presentation of the aquality project

Presentation of the AQUAlity project Project supported by EU: FP7- - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Presentation of the AQUAlity project Project supported by EU: FP7- SME-2011-2-286995 Multi-sensor automated water quality monitoring and control system for continuous use in recirculation aquaculture systems 13 project partners: SME-Association

  1. Presentation of the AQUAlity project Project supported by EU: FP7- SME-2011-2-286995 Multi-sensor automated water quality monitoring and control system for continuous use in recirculation aquaculture systems

  2. 13 project partners: SME-Association groups Romfish - Romanian association of fish farmers ( ASOCIATIA NATIONALA A PRODUCATORILOR DIN PESCARIE) API - Italian association of fish farmers ( ASSOCIAZIONE PISCICOLTORI ITALIANI) SPRL - Polish association of fish farmers ( STOWARZYSZENIE PRODUCENTOW RYB LOSOSIOWATYCH) MILSUBIR - Turkish association of fish farmers (BODRUM MILAS SU URUNLERI YETISTIRICILERI VE URETICILERI BIRLIGI) PVIS - Dutch association of fish farmers ( PRODUCTSCHAP VIS) Eurofish International organisation (COORDINATOR) SME companies OxyGuard - Water quality measuring and monitoring equipment, Denmark Artec Aqua - Fish farming technology, Norway TRUCH - Fish farm, Spain (TRUCHAS DE LA ALCARRIA SL) FISCH - Fish farm, Germany (FISCHZUCHT ABTSHAGEN GMBH & CO KG) Research, Training and Development Philips , The Netherlands (PHILIPS ELECTRONICS NEDERLAND B.V.) Nofima AS , Norway ISRI , UK (THE UK INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS RESEARCH INSTITUTE LIMITED)

  3. The purpose of the 3 year AQUAlity project: Develop an AQUAlity system: 1. To develop an ammonia and nitrite measurement device to be used in the biofilters in RAS • Online measurements and more affordable than present methods 2. To make a multisensor prototype (collect all the different parameters in one system at a fish farm) 3. To develop a farm control system with a database to store data from the multisensor 4. To develop a web based knowledge advice system • Allows a fish farmer to compare farm parameters to others, and best in class. • To get expert advice

  4. Project overview: 9 work packages – 3 years WP7 Innovation related activities T6.1 Dissemination of project scientific WP2 results WP4 Prototype sensor unit and testing T6.2 Protection of IPR Integration and lab testing T6.3 Dissemination of general project T 2.1 Testing of different sensor results T 4.1 Full system level integration of T6.4 Develop exploitation plan technologies in aquaculture conditions the sensor unit with the control T 2.2 Testing of the optimum method for system attachment of the sensors into the tank T 4.2 Develop testing regime T 2.3 Initial testing of sensor unit T 4.3 Laboratory scale testing of the WP1 interface to the control system hardware whole system platforms WP8 Development of the Multi- Training and Knowledge transfer Sensor unit T7.1 RTD performer trains AG’s T7.2 AG’s develop training courses for their T 1.1 Full review of existing members sensors for the identified water T7.3 AG’s make available and start to deliver quality characteristics training courses for their members T 1.2 Prototype of ammonia T7.4 AGs develop a self study training WP5 and water flow sensor system, package for mail order to their member WP3 which meets the requirements Field Trials and Validation companies. Development of control system for aquaculture T 5.1 Validation of system T1.3 Develop Sensor unit, T 3.1 Develop control system responses to planned and sensor unit interface and specification (hardware interface and controlled water quality changes software specification) mechanical design T 5.2 Validation of system WP9 specifications T 3.2 Design of simplified programmatic responses to water quality Consortium management T 1.4 Selection of the interface to control system hardware changes in a RAS holding fish T8.1 Contractual management transducers for use in the platform T 5.3 Field trials of the system to T8.2 Management of partnership aquaculture environment T 3.3 Design & development of user ensure good working in a real- agreements T 1.5 Develop sensor interfaces interface time environment T8.3 Liaison with the REA for (two) control system T 3.4 Development of control hardware T8.4 Financial and administrative hardware platforms interface for different levels of user management WP6 T 1.6 Integrate transducers & T 3.5 Development of software algorithms T8.5 Progress monitoring Demonstrate System design electronics interface sub- for different fish species at different life T8.6 Internal administration system stages T6.1 . Prepare and deliver final T8.7 Risk management validation data T 3.6 Design of control system T8.8 Communications management T 3.7 Prototype control system Innovation Activities Research & Development Integration and Validation

  5. Results of the AQUAlity project: 1. An ammonia and nitrite measurement demonstrator device has been developed in the project Technical details are kept within the consortium. The device can measure levels of ammonia and nitrite as well. The partner OxyGuard has the opportunity to bring this demonstrator to the market. Estimated 2 years development from a real marketable device. The principle behind the device has been proven in practise. Expected to be able to fit in a shoe box.

  6. Results of the AQUAlity project: 2. The multisensor system have been completed (collects the parameters in one system at a fish farm) The collection utilises exiting OxyGuard Pacific equipment. Hardware and software development have enabled the collection of the new ammonia and nitrite parameters by the unit as well.

  7. Results of the AQUAlity project: The AQUAlity multisensor system currently collects: Water flow Biofilter: Dissolved oxygen – DO and % saturation, CO 2 and %vol. Temperature, pH, Salinity, Total Gas Pressure (TGP) and %resolution. Total ammonia nitrogen (TAN), NH 3 , NO 2 , NH 4 Tank: DO and % saturation, Temperature Fish farm: Air Temperature, Air Pressure, Air Humidity, Air flow rate The AQUAlity system can be configured to support any sensor compatible with the Pacific unit

  8. Results of the AQUAlity project: 3. The farm control system with a database has been developed

  9. Results of the AQUAlity project: The farm control systems monitors each fish batch according to feed, growth and mortality All parameters are monitored in one screen and each parameter can be monitored in a graph as well All data is collected in a database

  10. Results of the QUAlity project: 4. A web based knowledge advice system has been developed A fish farmer can compare farm parameters to others, and best in class Expert advice is available

  11. An example:

  12. Looking for a partner that are willing to host and develop the web based knowledge advice system further when the AQUAlity project ends ”Online expert help” needs supervision from experts and that must be maintained

  13. Future: The ammonia/nitrite sensor can be a possible product for farmers members within two years (if OxyGuard decides). Cheaper/smaller than present systems The farm control system with the database can later be available in a demonstration version The users can utilise the web based knowledge advice system as well. You get access from the farm control software directly The future ownership/development of the control software will be decided in the project group Please visit for project news


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