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FORMED BY NATURE PERFECTED BY SCIENCE OTCQX: BLEVF CNSX: BE CORPORATE PRESENTATION June 3, 2019 OUR VISION Beleave is a leading, global, vertically-integrated cannabis company that applies scientific methods and innovation in pursuit of


  2. OUR VISION Beleave is a leading, global, vertically-integrated cannabis company that applies scientific methods and innovation in pursuit of becoming a significant producer and distributor of cannabis products to meet the growing domestic and international demand. Beleave cultivates high-quality cannabis flower and oils, and is developing additional product lines for 2019. June 2019 OTCQX: BLEVF 2 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  3. Who We Are Sales and Patented Scientific Product Production Research Development Capacity Distribution Beleave’s research and Dedicated R&D team Projected production Current provincial supply development (“R&D”) team focused on developing capacity of over agreements with access to consists of leading experts products to capitalize on 350,000 sq ft consumers in Ontario, and includes partnerships concentrates and edibles BC, and Manitoba with academic institutions. when legalized in Canada Hamilton Phase 2 expansion underway Strategy to capitalize on Proprietary extraction and Commercial oil international opportunities processing techniques extraction London, Ontario expansion to supply South American (patent pending) anticipated for Fall 2019 and European markets Products in development Beleave collaborates with include vape cartridges Procannmed partnership in Strategic investments to academic institutions across and capsules Colombia for South expand its branding, Ontario. These partnerships American medicinal market cultivation, extraction and have generated two patent distribution capabilities applications which are wholly-owned by Beleave OTCQX: BLEVF June 2019 3 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  4. Timeline Highlights Fall 2019 2020 Recreational market anticipated to expand as commercially February 19 September 6 manufactured edibles, October 29 Beleave beverages, and concentrates Beleave signs Beleave announces announces Board are expected to be agreement to acquire plans to expand May 10 and management legalized in Canada 250,000 sq ft of into European refresh Beleave closes greenhouse space and August 21 cannabis market acquisition of 85 acres of land to Beleave starts Medi-Green expand its production receiving POs Cannabis Clinic capabilities November 15 from Ontario, Network BC, and Beleave announces September 26 Manitoba development of cannabis- Beleave announces infused powder and sugar increased investment products for the agreement for up to Fall/Winter recreational market $30 million with 2019 Alumina Partners London, Ontario June 21 facility expected to Beleave expands its come online with May 23 2019 operations into 120,000 sq ft of Colombia Beleave receives indoor greenhouse approval for Hamilton grow with 30,000 facility expansion from sq ft of cannabis City Council that will 2018 and hemp oil January 31 yield over 10,000 kg extraction facility Beleave awarded per year of high October 17 ISO 9001 quality cannabis August 30 flower product Certification Recreational April 13 July 19 cannabis is Beleave secures Beleave receives Beleave accelerates its prime location for legalized in sales license from recreational distribution Canada Saskatchewan Health Canada strategy by acquiring retail store Click here to read Seven Oaks our most-recent press releases OTCQX: BLEVF June 2019 4 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  5. In the News February 3, 2019 “Three male employees at cannabis company Beleave Inc. welcomed new babies to their families last year, and not one took more than two weeks off.” January 14, 2019 “Video: Getting started in the pot business” October 17, 2018 Beleave invites cameras into the Hamilton facility for a tour to learn more about their operations the morning of Canadian cannabis legalization. October 14, 2018 “Quitting for cannabis: Meet seven entrepreneurs leaping into green territory.” September 15, 2018 “People who invest in or work for cannabis companies could be Beleave in the turned away, a senior U.S. border official says News September 12, 2018 “Touting London's proximity to highways and its large labour pool, a pot producer has bought up a greenhouse on a sprawling property in the city's south end.” Whether it’s a story on August 31, 2018 cannabis employers and “Are you experienced? Lloydminster marijuana retailer looking for 'qualified' workers.” entrepreneurs, or a live August 29, 2018 interview the morning “B.C. government has begun to buy bud.” recreational cannabis August 23, 2018 became legal in Canada, “Growth on the horizon for licensed pot producers.” Beleave has had great newsworthy moments. June 30, 2017 “With a year to go and amid predictions of a looming supply shortage, Health Canada is scrambling to add capacity once the legalization floodgates swing open.” Click on any May 10, 2017 story to see “Marijuana startups get new the full article. funding from 'streaming' deals.” March 25, 2017 “Hamilton is home to at least three major marijuana cultivators.” OTCQX: BLEVF June 2019 5 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  6. Facility Expansion Phases London, Ontario Colombia Hamilton, Ontario Germany Existing greenhouse to be retrofitted The Hamilton facility hosts growing Beleave has partnered with Beleave has partnered with with 160,000 sq ft of space on an 85 space of approximately 3,800 sq ft Procannmed in, a license holder for Canymed to supply the German acre property. and continues to be the hub of the cultivation, production, extraction market with medical cannabis, extraction, packaging, and of both THC and CBD medical pending government approvals and distribution. Phase 1 cannabis in Colombia to supply the GMP certification. Anticipated Early Fall 2019 South American market. Indoor: 19,000 sq ft Phase 2 Canymed is a German Medical Expansion plans approved by Hamilty Cannabis company focused on the Phase 2 City Council on May 22, 2019. Beleave importation and wholesale Anticipated Late Fall 2019 will add roughly 100,000 sq ft for distribution of medicinal cannabis to Greenhouse: 34,000 sq ft cannabis extraction, processing, and pharmacies, medical practices and cultivation. hospitals throughout Germany. Phase 3 Anticipated Early 2020 Certifications: ISO: Granted January 25, 2019 Greenhouse: 75,950 sq ft Indoor: 5,748 sq ft GMP: Anticipated in 2019 OTCQX: BLEVF June 2019 6 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  7. Sales and Distribution Recreational Distribution Available Now BC, MB, ON, SK Anticipated for 2019 + AB, QC Anticipated for 2020 Rest of Canada 1 00% Beleave medicinal cannabis is available countrywide through the Beleave Kannabis Corp label in every province and territory. 97% Today, Beleave has recreational cannabis supply agreements with access to consumers in Ontario, BC, and Manitoba, representing 55% of the Canadian population. With the addition of more provinces through to 2020, that number is expected to soar to 97%. Planned Retail Location Provincial population percentages based on 2016 Canadian Census Planned Recreational Online Sales * *Pending government approval OTCQX: BLEVF June 2019 7 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

  8. Sales and Distribution European Expansion In October 2018, Beleave partnered with Canymed to supply the German market with medical cannabis, pending government approvals and GMP certification. As part of preparation for EU-GMP certification, Beleave’s current Hamilton facility has been pre- inspected by Cannabis Compliance Inc as per requirements in Eudralex - The Rules Governing Medicinal Products in the European Union, Volume 4 - Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use (“EU-GMP”). • Beleave will receive 10% ownership in Canymed and first right of refusal for an additional 20% in exchange for providing expertise, training, consultation and support • Canymed to import dry flower from Beleave at a target price of € 4.00 / g upon Beleave’s receipt of EU-GMP certification • Germany has quickly become one of the world's largest federally-regulated medical cannabis market June 2019 OTCQX: BLEVF 8 Beleave Inc. CNSX: BE

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