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Vice-President Workshop LaT oya Coles, Manager, Membership and - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Membership Vice-President Workshop LaT oya Coles, Manager, Membership and Chapter Services Kelsea Gallegos, National President Agenda Role of the Membership Vice-President Resources Website Drive Boxes MVP ENGAGE Community

  1. Membership Vice-President Workshop LaT oya Coles, Manager, Membership and Chapter Services Kelsea Gallegos, National President

  2. Agenda • Role of the Membership Vice-President • Resources • Website • Drive Boxes • MVP ENGAGE Community • Yearly Appeals • Membership Drives • Final Year Student benefits • Membership Timeline • MVP Presentation • Alex Wehner • Discussion • Kelsea Gallegos • Focus on Membership • Chapter Goals

  3. Role of the Membership Vice-President • Purpose: Oversee efforts to recruit and sustain active membership in the APhA-ASP Chapter. • Responsibilities: - Plan and implement strategies for identifying, recruiting, and retaining members - Ensure that membership development is included in your chapter’s annual plans - Plan and develop activities though out the year to keep your chapter members engaged

  4. Resources for MVP’s APhA 2017

  5. Chapter Resources Website • Toolkits for MVP and Advisor • Chapter Administrator account • Membership development plans and activities • Forms • Videos & other marketing materials Membership Box • Sent to the advisor

  6. MVP ENGAGE Community • Setup your ENGAGE profile • ENGAGE with your peers • Membership Drive Updates • Frequently Asked Questions • Membership Resources

  7. MVP ENGAGE Community Discussions

  8. MVP ENGAGE Community Resources

  9. “Everyone communicates, few connect.” John C. Maxwell

  10. MVP ENGAGE Community Create Your Profile If You Need Assistance Signing Up for ENGAGE, Stop By the Membership Booth on Main Street!

  11. Tips for Success! • Know the Benefits • Personal Touch • Review the MVP Tool Kit • Review the Membership Brochure/Folders • Become familiar with: • Don’t Forget The FUN!

  12. Yearly Membership Appeals APhA 2017

  13. Spring Membership Drive • Spring Membership Drive (Begins April 10 th ) -2018 Graduates can begin online enrollment now -Focus on enrolling final year students (P3s transitioning to P4s) -Materials sent the third week in March to Chapter Advisors -Deadline: April 30, 2017

  14. Life on Rotation “Life on Rotation” Presentations -April 10 th -17 th - Schedule a speaker -Still time to schedule a presentation – see Tom English (

  15. Transitioning Membership • Transitioning Memberships - Exclusively for 2018 Graduates • Benefits for Spring Drive - Help with smooth transition to new practitioner - Ensure access to member benefits for 2 years - Early access to New Practitioner benefits and programming - Saves money -- $120 for 2 years of membership (20% off); Students pay $110 using coupon code DDS17 until April 30, 2017 • Exclusive bonuses: - Free copy of The APhA Complete Review for Pharmacy, and NAPLEX Review Study Guide - Access to NAPLEX Review questions on PharmacyLibrary, plus 300 bonus questions • Professional Liability Insurance while on Advances Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs)*; Deadline is April 30 th

  16. Membership Timeline • Spring  April 10 th Spring Drive begins  April 30 th Spring Drive ends  Update Executive Committee Positions  Professional Liability Insurance Certificates • Summer  Summer Leadership Institute  Set Goals! • Fall  Fall Membership Drive  Receive Membership Box  Student Outreach Visits  October 15 th - $3 rebate  October 31 st – 2017 grads to join/renew to receive full APhA benefits  November 8 th - $1 rebate

  17. Go above and beyond! APhA 2017

  18. MVP Alex Wehner • Tips from UNM • Promotions and Social Events • A Worthwhile Investment

  19. Discussion APhA 2017

  20. How can you show your fellow student pharmacists the value of membership in APhA-ASP?

  21. What are some successful recruitment events you have held at your chapter?

  22. How do you plan to keep students in your chapter engaged throughout the school year?

  23. Focus on Membership APhA 2017

  24. Setting Goals National Goal -Compiles from the sum of chapter goals Individual Chapter Goals -Review chapter trends over the past few years -Review total enrollment - Submit finalized goals at SLI *Set an aggressive, yet reasonable, membership goal!

  25. Setting Goals (Trend Report)

  26. Setting Goals (Goal Setting Form)

  27. Questions? LaT oya Coles Email: Phone: (202)429-7509

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