some foibles of the scholarly communication process

Some FoibleS oF the Scholarly communication ProceSS John hn M - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Some FoibleS oF the Scholarly communication ProceSS John hn M M. . Budd dd Univ niversity o y of f Mis issouri DieDerik a. StaPel breaking newS Benedict C Care arey. F Frau raud c cas ase seen as as a a re red d flag f ag

  1. Some FoibleS oF the Scholarly communication ProceSS John hn M M. . Budd dd Univ niversity o y of f Mis issouri

  2. DieDerik a. StaPel

  3. breaking newS Benedict C Care arey. F Frau raud c cas ase seen as as a a re red d flag f ag for r psycho chology gy r research. ch. New Yor ork T Times , N Nov ov. 2 . 2, 2011. Jelte te M. M. Wic Wicherts: “Dr : “Dr. . St Stape apel was able to to op operate te for or s so o long ong. . . . . . Beca cause h he was ‘ ‘lor ord of of th the data ta,’ th the onl only p person on who o saw th the exp xperimenta tal evidence th that h t had b been g n gath thered (or (or fabricate ted)”

  4. more obServ ationS Jen ennifer Cro rocker a and d M. Ly Lynne e Coope per. r. 2 2011. Add ddres essing s scien entific f fra raud. d. Sc Science, 3 334 , 1 , 1182 82. APA be began n us using ing a an n ele lectr tronic ma manus nuscript t ma mana nagement nt sys yste tem in in 2003. Betw tween th n then n and nd 2011 St Stap apel submitt ubmitted 40 manus nuscrip ipts; 24 w were a accepte ted and 16 w were reje rejected. Gi Given en t the he number er of edi editors and d rev reviewer ewers hand ndli ling ng th the ma manus nuscrip ipts, “it “it would uld be be almo lmost imp t impossibl ible to to d dete tect t a patte ttern n of d f data ta fa fabr bric icati tion. n.”

  5. interim rePort: tilburg univerSity Includ ludes St Stape apel’s wo work rk at at Tilburg, as as we well as as at at the he Uni University ty of of Amste terdam and nd th the Uni niversity of of Groni ninge ngen. n. Found t that hat was was gu guilty o of fab abricating an and d mas assag aging g data o dat over a r a long g pe peri riod o of time an and i d in much of hi his pu published wo work rk.

  6. backgrounD (through 2012) Publication History: 1994-present No. of Articles (Scopus): 121 No. of Citations (Scopus): 1,750 No. of Retracted Articles: 54

  7. Screen Shot oF retraction

  8. Some citation Data Total Citations to Stapel Articles ( 20 0 0 -20 0 6 , n=29 ): 8 73 Substantive Citations: 320 (Substantive self-citations: 10 6 ) Tacit Citations: 4 0 2 (Tacit self-citations: 71 ) Not available for analysis: 151

  9. SubStantive “A coope pera rativ tive o ori rienta ntatio tion a n acti tivate tes an n inte ntegra ratio tion mi n minds ndset tha t that t leads ds to to assimila imilatio tion i n in n po point nts w witho thout c t cong ngru ruenc nce ye yet t esta tablis lishe hed d (Sta Stape pel and Ko Koome men, 2005) 2005), which r reduces t the like keliho lihood o d of conf nflic icts ts.” Hoffm ffmann, A A.O.I. I.,Pennin ings gs, J , J.M.E. E., a , and Wi Wies es, S. S. 2011. 2011. Relat Re lationship m mar arketin ing’s r role le in in man anagin aging t the fir irm-inve vestor dy dyad. d. Jour urnal o l of Bus usin iness Re Resear arch, 64 64 , 898. 898.

  10. oF greater concern Leslie K. K. Jo John hn, G Georg rge Loewen enstei tein, a and d Dra Drazen Prel elec ec ( Psychol olog ogical S l Science, 2 , 23 , 2012 2012, 524 524-32. 32. (Surv urvey o of f 2, 2,00 000 ps psycho chologists) “[T]he p e preval alen ence o e of [questi tionab able resear arch pra pract ctices] ra raises que uestions a abo bout ut t the he cre credi dibility o of f re researc rch fi findings and d thre hreatens re researc rch i integr grity by by pro produ ducing un unre realistically e elegant re resul ults t tha hat ma may be be difficult t di to ma match ch without enga gaging i in such uch pra pract ctices oneself.” .”

  11. Jama requirementS JAMA de deman mands spe s specific r repo porting b by authors: ors: ht http: p://jama. ama.jam amanetwork. m/dat ata/i a/ifora- forms ms/j /jam ama/au /auinst_c _crit.pdf

  12. LPU LPU

  13. Slicing it uP

  14. reFinetti (1990) “A “Although it may may se seem m unimp mportant at at fi first st si sight ht, t the he pu publication o of f smal small u units make makes i s it mu much e easi asier fo for the he reade ader t to organ anize hi his/ s/her dat datab abase. Qu Quan anta o of f sc scientifi fic info format ation ar are mu much mo h more e easi asily st stored an and d retrieved. . . . . than han mo more c compl mplex u units s of of inform rmation on.” .”

  15. biomeDical literature Issu Issues o s of f JAMA an and t d the he New E w Englan and Jou ourn rnal of of Med edicine (2011) we were exam amined. A Autho hors’ fu fundi ding fr from N m NIH IH was was recorded. d. That That same same gran ant fo for eac ach au autho hor was was se sear arched i in MEDLIN LINE.

  16. PublicationS noting the Same grant Auth thor #1 4 #2 4 #3 7 #4 7 #5 7 #6 10 #7 10

  17. cont. Auth thor #8 11 #9 17 #10 17 #11 23 #12 32 #13 42

  18. Wha What’ t’s wron wrong wi with th thi this pi pictu cture re?


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