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OCMC 2019 - Sales Presentation The Promo)onal Products Industry Firms that compete in the promo/onal products industry generate sales revenue by providing clients with merchandise branded with a logo or message to promote a brand, corporate

  1. � OCMC 2019 - Sales Presentation The Promo)onal Products Industry Firms that compete in the promo/onal products industry generate sales revenue by providing clients with merchandise branded with a logo or message to promote a brand, corporate iden/ty or event. Promo/onal firms do not generally manufacture these products, but rather source items from external suppliers and arrange for them to be decorated with the client’s message or logo. Previously, promo/onal firms were known to distribute pens, hats and t-shirts, however, the amount of selec/on and level of crea/ve op/ons offered has expanded tremendously over the years. Clients are looking for new ways to capture customer interest, expand the longevity and level of engagement with customers and find branding op/ons that set them apart from their compe/tors. Promo/onal products help to support a client’s overall marke/ng strategy or specific marke/ng campaign so the choice of products as well as the design and appearance of the messages that appear on the products are important considera/ons. Where and how promo/onal merchandise is to be distributed is also a considera/on. Clients who plan to promote their brand at special events with large numbers of aDendees will be looking at low-cost items that can remind people of their brand in a unique and memorable way. At the other end of the spectrum, higher /cket promo/onal items can also be used for employee apprecia/on, to thank exis/ng customers for their business, to help maintain a customer rela/onship or to promote to poten/al customers – par/cularly when the sale is a higher /cket purchase decision. Brand Blvd Brand Blvd is a promo/onal firm located in the heart of Niagara. They provide quality branded merchandise, graphic design and print services. As a firm compe/ng in the promo/onal products industry, Brand Blvd takes a proac/ve approach in dealing with b2b customers looking for quality branded merchandise to support their marke/ng and branding ini/a/ves. Brand Blvd prides itself on offering a full-service experience – sales representa/ves (known as Brand Specialists) work with clients to assess and understand their needs and objec/ves to develop branded merchandise op/ons that will help create awareness for their clients and enhance the client’s brand and marke/ng strategy. In this industry, some clients will contact a promo/onal firm looking to order specific items, some of which are tradi/onal in nature; for example: drinkware, t-shirts, and pens. However, in many cases, clients will oTen turn to a promo/onal firm for their exper/se and input in terms of what types of branded merchandise to order. Clients are oTen looking for new and unique op/ons, personalized products, and promo/onal items that will fit with their brand image and support their marke/ng strategy objec/ves. In this industry, a sales representa/ve must assess client needs, come up with ideas and op/ons that would fit the client’s budget and goals, and then put together a convincing sales presenta/on that will earn the client’s business over other promo/on firms. The b2b customer is most interested in selec/on, good pricing, /mely delivery, high levels of customer service, and crea/vity when it comes to product sugges/ons and service offerings.

  2. � OCMC 2019 - Sales Presentation The Scenario You are a Brand Specialist working at Brand Blvd. You have been awarded a 20 minute mee/ng with Darryl Andree, the Marke/ng Director of Lane One Developments, an upscale, award-winning Real Estate development firm. With over 25 years in the business, Lane One Developments prides itself on maintaining the high level of craTsmanship and aDen/on to detail that they have become known for. The Client: Lane One Developments Their most recent accomplishment is a luxury resort-style condominium development in Stoney Creek overlooking Lake Ontario. With modern finishes, open concept layouts and communal entertaining areas, the development was designed to appeal to young professionals. Indoor and outdoor pools, a sophis/cated lounge, and rooTop garden terrace are just a few of the spectacular ameni/es that really make this development stand out. The loca/on is key as it allows residents easy access to the QEW and planned GO Train extension crea/ng an accessible commute to Hamilton and Toronto. This new concept development was successful, achieving a close rate of 84% on opening day and within two months, all 190 units were sold. 90% of buyers are working professionals aged 35-50, many from the GTA, singles as well as couples. The price range for the development ranges from $700,000 - $1,000,000 depending on the size and loca/on of the unit. As the Marke/ng Director for Lane One Developments, Darryl Andree is acutely aware of the /me lag between puing down a deposit on a new condominium and actually finalizing the purchase and moving into a completed unit. For those buyers, a deposit has been made ini/ally to secure their unit and then subsequent payments will be made throughout the dura/on of construc/on. In order to maintain the buyers’ excitement and engagement throughout the purchase process, Lane One Developments would like to provide a branded promo/onal item/giT to the homeowners at three /mes throughout the year. Items should be seasonally appropriate and mirror the quality and modern elegance of their new homes. You have been given an opportunity to deliver a sales presenta/on that will convince Lane One Developments to hire Brand Blvd to be their promo/onal supplier. Andree has indicated that the maximum yearly spend per condo is $550 and with 190 units pre-sold, their total budget is $104,500. Items will be shipped individually to buyers’ current addresses using Purolator, however this cost is not included in the total budget. Building starts December 1, 2019 and the units will be completed in December 2020. Lane One Developments has shared with you that as part of a previous condo development aimed at baby boomer re/rees, the company dealt with another promo/onal firm and used the following promo/onal product strategy:

  3. � OCMC 2019 - Sales Presentation Timeline Item Campaign Cost Winter Blanket Congrats on your new $80.00 purchase, we’ve got you covered. Spring Carafe Set with Wine Let’s raise a glass, $90.00 Glasses we’re halfway there! Fall Leather Du ff el Pack your bags, your $300.00 home is almost ready! It is up to you as a Brand Specialist to deliver a sales presenta/on to Lane One Developments that will result in Brand Blvd being awarded their business. You may refer to the resources below to assist with your prepara/on. Resources Website - brandblvd.ca On website go to “The Catalogue” or hDps:/ /shop.brandblvd.ca/ to search for products. Instagram, TwiDer & Facebook - @brandblvd07 More about Brand - See aDached Newspaper Notables Students are not to contact Brand Blvd directly for this project. The expecta/on is that students will come with ideas and concepts taken from the Brand Blvd resources but it is not expected that the students will have any physical products with them nor will they be expected to have undertaken any prin/ng or graphic design work. Oh, and one more thing…. good luck!

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