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Altech Chemicals Limited (ASX:ATC) Company Presentation Gold Coast Investment Showcase Iggy Tan Managing Director To be a world leading producer of high purity alumina (HPA) Our Vision Sapphire & Ruby - natural form of high purity

  1. Altech Chemicals Limited (ASX:ATC) Company Presentation Gold Coast Investment Showcase Iggy Tan Managing Director

  2. To be a world leading producer of high purity alumina (HPA) Our Vision

  3. Sapphire & Ruby - natural form of high • purity alumina (HPA) Formed by mother nature like diamonds • Sapphire • Colour from impurities Extremely hard – no. 9 on Mohs scale Gemstone • Third hardest mineral behind diamond • Scratch-resistant artificial sapphire • glass made from HPA

  4. • Purified alumina (Al 2 O 3 ) Greater than 99.99% (4N) purity • Maximum allowable impurities of 100ppm • Smelter Grade Alumina (SGA) ~ 99.5% (5,000 ppm • What is HPA? impurities mainly sodium) Bayer Process uses sodium hydroxide (NaOH) • • Sodium impurity is problem for electronics industry Alumina has been used for decades • Corrosion, abrasion, heat, electrical resistance • SGA – Smelter Grade Alumina

  5. • HPA is placed in an autoclave Heated to >2,000 o C melting point under • intense pressure Artificial • Forms single crystal sapphire (boule) Allowed to cool slowly – 22 day cycle • Sapphire Diamond cutting equipment to cut sapphire • Process shapes Heat & scratch resistant •

  6. High Price Smelter Grade High Purity High Purity High Purity Alumina Alumina Alumina Alumina for Purity SGA 99.5% HPA 99.9% (3N) HPA 99.99% (4N) HPA 99.999% (5N) $0.4 per Kg $1 -10 per Kg $10-50 per Kg $50-150 per Kg Our Target Business

  7. Welcome to the World of HPA Sodium Lamps Hybrid Cars Display Screens Abrasives Ultrafiltration Ceramic Electronic Substrates Tools Special Semiconductors Ceramics HP Refractory Polishing Cosmetics Medical Abrasives Separation Headlights Membranes LED Lighting Optical Lenses Industrial Military Aerospace

  8. High Purity Alumina Applications Phosphor Semi Other LEDs Based Uses of HPA conductors Applications Applications 99.99% 4N Smartphone Others Phosphor sapphire glass is 7% 16% a new market Semiconductors 22% LED 55% Source: Technavio Research “2014 -2018 Global High-purity Alumina Market”

  9. Technavio Research Global HPA demand 19,040tpa in 2014 • Expected to increase to 48,230tpa by • 2018 Demand Growing at a CAGR of 28% • for HPA QY Research Global HPA demand 24,550tpa in 2014 • Expected to grow to 36,000tpa in 2017 • • Growing at a CAGR of 16%

  10. HPA Demand & Growth Forecast 60.0 50.0 48.2 39.9 40.0 Demand 32.4 30.0 25.3 for HPA 19.0 20.0 14.1 10.0 0.0 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 Volume ktpa Source: Technavio Research “2014 -2018 Global High-purity Alumina Market” Global shipments of LED lamps forecast to increase from 864 m in 2015 to 4.1 billion by 2024 - Navigant Research Source: 'LED Lighting: Global Outlook'

  11. Apple moving to chic wearable vs geeky tech • • Glass is all Sapphire Wearable tech items 45.7m, up 133% • Apple By 2019, 126m units (ave growth 45%) • Watch • Apple Watch will raise the profile of wearables Profile of sapphire glass will be raised globally • Long term benefit and exposure for Altech •

  12. Estimate 30g 1 of HPA in an iPhone sapphire • glass screen • 500 million smartphones sold per year HPA If sapphire glass technology was implemented • Demand from o It would require about 15,000tpa of HPA Smartphones o That’s four of our proposed 4,000tpa plant There will be a HPA supply deficit • Altech is in the right space! • 1 Altech Estimates

  13. High end Vertu TI with sapphire crystal screen • Rest will follow • Smartphones Sapphire Crystal Screen

  14. More Sapphire Display Factories “company (Apple) continues to cautiously evaluate the adoption of the scratch-resistant screens to ensure that there are sufficient supplies” Focus Taiwan News Channel

  15. 70% of HPA demand - Asia Pacific region • (APEC) • Region for the world’s manufacturing Altech’s HPA plant (Malaysia) well-positioned • HPA to service APEC region Geographic Transport, customer service, technical • Demand credibility Americas 14% Europe, Middle East, Africa 16% Asia Pacific 70%

  16. • Six largest HPA producers 3 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 1 Sth African, 1 French • Sumitomo Chemical , 3,020 Current HPA Others (15), 3,570 Huantou, 800 Sasol, 1,800 Producers Dailian Rall, 600 Nippon Light Metal, 1,100 Hebei Pengda, 3,000 Baikowski, 1,200 Xuancheng Jing Rui, Zibo Xinfumeng, 2,500 1,200 Technavio Research

  17. Altech’s Differentiation Current HPA Producers Alumina Alumina Aluminium Refinery Smelter Dissolution Bauxite Smelter Grade Alumina 99.8% Aluminium Metal 99.99% HPA Or other high purity Al compounds ALTECH HPA PLANT One Single Process Step Aluminous Clay 99.99% HPA

  18. • Processed by mother nature • Very low Iron (Fe) due to weathering • Silica is non reactive – easily removed Low-impurity Bauxite Canadian Altech Darling HPA HPA Aluminous Clay Range * Project Project Feedstock Al 2 O 3 (%) 34.5 22.77 30.5 SiO 2 (%) 21.5 53.29 56.3 Fe 2 O 3 (%) 21.2 8.36 0.7 TiO 2 (%) 2.00 0.98 0.7 K 2 O (%) 0.24 3.41 0.1 NaO (%) 0.005 1.42 0.1 Typical Mean Analysis

  19. Altech owns 100% of deposit in W Aust • • Landowner agreement in place No native title • Meckering Low environmental impact • Aluminous Clay Previously mined for kaolin – trial pit • • Low stripping ratio Deposit 65Mt JORC Resource • 130kms from Fremantle Port •

  20. Majors like Sumitomo, Sasol: • o Aluminum alkoxide from Al metal Chinese producers: • Current HPA o Choline – Dissolving Al foil in choline All use relatively expensive feedstock • Feedstock • Altech aluminous clay 5 times cheaper than Al Costs metal feedstock Feedstock USD per 100% Al 2 O 3 Aluminium Metal $1,052 /t Aluminous Clay $220 /t

  21. • Use a standard HCl leach process Standard metal extraction • Developed in 1980’s by alumina industry • Altech’s Couldn’t compete with Bayer SGA costs • HPA • But great at producing HPA (no sodium ions) Process However little demand of HPA in 1980s • • Demand of HPA is here today

  22. New HPA Demand + Established Process + Great Deposit + Experienced People  Shareholder Value Altech Experienced People High Purity Business Deposit New Demand Strategy (Electronics) Established HPA HCl Process “the last piece of the puzzle is in place”

  23. • Started development work in early 2011 Many studies and testwork programs • No issues about producing 99.99% HPA • Development Supporting lab pilot plant test work • • Hydromet process not complex Program Conventional proven plant and equipment • To Date Integrated Plant Study (IPS) completed • • IPS Opex estimate of A$8.6 /kg

  24. Altech HPA Process WESTERN AUSTRALIA Campaign Mining ROM Filter Press Beneficiated Screening Kaolin To Fremantle Dryer > 0.5mm Drum Scrubber Shipping Calcined Clay Feed Storage Hydrochloric Acid Cooler Calciner HCl Gas Polishing Milling Filter Filter 600 C MALAYSIA Screening Stage 1 Crystalisation Acid Leach Vessels Limestone & Lime Neutralised Centrifuge Silica Residue Sale to Microniser HCl gas Cement Plant Neutralising Generator Filter Tank High Purity Clean Alumina HCl Condenser 99.99% HCl HCl water water HCl Gas Gas HCl Centrifuge Centrifuge Centrifuge 1100 C 400 C Calciner Roaster Cooler Stage 3 Cooler Dryer Polishing Stage 2 Crystalisation Filter Crystalisation

  25. • To be a top HPA producer in the world Launched BFS for 4,000tpa HPA • BFS completion: end Q3 2015 • Bankable In parallel, progress permitting, approvals, • Feasibility funding, off- take agreements etc. Study (BFS) Subject to funding: • • In position to order long lead capital items Then detailed design, site works, construction • Continuous laboratory pilot plant work •

  26. Meckering Operation Hopper Feed Feed Conveyor ROM Stockpile Product Storage Workshop Dryer Filters Screening Oversize Load Out Water Raw Offices Generator

  27. Meckering Plant Filtration Drum Scrubber Oversize Disposal Dryer Screening Filtration ROM Feed Dryer Baghouse

  28. Meckering Plant

  29. Beneficiated Kaolin Shipping

  30. Tanjung Langsat Industrial Park, Johor Bahru • (Malaysia) • Al clay feedstock shipped from WA HPA Preferred Operating costs ~40% lower than Australia • Capital costs expected to be 50-60% lower • Location • Anticipates opex in the bottom quartile of global HPA producers • Letter of Intent (LOI) submitted for land

  31. Malaysian HPA Operation HPA LOCATION • Hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, power & natural gas Cement plants to purchase silica residue • International container sea-port & Singapore • • Investment incentives

  32. Malaysian HPA Operation Acid Leach Cooler Silica Neutralisation Feed Calciner Beneficiated Kaolin Warehouse Silica Removal Purification Jet Milling & Bagging Roaster Final Product Calciner Product Product Cooler

  33. Malaysia HPA Plant

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