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Welcome! Spring forums April 2015 1370 Notification have now been closed in Manchester & Pennine Waterway for 2014/15 Numbers per waterway are captured below Numbers Closed Waterway Delivered 357 Rochdale Canal 36 MB&B Canal 228

  1. Welcome! Spring forums April 2015

  2. 1370 Notification have now been closed in Manchester & Pennine Waterway for 2014/15 Numbers per waterway are captured below Numbers Closed Waterway Delivered 357 Rochdale Canal 36 MB&B Canal 228 Huddersfield Canal 299 Macclesfield Canal 242 Trent and Mersey Canal 164 Peak Forest Canal 44 Ashton Canal

  3. Notification Type Numbers closed Access Problems 23 Antislip Problems 5 • The type of notifications Bound Stone Surface Problems 15 Brick Problems 28 delivered in 2014/15 have Concrete Problems 15 varied in type and scale Earth Structure Problems 10 General Problems 292 Grass Surface Problems 62 GRP Problems 1 • Starting from simple paddle Hard Bank Protection Problems 18 Leakage Problems 90 and gearing repairs to Masonry Problems 138 Metal Problems 147 larger scale piling works on SCADA Problems 51 Siltation Problems 10 the Trent & Mersey and Soft Bank Protection Problems 13 Tarmac Surface Problems 9 Rochdale Canals Timber Problems 157 Unbound Stone Surface Problems 32 Unprotected Bank Problems 14 Vegetation Problems 240

  4. • 1100 Visits were carried out on 683 Assets. • Access improvements were also carried out to some of the structures to facilitate better inspections and maintenance • 6 Asset types currently have PPM Scheduled against them. Locks, Moving bridges, Weirs, Sluices, Culverts & Aqueducts

  5. Marple Lock 2 Open Day, November Huddersfield Narrow: Lock 37E Lock 34E Lock 32W Lock 19W Lock 18W Lock 9W Lock 1W Lock 27E Lock 35E Lock 20W Rochdale: Lock 76 Lock 92 Lock 2 Lock 8 Trent & Mersey: Lock 76 Harecastle North Tunnel Portal to Turnover Bridge Little Leigh Embankment Peak Forest: Saltersford Access Track Lock 3 Preston Brook Tunnel to Soothill Lock 2 Bridge Marple Aqueduct

  6. • New visitor moorings in Macclesfield • Service blocks refreshed • HNC headgear – upgrades and spares

  7. • Bosley Feeder Bridges

  8. Toddbrook Reservoir – Feeder Handrail

  9. • Washwall works at : Harecastle Tunnel; Saltersford; Middlecale Embankment; Adlephi Mill • Embankment Improvements – Little Leigh, repairs and investigations; Dryhurst Embankment; Broadhurst Embankment • D,E Assets project – improvments to 12 sluices, 5 weirs, 3 aqueducts, 1 lock • Bosley Reservoir – deferred – cost

  10. • £200k spent on off-side vegetation • 100% on T&M, Macclesfield; 33% on Peak Forest; £25k on Rochdale • Washwall saplings throughout • Reed clearance on T&M (£20k); £6k on Pennywort • £35k on fallen trees; • Tree management £40k (works to around 300 trees) Next… • Offside veg to HNC and Peak Forest • Works to feeders • Other routine

  11. • Peak Forest – Strines – now on site • Peak Forest, Lock 2 • Peak forest – Woodend Lift Bridge • Rochdale Canal – Locks 2, 76 and 92 • Rochdale Canal - Highroyd • Little Leigh Leak • Ashton Canal – Lock 10 – broken gate

  12. Our Welcome Station at Red Bull has been running since the summer of 2013. There are 6 regular volunteer greeters. We hold regular events through the year such as guided walks, open days, meet and greets. We held a very successful end of season event on 31 st October last year, over 30 visitors attended and most turned up in fancy dress! To kick off the season this year we held a gardening event to spruce up the area around the Welcome Station and Red Bull office, spreading wildflower seeds and planting bedding plants kindly donated to us by Goldenhill Garden Centre.

  13. Volunteer Greeters Janice and Roger at our Bosley Welcome Station on it’s opening day. Our Welcome Station at Bosley opened on Tuesday 21 st April with our new volunteer greeter Roger. We are looking for more volunteer greeters at the Bosley site to work alongside our volunteer lock keepers to enhance the visitor experience for all users.

  14. • Total number days : • 4842 days (34065 hrs) • 16 Adoptions • 4 Volunteer leaders • 2 Welcome stations – Red Bull and Bosley locks • 50 + community and interest groups • 4 corporate events with 3 more planned in May and June • New Volunteer lock keepers at Marple, Bosley, Middlewich and Littleborough . • Education volunteer groups from Kirklees college in Huddersfield

  15. ‘Can You Dig It’ at Elton Reservoir Lyme view volunteers fitting drainage

  16. Thanks!

  17. Works well underway including – • masonry repairs • repointing • painting of pattress plates Consultation – • repairs to cramps • repairs to the trough The consultation regarding • towpath the installation of a fence on • Vegetation management. the offside is now closed and we are collating the results which will be available very soon.

  18. A £600k investment has been made in the Marple Aqueduct on the Peak Forest canal on works including re- pointing, masonry repair, towpath resurfacing, access improvements, painting of pattress plates, concrete channel repairs and vegetation removal. The project was funded through the Canal & River Trust Friends Fund and Heritage Lottery Fund as part of the wider 3- year Revealing Oldknow’s Legacy Project.

  19. To date £700k has been invested in the Ashton Canal. The works have included towpath surfacing and access improvement. A further £600k will be invested over the next few months which will include wash wall repair and the installation of a new ramped access as Guide Bridge. The works will be complete in July 2015 and have been funded through the Department of Transport Cycle City Ambition grant.

  20. Canal Location Dates Duration 12/10/15 – 13/11/15 Macclesfield Lock 4 5 weeks 08/02/16 – 11/03/16 Huddersfield Narrow Lock 15E 5 weeks 08/02/16 – 11/03/16 Huddersfield Narrow Lock 19E 5 weeks 04/01/16 – 13/02/16 Huddersfield Narrow Lock 24W 6 weeks 04/01/16 – 13/02/16 Huddersfield Narrow Lock 38E 6 weeks 16/11/15 – 25/12/15 Peak Forest Lock 9 6 weeks 16/11/15 – 25/12/15 Peak Forest Lock 15 6 weeks

  21. * High Proportion D and E Assets 15/16 - 16/17 * Washwall Repairs 14/15 - 15/16 * Peak Forest - Wood End Lift Bridge Bosley Reservoir * Trent & Mersey - Ollershaw Lane Bridge Huddersfield East Dredging * Trent & Mersey - Lock 63 Stabilisation * Macclesfield - Knowsley Road Bridge Macclesfield - Richmond Hill Retain. Wall Rochdale - Todmorden Lk 19 Guillotine * HNC - Slaithwaite Lock 24E Trent & Mersey - Embankment Slip Lock 75 Peak Forest - River Tame Aqueduct Rochdale - Turnover Bridge * Peak Forest - Collapsed Retaining Wall Marple

  22. Canal Location What Trent & Mersey Lock 63 T/S Top; O/S Top; O/S Bottom Lock 48 T/S Bottom Lock 47 T/S Top; T/S Bottom Lock 42 T/S Bottom Huddersfield Narrow Lock 10W Top & Bottom Lock 11W Top & Bottom Lock 23E Top Macclesfield Lock 7 Top

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