor/sheltered playground in Ireland. • From the covered Boom Hall stable courtyard to a network of adventures through walled gardens, treetops and hills. Using zipwires, natural slides and climbing frames. • A range of activities from archery to canoeing will immerse people in the landscape and reconnect them with the water. • A programmed calendar of events will ensure that each month there will be a diversity of attractions across the site to encourage continuous and repeat visits to the site.

  39. Creativity • The Foyle River Gardens will provide a canvas for the best ideas from the city and beyond to create new business and community opportunities • We will use apprenticeships, training, and Further & Higher Education to unleash the inventiveness, ingenuity and innovation of our citizens to build upon the core activities. • We will embrace our own imagination, and take best of breed ideas from around the world, to create inspirational attractions across the Foyle River Gardens

  40. Economic Activity • We will attract 400,000 visitors p.a. to the site generating £20m revenue. • We will create 200 jobs on-site generating £3.4m p.a. through the establishment of social enterprises • The cost of the development of the Foyle River Gardens is £60m. This will be spent on construction, professional fees and equipment, creating another 150 jobs incorporating buy-social model/ social clauses. • An estimated 225 additional jobs will be created in the local economy as a result of the success of the Foyle River Gardens . • The total impact on the local economy is estimated at over £30m p.a.


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