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Visible Services & Transport Waste Management & Cleansing Waste Management Update Colin Smith - Operational Manager Waste Management & Cleansing Introduction A brief overview of the facilities used to treat, process and

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  1. Visible Services & Transport Waste Management & Cleansing Waste Management Update Colin Smith - Operational Manager Waste Management & Cleansing

  2. Introduction  A brief overview of the facilities used to treat, process and dispose of our recycling and waste  An brief update in terms of our waste contracts  An explanation to the recent changes made to our collection rounds  View pictorials of the revised collection rounds  Assessment of the problems experienced / lessons learned and outcomes  An update in terms of our performance  Future changes

  3. Waste Disposal  Includes all domestic refuse collected fortnightly, commercial waste, street cleansing waste, HWRC waste and bulky waste (ex. metals)  Treated at Viridor ’ s Energy Recovery Facility ( ERF) at Trident Park as part of Prosiect Gwyrdd (PG) Initiative  A 25 year contract from 1st April 2016 in partnership with Cardiff, Newport, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire and the Vale  A 350,000 tonne per annum facility which is the largest ERF in Wales  A facility that can generate enough energy to power 50,000 homes  Approximately half the ERF maximum tonnage originates from the 5 partners of PG

  4. Trident Park ERF

  5. Dry Recycling • Includes all domestic and commercial recycling collected weekly made up of paper, cans, glass, plastics, cardboard, aerosols, foil and tetra packs • 3-year contract with Casepak Ltd to process and sort the materials which expires 31 st March 2017 • Proposing to extend the contract for a further 12-months (exercising the extension option within the existing contract) • All dry recycling collected (domestic and commercial) taken to Cardiff City Council’s waste transfer station in Lamby Way by our collection vehicles • Collected by Casepak and transported to Leicester to their Materials Recovery Facility (MRF)

  6. CASEPAK Ltd

  7. Food and Green Waste  Includes all weekly domestic and commercial organic waste and transported to Cowbridge Compost.  Treated in an In-Vessel Compost facility (IVC)  Food is mixed with green waste to produce compost  Any residual green waste is windrowed  Contracted up until 31st March 2017 but it will not be extended or renewed  From 31 st March 2017 food waste will be treated at a new Anaerobic Digestion plant (AD) which will capture energy recovery from the food waste  A 15-year sustainable solution and part of Welsh Government’s Food Waste Treatment Programme  Cardiff Council will be the principle Contractor and the Vale has an IAA with Cardiff City Council  Plant operated by Kelda Organic Energy (Cardiff) Ltd and energy off take will go to a nearby Welsh Water Plant  Residual waste turned into a sustainable fertiliser recycled to local agriculture  Green waste will be Open Windrowed Composted (OWC) at Lamby Way Depot Cardiff

  8. IVC Composting Windrowing

  9. New AD Facility

  10. New Collection Rounds Why change? • To meet challenging efficiency savings / preparation of Reshaping Services • Targets of: £250k transport savings £190k organic services savings • Old rounds had become less efficient and we were unable to capture new efficiencies • Low productivity • Fleet spread too far apart to enable team work ethic

  11. Recycling Maps pre 2012

  12. Refuse & Recycling Maps 2012 to 2016 (Revised to incorporate comingling and single collection days)

  13. New refuse and Recycling Collection Days

  14. Weekly Recycling Collection Days (5-Zones)

  15. Challenges of implementing revised collection rounds • How do you effectively communicate with every household. How did we approach it? • Exercise undertaken by the same operational staff who have always implemented the change • Consultation with collection staff (Approximately 6-months prior) • A letter to every household • Adverts in the B&D, PT, The Gem • Facebook posts for 10-days, Twitter posts, Council enews, the Web • Effectively an increase in communication compared with previous changes but more services are delivered than before Problems experienced: • Residents not opening the letters • Waste out on wrong days • Residents not following the calendar on the bottom of the letter • Between 1-3 weeks variation on revised refuse collection days across households • Staff learning new areas / increase in productivity

  16. Outcomes Will it improve the service? • It will improve our efficiency and reduce costs • It will improve staff team working ethic and staff moral • Improve ability to share resources • A single zone approach reduces the need for multiple support vehicles across the Vale • It will assist with street cleansing services and resources can focus on zonal collection days rather than trying to spread across the whole Vale on multiple collection days • A single zone approach has the potential to accommodate other service provisions such as grass cutting Lessons learned: • We will hold staff consultation sessions to reflect back on the collection day changes, assess outcomes and align future approaches • Consider all the feedback from residents in terms of the communications used • Introduce refresher training sessions for collection staff in terms of returning boxes and bags • Implement service quality monitoring • Consider using front line C1V staff for engaging with residents prior to any future changes • Include communications when capturing public opinions whilst undertaking Recycling Roadshows

  17. Our Current Performance • A reflection on the changes including progress made against savings targets will be undertaken during November 2016 • Existing recycling rate is almost 65 % • Welsh Government’s last statutory target was in 2015/16 (58%) • The Vale was the second highest performing council in Wales in terms of recycling performance during 2015/16 with a recycling rate of over 64% • Comparing with other authorities in Wales on a per household basis the Vale of Glamorgan are ranked as the 3 rd lowest in Wales • Refuse collection costs in the Vale are the 2 nd cheapest in Wales ( Source: WLGA Waste Finance Bulletin: April 2016) • Our greatest area for improvement is dry recycling where we are ranked 9 th in Wales but the service is sustainable in terms of the receptacles we use and doesn’t justify the productivity outcome

  18. Future Changes  Consideration to The Waste Framework Directive and TEEP (Technically, Environmentally and Economically Practicable). Authorities need establish whether separating materials will improve quality  WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) have a draft report in progress  Services will continue to evolve and recycling participation will be ongoing  Next recycling target is 64% (2019/20) and 70% by 2025  Development of a new waste transfer station  Update of our Waste Strategy  Considerations to things like black bag restrictions  3GS Environmental enforcement officers

  19. Any Questions?

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