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Overview Filmaker history study Orson Welles & Citizen Kane, Film more successful but Video Games are catching up. Shigeru Mihamotos Chapter 1.1 Donkey Kong A Brief History of Video Games The Legend of Zelda Time Line

  1. Overview  Filmaker history study Orson Welles & Citizen Kane, » Film more successful but Video Games are catching up.  Shigeru Mihamoto’s Chapter 1.1 » Donkey Kong A Brief History of Video Games » The Legend of Zelda  Time Line Approach PPT content from � Introduction to Game Development �  Other: Robert Bakie (Chapter Author) » http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_video_games Editor Steve Rabin ( Jon A Preston) 2 Maria Hybinette, UGA First Patent & TV History Early History  1947 – Thomas Godsmith, Jr. & Estle Ray Mann filed a patent described as  1949-1950 First Bouncing Ball program, not interactive. » “Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device” – Interactive, simulate firing of air-borne  1952 Graphical Tic Tac Toe by AS Douglas to demonstrate human computer interaction. targets » EDSAC computer, player competed against a  http://inventors.about.com/od/tstartinventions/ computer. a/Television_Time.htm (television history, 1831 electronic communication, 1862 first transmission of a still image, 1880 Bells photophone to transmit sound, 1900 “television”, 1924 moving silhouette images) 3 4 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA First Video Game … The First Video Games  William Higginbotham and Tennis for Two  Steve Russell and Spacewar » Created in 1958 for the Brookhaven National » Created in 1961 at MIT for the DEC PDP-1 computer Laboratory � s annual visitor day » 2 player, maneuver spaceship while trying to shoot » Display was an oscilloscope (side view) other player with torpedoes » Game ran on an analog computer » Switches to control game » Sound effects were a side-effect of the relays » Hugely popular within MIT that made the game run » Required prohibitively expensive equipment ($120K) » No one realized its significance » Eventually shipped as a diagnostic program with PDP-1s » Knob for trajectory & button for » 1969 ARPANET » gravity controlled ball. 5 6 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA

  2. Games for the Masses Games for the Masses  Breaking Into the Amusement Business:  The Advent of Home Video Games: Nolan Bushnell and Atari Ralph Baer and the Magnavox Odyssey » Engineering major at the University of Utah » 1966, initial idea for a game machine that would work on home TVs » Background in coin-operated amusement devices » Created a shooting game and ice hockey game » Tried to bring Spacewar to arcades as Computer War » Sold to Magnavox in 1972 7 8 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA Games for the Masses The Console Kings ! Atari and the 2600  Bringing Games to the Masses ! Atari VCS (1600) released in 1977 » Atari founded by Nolan Bushnell in 1972 ! Not quite the first cartridge- based home system » Brought Pong to arcades ! Open architecture allowed » Sued by Baer and easy development Magnavox ! First to introduce licensing of » Paid a one-time license a system fee of $700,000 9 10 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Console Kings The Console Kings  Sega  Nintendo and Shigeru » Created in 1952 in Japan to Miyamoto sell amusement games on US » Released Donkey Kong army bases (Service Games) arcade machine in 1981 » Released the popular Sega » Released Nintendo Genesis in 1990 Entertainment System in » Final console was 1999 � s 1985 Sega Dreamcast » During late 80 � s Nintendo » Now dedicated to software owned 90% of the market 11 11 12 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA

  3. The Console Kings The Console Kings  Sony � s PlayStation  Microsoft and the Xbox » Created out of an aborted » Xbox released in 2001 attempt to launch a CD-ROM based system with Nintendo » Based on a PC-like architecture » Released PlayStation in 1994 » Initially significant money lost on each console sold » PlayStation 2 released in 2000, maintaining backwards – Foothold in living rooms compatibility with hugely world wide popular PS1 » Halo and Halo 2 are its most » PS3 and PSP current popular games » (ATARI Jaguar (1993) cartridges, stick in CD into cartridge 13 14 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA Home Computers The Designers ! Apple Computer  Maxis and Will Wright ! Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Mike Markkula in 1976 » SimCity released in 1989 ! Apple II was released in 1977 » Other Sim games ! Revolutionized the home computer market ! Commodore followed ( SimAnt , ! Commodore Vic-20 Released in 1981 SimCopter ) ! Low price and shrewd marketing lead to success » Maxis becomes part of ! Commodore 64, released in 1982, became the best selling computer Electronic Arts in history ! IBM » Released The Sims in http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/ ! IBM PC introduced in 1981 2000 will_wright_makes_toys_that_make_worlds ! Moderate pricing helped it gain a foothold in the business world » The Sims has sold more .html ! BIOS licensing model backfired on them, allowing cheap clones to than 6 million copies so enter the market far 15 16 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Designers The Designers  Sierra and Ken and  MicroProse and Sid Meier Roberta Williams » Founded by Sid Meier and » Created first graphical � Wild Bill �� Stealey adventure game, Mystery » Concentrated on strategic House in 1980 simulations in early years » Great success followed with » Sid Meier � s Pirates! in King � s Quest series, Police 1987 was Sid � s first signature game Quest series, and Leisure Suit Larry series » Genre-defining Railroad Tycoon and Civilization » Published Half-Life followed 17 18 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA

  4. The Phenomenons The Designers  Space Invaders » Introduced to the US in 1978  Origin Systems and » First big Japanese success Richard Garriott » Introduced the � High Score � list » Created the Ultima series to video games » In 1997 created Ultima  Pac-Man Online , one of the first Massively Multi-Player » American debut in 1981 Online Role-Playing » Attempt to create a completely Games non-violent game » Studios disbanded in » Generated $100 million in sales 2000 by EA during its lifetime 19 19 20 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Phenomenons The Phenomenons  The Tangled History of Tetris » Created by Russian programmer Alexy Pajitnov ! Square and Final Fantasy in 1985 ! In 1987 released Final Fantasy as a last-ditch effort to stave off bankruptcy » Became a pop culture sensation ! 15 games have been released since then, selling more » Helped drive the success of Nintendo � s Game than 40 million copies Boy ! Computer-animated Hollywood movie released in 2001  Capcom and Resident Evil ! Cyan and Myst » Capcom founded in 1979 ! Created by Rand and Robyn Miller » Created Street Fighter , Mega Man and Resident ! Released in 1993 on the Apple Macintosh Evil ! Helped popularize the CD-ROM drive » Resident Evil has spawned 15 variations and sequels as well as two Hollywood movies 21 22 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Phenomenons The Studios  Activision and Infocom  Pokémon » Activision founded » Created by Japanese video game enthusiast Satoshi by former Atari Tajiri programmers » Pokémon Red and Green released for Nintendo Game » Lawsuit by Atari created Boy in 1996 the � royalties � system still » Movies, TV series and multiple sequels have followed employed by console makers  The Rise and Fall of the Video Game Mascot today » Early mascots helped sell game systems » Merged with Infocom and gutted it » Mascots are seemingly less popular now » Still a strong player today » Over-exposure and an aging audience may be explanations for this trend 23 24 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA

  5. The Studios The Studios  Electronic Arts (EA)  Interplay » Created by Trip Hawkins in 1982 » Formed in 1983 » Revolutionary business plan » First big hit was The Bard � s Tale in 1985 did three things » Famous for their CRPGs, including Wasteland , – Creative talent treated like artists Fallout , Baldur � s Gate , Baldur � s Gate II: Shadows – Creation of in-house tools to aid of Amn cross-platform development » Since de-listed from the NASDAQ – Handle own distribution » Now the largest game software company in the world 25 26 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Studios The Studios  LucasArts » Formed in 1982 as an offshoot of LucasFilm Ltd.  Blizzard » Released Maniac » Started in 1991 by Mansion in 1987 Frank Morhaime, Allen Adham, and Frank Pearce. » Created strong » Released one of the seminal Real-Time Strategy history of games, Warcraft , in 1994 adventure games » Their latest release, the MMORPG World of and Warcraft , has become the fastest selling PC game Star Wars universe in history games 27 28 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA The Studios Genres  Adventure » Sub-genres include text-based adventure and graphical adventure » Zork by Infocom  id Software » King � s Quest by Sierra  Action » Formed on February 1, 1991 » Successfully utilized Apogee � s shareware » Superset of all other action-oriented genres formula » Typified by fast-paced combat and movement » Created the defining first-person shooter » Spacewar , Pong , and Space Invaders helped with DOOM define the genre 29 30 Maria Hybinette, UGA Maria Hybinette, UGA


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