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3Q18 Opportunity Day Thai British Security Printing PCL. 29 November, 2018 The Stock Exchange of Thailand 1 Moving towards Technology-based Company www.tbsp.co.th AGENDA AGENDA 01 About TBSP 02 2018 Business Update 03 Q3/2018 & 9M/2018

  1. 3Q18 Opportunity Day Thai British Security Printing PCL. 29 November, 2018 The Stock Exchange of Thailand 1 Moving towards Technology-based Company www.tbsp.co.th

  2. AGENDA AGENDA 01 About TBSP 02 2018 Business Update 03 Q3/2018 & 9M/2018 Operating Results 04 Outlook 2019 2 www.tbsp.co.th

  3. About TBSP TBSP is the well-known leading manufacturer in security printing business. With our 40th years expertise in security techniques, we have a keen focus to develop a variety of innovative solutions to bring the greatest total security solutions into your security environment. We have been recognized and trusted by both domestic and international standard. First Security Printing 40 th Trusted in Company years experience International Standard With 40 th years experience in security TBSP was established in 1979 as TBSP is leading in security printing, printing industry, TBSP has been offering customized services to meet joint-venture between the British developed into highly professional Printing and Communication all customers’ requirement, Quality company, operating on the basis of Corporation (BPCC) and four Thai and Production technique together quality, accuracy, sincerity and Banks, aim to prevent losses causes with services are widely accepted in professional service, with attention to by document fraud and the world market. human resources and technical counterfeit as effective as possible. development. 3 www.tbsp.co.th

  4. 40 Years of History and Innovation Myanmar TBSP Overseas Listed TBDP Enter to First Security Operation TBSP Start trading Establish Thai British Plastic Card JV with Data Post Printing in the Stock Security Printing (Singapore) to JV with Myanmar Started the Exchange of Establish by JV of establish Thai British Overseas for Partner to establish production of Thailand Dpost Co., Ltd for four Thai banks and ‘Myanmar Deco - overseas business plastic card; data printing TBSP Special BPCC of British SCG Paper sold ATM, Credit, business Products Co., Ltd. ‘ share to Ms. Smart card for security printing Sutida M. plant in Myanmar 1978 1992 1996 2007 2015 2017 2002 1989 1995 2013 2016 2018 T.K.S – Major SCG Paper - Infozafe Shareholder Enter to Develop New Enter to Thai Major Stamp& changed from Business Passport Entered Infozafe Suthida business for Postcard Shareholders Started the Mongkolsuthee to document Brand Protection • production of Thailand’s first Change of major shredding and Label T.K.S. Technologies Thai passport printer awarded to shareholder to storage Digital Solution • Public Company print Thai stamp SCG Paper* Limited locally 4 BPCC : The British Printing and Communication Corporation SCG Paper : Currently changed the name to SCG Packaging Public Company Limited www.tbsp.co.th

  5. Shareholding Structure Mongkolsuthree Holding 35.68% 77.74% Thai British Security Printing Plc. 100% 100% Thai British Dpost Co., Ltd Thai British Overseas Co., Ltd *January 2018 : TBSP increased its 40% shareholding ratio in TBDP from the 51% to 100% from DataPost Pte. Ltd (Singapore) Myanmar Deco-TBSP Special Products Co., Ltd. (Myanmar) Since 2017 5 www.tbsp.co.th

  6. Our award and recognition TIS 18001:2011 ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14001:2015 ISO 27001:2013 OHSAS The first printing Quality Certification The first printing company in Thailand 18001:2007 company in Thailand certified total certified Organization for Healthy & Safety environmental Information security Trusted with standard control management International Standard Award and UN Global Visa & Card Quality GMP certificate Compact Master Card recognized our Management Certification company for the JCB & China The first printing (CQM) company to join acceptance of Union pay Since 2002 international standard 6 www.tbsp.co.th

  7. Location Head Office Poochao Samingprai Factory 41/1 Moo 10, Soi WatSuansom, Poochao Samingprai Road, Samrongtai, Phrapradaeng, Samutprakarn 1 st Branch Bangpoo Factory Thai British Dpost Co.,Ltd 837 Moo 4, Soi 12 Pattana1 Road, Praksa, Muang, Samutprakarn 2 nd Branch Infozafe Plant Sales Office 406/1 Moo 9 Thepharak, Muang, Samutprakarn 7 www.tbsp.co.th

  8. Company Vision TBSP’s previous vision “Being a world class Security Printing & Solutions Provider in terms of Qualities, Services and Productivities” TBSP’s vision (2018 onwards) “To become a smart solution provider with technology integration” 8 www.tbsp.co.th

  9. Our Products & Services Current Business Document Storage & Shredding Plastic Card Data Printing & Mailing Warehouse Security Document Management 9 www.tbsp.co.th

  10. Our Products & Services Current Business Security Document & Document Printing Cheque Passbook Passbook Stamp/Postcard Certificate Passbook Examination Business form Gift Voucher Passbook Paper 10 www.tbsp.co.th

  11. Our Products & Services Current Business Plastic Card Our card manufacturing process is accepted by VISA, MasterCard, JCB,CUP, and CQM standard Transportation ATM/Debit Card Credit Card Passbook Card Normal Card o Magnetic Card o Contact Card o Contactless Care o Hybrid Card o Dual Interface Card o Innovation Card o Member Card/ Employee/ Other Smart Card Passbook Student ID Card Gift Card 11 www.tbsp.co.th

  12. Our Products & Services Current Business Other Services Data Printing& Document & Passbook Mailing Media Storage Document & Warehouse Media Destruction Management 12 www.tbsp.co.th

  13. Our Products & Services New Business …. Since 2017 New Business Digital Solution Current Business Brand Protection Solution Smart Factory & IoT 13 www.tbsp.co.th


  15. AGENDA AGENDA 01 About TBSP 02 2018 Business Update 03 Q3/2018 & 9M/2018 Operating Results 04 Outlook 2019 15 www.tbsp.co.th

  16. Market Trend Overview Digital Disruption transforms the current customers; banking Branch Bank Branch Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 YTD-2018 1% 4% 1% 1% 3% +289 +57 -44 -214 -31 Branches Branches Branches Branches Branches From: From: From: From: From: 6,696  6,985 6,985  7,042 7,042  6,698 6,698  6,784 6,780  6,753 Internet & Mobile Banking Accounts Y2014 Y2015 Y2016 Y2017 YTD-2018 78% 58% 39% 45% N/A New movement : Wearable Payment Source: BOT 16 Remark: YTD as of Oct-2018 www.tbsp.co.th

  17. 9MY2018 Our Product Portfolio Document Printing & Plastic Card still a major portion; while New business gradually expanded Document Printing Others (Services, Trading, Export) o Security document o Services o Cheque o Trading o Business form o Document Storage & 32% o Commercial printing Shredding 32% o Data printing& mailing o Export (Traditional products) 2% Digital Solution 13% 21% Plastic Card New Business o Bank card Brand Protection Solution o Transportation Card o Member Card o Other Card New Business 17 www.tbsp.co.th

  18. Global Presence Coverage more than 15 countries through both current and new businesses. Europe Asia Americas 2% 9% 14% 1% South Asia 74% ASEAN Growth +37% YOY Export portion = 14% 18 www.tbsp.co.th

  19. Expansion in New Business Increase in new business proportion; however still behind expectation due to lead time of project development 3Q18 An increased of new business expansion from a continuous New Business Portion demand with current customers Current Business Quarterly Review Annual • Released of projects on pipeline from banking sectors related to recover in economic environment • Diversify segment toward transportation sector 11% 15% • Challenge in overseas market New Business 21% 20% • Strong demand on-hand from 14% 12% potential customers 7% • Award on implementation of brand protection solution for 3Q17 4Q17 1Q18 2Q18 3Q18 cosmetic segments • Create new demand through our Current Business New Business Y2017 E2018 expertise on printing machine field 19 www.tbsp.co.th

  20. Innovation Movement We driving in innovation develop creating innovation culture for both internal and external perception 20 www.tbsp.co.th

  21. Land Acquisition New land acquisition are on-progress of preparation Location Bangpakong, Chachoengsao Land Area = 43 Rai 2024 2025 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 Preparation Construction Start to Operation 21 www.tbsp.co.th

  22. Y2018 Awards & Recognitions Not only recognized in good practice but we focus on driving toward new Innovation development 1 st award on Industrial Best Innovation Thailand Sustainability o o o Supply Chain Logistic 2018 Organization Award 2018 Investment Award 2018 22 www.tbsp.co.th

  23. AGENDA AGENDA 01 About TBSP 02 2018 Business Update Q3/2018 & 9M/2018 03 Operating Results 04 Outlook 2019 23 www.tbsp.co.th


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