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Updates and Reopening September 2020 Year 12 **PLEASE TURN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Welcome Class of 2021 Parents & Pupils Updates and Reopening September 2020 Year 12 **PLEASE TURN CAMERAS AND MICS OFF** We will be beginning at 17.05pm We will be taking questions throughout using the chat function (click "hide

  1. Welcome Class of 2021 Parents & Pupils Updates and Reopening – September 2020 Year 12 **PLEASE TURN CAMERAS AND MICS OFF** We will be beginning at 17.05pm We will be taking questions throughout using the chat function (click "hide participants" and select the speech bubble icon to enable chat. Email e.gelder@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org with any questions if you do not have access to chat but wish to ask a question during the presentation.

  2. Introduction Ms. Edis - Principal

  3. Where are we now, updates, next steps: Ms. Orchin, Assistant Principal, Director of Sixth Form Ms. Gelder, Head of Year 12

  4. Where we are now… • The vast majority of students have continued with online learning given that we have seen high levels of attendance and engagement (95-100%). This is an amazing achievement. • Full mock series completed • On-site learning with small student and staff bubbles • Designated spaces with increased cleaning and use of hand gels • If you are interested in joining the community classroom for the last 1.5 weeks please let us know.This might be particularly useful for those wishing to complete coursework.

  5. Distance learning Year 12 timetable

  6. Unit 10 full mock report Mock Exam Grade A*1 – U. All grades are sublevelled 1-3. 1 being near the top of a grade boundary, 2 in the middle, 3 at the bottom. Points and Exam Comment and These will be SMART. All comments will begin with the examinations sat for the mock and include details of any resit attendance also Next Steps needed . on report. Eg: All students sat a full AQA Lit B Paper 1 (Aspects of Tragedy) and 2/3 of Paper 2 (Elements of Crime. The final third of this paper is y13 content and will be examined in our November mock series. Bob performed impressively in the crime extract Will be sent question. His paper 1 negatively affected his grade, showing large gaps in his knowledge of Othello, particularly plot sequence.As a result, he will resit paper 1 w/b 14th September and must work towards this over the summer. home Monday 13th Target Grade Minimum expected grade – the minimum expectation of student outcome in each subject based on GCSE APS. Resits 14 th Sept Secure Prediction A highly realistic measure of what the student is likely to achieve in your subject at the end of y13. This is usually not (End of y13) higher or lower than the mock grade. If so, there will be a very specific reason about why in the exam comment Each subject section. providing UCAS Stretch A realistically aspirational prediction of student outcome if working to full potential. Usually one grade higher than the summer Prediction (End of secure. However, it can be the same if the student was nearer the end of a grade boundary. bridging work y13) We send these predictions to UCAS. It is imperative that they are achievable as student first choice offers will be made based on these. Marathon On track to achieve Above, At, Below based on column 2 (minimum) attitude ☺ target Attitude to Lessons selection from Exemplary – Unacceptable. Attitude to selection from Exemplary – Unacceptable. Independent Learning

  7. Our successes! • Our attendance and engagement with online learning • Student Senate • UCAS engagement and progress • Online mocks

  8. Week 1: We look at The Hate You Give Week 2: We by Angie discussed Ta- Thomas and Nehisi and his Did you know book on that Tupac was inheriting fear as a poet?! a black man Postcolonial and Global Literatures Society We have a NEW and exciting society for KS4, 5 and teachers! It is a safe space where we discuss and open conversation about BAME writers/poets/directors and their work. We talk about how their contributions have illuminated race, gender and even pop-culture! Week 4: We Week 3: We explored looked at the Benjamin It is a place where older pupils and teachers of all ages, backgrounds and cinematic Zephaniah’s poem, genders have come together to celebrate BAME excellence. Our goal is milestone, Black Naked and how it Panther and to give BAME pupils, powerful representation in literature and media. embodied the truth how it brought It is every Monday at 3.20pm. of black identity and to life, an creativity in the face of historical erasure. imagined Africa

  9. Return date: Tuesday 8 th September

  10. Wellbeing We are acutely aware that this has been a challenging time for you and your family. Your child's wellbeing is of paramount importance to us. - Check-ins from Civitas Tutors - Regular encouragement to reach out - Onward referrals

  11. What do you need to bring to school now and in September? • A full pencil case of equipment required for the lesson • Water bottle • Packed lunch if preferred to school lunch – we are asking students NOT to buy lunch off site. This increases risk for all. Please remember that we can’t have any nuts on school site . • A bag for items • Your laptop and charger • September – business dress as normal.

  12. Minimising Covid Risks – September onwards • Pupils will socially distance within their KS5 lesson bubble (they will not mix with KS3/4) • Hand sanitizer will be readily available at key transition points throughout the academy • Mezzanine and top floor assigned to Sixth Form • Will remain on site for lunch at this stage

  13. Travelling to school and plans for the day Where possible we encourage pupils to walk/cycle to school. You will be on site for your first lesson of the day. This is a privilege. Lateness to your first lesson will mean arrival at 8.25am. Students of stage 3 and 4 support and students resitting examinations in September will be asked to arrive at 8.25am to attend study support in the dining hall. Personal Development (Civitas) will now be at the end of the school day.

  14. @ArkBolingbroke @arkbolingbrokeacademy Bolingbroke Academy VIRTUAL SPORTS WEEK! Monday 6th – Sunday 12 th July 2020

  15. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust We usually raise money at sports day via an array of fantastic stalls, but we are obviously unable to do so this year. However, we are not going to let lockdown get in the way of our plans, so we are going to raise funds virtually and have chosen the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust to support. The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust was founded on the premise that inequality must be tackled in all its forms. This includes inequality of access, and of opportunity, wherever it occurs. The Trust is dedicated to transforming the life chances of young people and improving the world in which they live to enable them to develop and nurture their talent. You can donate via the website.

  16. SCOR SCORING SY ING SYSTEM STEM Each Challenge Entry Submit an entry to one of the challenges and add 100 points to your house total Categories are: Best Individual Attempts Year 7 boys Year 7 girls Points, medals and certificates will be Year 8 boys awarded for the TOP 3 attempts in Year 8 girls Year 9 boys each category. Year 9 girls Year 10 boys 1 st = 200 points - Medal Year 10 girls 2 nd = 150 points - Certificate Year 12 boys Year 12 girls 3 rd = 100 points - Certificate Parents/Carers Staff


  18. Wednesday Challenge 3 – Coordination 1. For this challenge you need a tennis racket and a tennis ball. If you don’t have either of these a frying pan and a ball made out of socks will work just as well! 2. Your challenge is to see how many times you can bounce the ball on the racket without it falling off in 1 minute. 3. Every time it hits the racket it counts as one. The number you get to before you drop the ball will be your score in a time limit of 1 minute. TECHNIQUE Keep your eyes on the ball • Log your • Keep the ball in the middle of the result here racket. • Don’t bounce the ball too high or too low

  19. Thursday Challenge 4 – Plank 1. For this challenge you need an empty floor space. You may want to cushion your elbows with a resistance mat, towel or item of clothing. 2. Adopt the plank position shown below. 3. Using a stop watch/phone time how long you can hold this position for. Whatever time you can get to before stopping will be your score. TECHNIQUE • Elbows and hands touching the floor Log your • Body needs to stay in a straight result here line. Hips must not be too low, bum must not be too high • Tight core

  20. Friday Challenge 5 – Keepy Uppy’s 1. For this challenge you are going to need a ball – you could use a football, balloon, ball made out of socks or a toilet roll. 2. Using a stopwatch/phone, time how many keepy uppys you can do in 1 minute. 3. If you drop the ball, pick it up and carry on from where you left off until the time runs out. TECHNIQUE • Kick the ball using your laces Log your • Keep your eye on the ball result here Maintain an upright • posture

  21. Saturday Challenge 6 – The Marathon 1. For this challenge you can walk, jog or cycle any distance – why not go out as a family complete the challenge together! 2. You will need to log the distance of how far you have travelled on the results form – you could use the Under Armour or Strava apps which are both free of charge. 3. Please log your result in KILOMETRES not MILES. Log your result here

  22. “CHALLENGE RYE!” Where: Battersea Park – outside the t. rye@arkbolingbrokeacademy.org to register track, Millennium Arena. By Ben and Jerry’s stall ☺ When: 6pm this Thursday What: 5k race

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