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S M A R T H O M E SINCE 2004 ALSAGGAF SONS CO LTD. Index of - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

A L S A G G A F S O N S C O LT D P R E S E N T S S M A R T H O M E SINCE 2004 ALSAGGAF SONS CO LTD. Index of Services Lighting Control Temperature Control Control Audio and Video Distribution Security and Fire Alarm

  1. A L S A G G A F S O N S C O LT D P R E S E N T S S M A R T H O M E SINCE 2004


  3. Index of Services � Lighting Control � Temperature Control � Control Audio and Video Distribution � Security and Fire Alarm � CCTV (Analogue and IP) � Curtain Control � Irrigation Control � Home Theatre � Garage Control � Access Control � Video IP Intercom � iPad / iPhone / Android / Touch Screen / Flash Drive / Web INTERFACES to Control All the Above

  4. Lighting Control • Control up to 2048 Loads • Dimming Scenes • Customisable engravings • Movement Activation • Energy Saver • By Schedule / Scenarios • Easily Reprogrammable • Wireless Zigbee Switches

  5. Shutter and Curtain Control • Controls All Shutters in Building • Up / Down from any of the interfaces ( Keypad , TS, iPad, iPhone) • Up / Down on Sunset and Sunrise • Activated By scenarios/schedules • Integrated with Security • Gate/Garage Shutter Control

  6. Audio Control and Distribution • ANYWHERE @ ANYTIME • Covers 32 Zones with 8 Different user sources with bluetooth connectivity • Distributed and/or Centralised RIM (inputs) based on clients choice • Distributed VSC (keypads) based on clients choice of zoning • Control Via scenario programming, movement, remote control, TS, iPad, Phone

  7. HD Video Distribution • Controls HD TV Outputs • Integrated IR for source switching at TV location • Multiple Video Sources

  8. • Secures Main Home Entrances • Card readers can activate and deactivate Security within home • 1 Card/Tag could open all readers 
 ( No need to carry multiple cards ) • Access limitations are controlled by user however they would like • Doors Could be Safely controlled by any of the interfaces (TS,iPad,Phone,etc)

  9. Surveillance (CCTV) • Day/Night Cameras distributed equally within the Palace to allow Security Watch • Monitor Outputs • Camera Servers enables IP addressing for Watch over the home anywhere in the world • Keep an EYE on your home • IP camera solutions (PoE)

  10. VoIP Intercom • capable of replacing the traditional doorbell button panel with a speakerphone • supports video streaming. This function allows the user to scan the area in front of the IP camera • The VoIP Intercom is point-to-point from one OmniTouch 5.7e Touch screen to another • Your Touch screens are now your indoor intercom Units ( No Need for an external system )

  11. Every Management & Control • Multi-Color Display that fits your decorations • Integrates with Fire Alarm (Super-Smart Thermostat) • Controls Heat/Fan/Cool/ON/OFF by schedule, program, scenarios, movement, and/or manually • ALL temperature Zones are covered, and Expandable to 64 per Building

  12. Friendly Interfaces

  13. VoIP IN-WALL Touch Screens � VoIP Calls from Touch screen to another allows internal paging and video conferencing within the building � Allows you to call an outdoor intercom Unit 18


  15. Event Based Automation (Elevating Lifestyle) • Based on an event in the system, you can control basically anything • Example: � Turn front porch light on at sunset and off at midnight � Turn the light on when I enter the front door if it is after dark � When I arm the security system in AWAY turn all lights off, set back thermostat, turn off stereo � Display a message on the console to remind me it is Trash Night every Sunday and Wednesday at 9:00pm � Turn the light on in a dark hallway if someone walks through a motion detector and turn it off after 30 seconds

  16. Button Programs (Elevating Lifestyle) • One touch Buttons can do multiple actions at the same time • Examples: � Go to Bed (turn all lights off, arm security in the night mode, set back thermostats, turn off audio system) � Wake Up (open curtains and turn on lights in bathroom, disarm security, turn on bathroom heater, turn on speakers in the bathroom and tune in a favorite radio station) � Dinner Party (set temperature back, dim lights in living room, dining room, turn on all outside lights, turn on all audio zones and play a CD) � Romantic Eve (dim lights in bedroom, turn on fireplace, play romantic music throughout the house)


  18. Services We Provide � Design of Automation Solutions � Implementation/Supervision of Ducting and Wiring (Recommended to be done by contractor based on Design provided by AlSaggaf) � Installation and Programming � Maintenance and After sale programs

  19. Steps to a project: • RFP � BOQ � SLD � POINTING DESIGN � WIRING DESIGN and SHOP DRAWINGS • IMPLEMENTATION OF WIRING • PRE PROGRAMMING • INSTALLATION OF AUTOMATION DEVICES • TRAINING • Client Training • Building Maintenance Service Provider Training • Database for online upgrades to system (for residents) • 12 Visits a Year to each client for free

  20. BOQ

  21. Single Line Diagram (residential)

  22. Riser Diagram (Commercial) 30

  23. Pointing Design 31

  24. Shop Drawings 32

  25. Wiring Design (Final Implement) 33

  26. Important Links � Website: www.alsaggafsons.com � YouTube!: www.youtube.com/ALSAGGAFSONS � Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Alsaggaf- Sons-Co-Ltd/363832910304529?ref=tn_tnmn 
 � Online Store: http://store.alsaonline.com � Instagram page: https://instagram.com/alsaggafsons/

  27. Thank you tel. 9200.27.484 SINCE 2004 info@alsaonline.com www.alsaggafsons.com Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


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