fibaro intercom next generation multifunctional device


FIBARO INTERCOM NEXT-GENERATION MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE FIBARO Intercom is a mix of superior design and state of the art technology. VIEW FEATURES Very wide angle lans BlueTooth proximity Installation using Excellent image quality (HDR)


  2. NEXT-GENERATION MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE FIBARO Intercom is a mix of superior design and state of the art technology. VIEW FEATURES Very wide angle lans BlueTooth proximity Installation using Excellent image quality (HDR) WiFi or Ethernet Securely stored and recorded Night mode events on the SD card and in the Cloud Storage* Event notifications Precise view * Cloud storage available soon INTERCOM

  3. NEXT-GENERATION MULTIFUNCTIONAL DEVICE FIBARO Intercom is a mix of superior design and state of the art technology. SOUND DOORBELL Perfectly Video doorbell clear sound Controlling two Reliable speaker affording exact sound doors or gates Opening with Two microphones a PIN code with noise reduction Illuminated Voice dial pad biometrics* * comming soon INTERCOM

  4. HIGHLY DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY FIBARO Intercom is solid and reliable. With state of the art technology its features are unspotted in other devices. Stainless steel Polycarbonate ring for PIN entry cover IR LED for excellent Excellent 1080p matrix visibility at night for perfect image quality Wide-angle lens Two relay outputs covered with platinum Highly sensitive microphonewith noise reduction function Weather resistant speaker Advanced proximity sensor detects motion INTERCOM

  5. SUITED TO YOUR HOME FIBARO Intercom provides many connection options to suit your needs. You can install the device using WiFi or Ethernet. Control two gates Open the door and disarm alarm Monitor the interior of your home INTERCOM

  6. MAGNIFICENT VIEW QUALITY Wherever you mount the FIBARO Intercom, the view will be perfect – clear, properly exposed, and smooth. The advanced HDR camera, as well as Full HD resolution make you know exactly who is coming or calling at your door. View of standard camera without HDR Intercom with HDR function INTERCOM

  7. PANORAMIC VIEW FIBARO Intercom has a built-in fisheye wide-angle lens. You can observe the whole panorama of your surroundings. Thanks to the dewarping technology, objects are not deformed in any way. INTERCOM

  8. SUPERIOR VISIBILITY EVEN AT NIGHT Late evening, the fireplace glowing, the house is quiet ... and suddenly the doorbell rings. With the FIBARO Intercom, you know exactly who is your visitor. The device has an IR LED that illuminates the surroundings when is dark outside, providing excellent visibility. Night mode INTERCOM

  9. OUTSTANDING QUALITY OF SOUND FIBARO Intercom is equiped with a built-in speaker and two directional microphones with noise reduction, which guarantees excellent sound quality. No more struggling to hear your visitors – voices are clear, both yours and theirs. Directional microphones Noise reduction INTERCOM

  10. THE MAGIC OF YOUR VOICE FIBARO Intercom will learn and recognize the individual timbre of your voice. This way, only you will open the door to the most guarded places in your home. Verification success! INTERCOM

  11. WORLDWIDE ACCESS Install FIBARO Intercom and take your home on holiday. All you need is phone and our app. With this two things you have access to the recording events. You can talk to every visitor at the entrance door or the gate. You know when your gardener entered a PIN or you can remotely open the door for your neighbour who came to water the flowers. INTERCOM

  12. FIBARO INTERCOM APP Dedicated app allows you to control what is happening in front of your home at the particular moment. Enables you to remotely manage your home entrance. Give you opportunities to set FIBARO Intercom functions to suit your needs. Use your iPhone to View several camera Remotely open the gate Play the history log with adjust desired functiona lities previews at once or front door in no time all recorded events while you are away INTERCOM

  13. APP FOR YOUR RELATIVES Each of the household members can install a dedicated FIBARO Intercom app on their mobile devices. If some of them have access to the phone, they would be able to talk or open the door remotely. INTERCOM

  14. LIVE PREVIEW You can look at your home from anywhere in the world, at any time of the day or night. This way you know who eats up sweets or if the pet lays on the couch, despite the ban. You will see a preview of all the devices mounted at home and in front of it on one screen. Nothing will escape your attention! INTERCOM

  15. VOICE MAIL FIBARO Intercom records and saves messages. When you are not at home, your guest may leave important information, that you will be able to replay at any time. FRONT DOOR You have a new message. INTERCOM

  16. RECORDINGS PREVIEW Sometimes you are wondering what is happening around your property, when you are at work. With FIBARO Intercom you know what is going on in front of your door. Your device saves data that you can play at any time. Furthermore, if your FIBARO Intercom detects motion, you will receive a notification on your phone or a photo of the event on email. INTERCOM

  17. NEW OPENING... OF YOUR DOOR So far when you wanted to open the door you have used the key, the code, or the doorbell. FIBARO Intercom expands the possibilities – you want to open the door: use the application, get close to the device, use the voice command* or ... „Open sesame” Voice Control* Remote Control Bluetooth proximity *comming soon INTERCOM

  18. ... ENTER YOUR PIN CODE The FIBARO INTERCOM PIN code entry feature is unique and unspotted in other devices. Simply rotate your Intercom knob to enter a 4-digit number and the door or gate will open. Correct code! INTERCOM

  19. UNIQUE CODE FOR CHOSEN You can give a unique PIN to your relatives, gardener, housekeeper or personal trainer. You decide who and when can enter your home. Housekeeper 5272 Access time: Workdays 10:00 - 14:00 INTERCOM

  20. HOME SWEET HOME Imagine you come back home, the alarm is disarmed, the light in the corridor and kitchen is turned on, and the music is played on. All at once, within a moment. Your FIBARO Intercom is integrated with FIBARO System. You simply control the home to which you return even more willingly. ALARM Disarm the alarm system. LIGHTS Turn ON lights in the kitchen. MULTIMEDIA Play „Relax playlist”. INTERCOM

  21. YOUR SAFE HOME By integrating your intercom with FIBARO System, you receive a notification on your phone. You already know when your children safely reached home. INTERCOM

  22. THEFT PROTECTION Your FIBARO Intercom is secured. The device has a built-in tamper detector. Any attempt to steal will be registered. Your FIBARO Intercom can take a photo of the intruder and send it to you by email. INTERCOM

  23. YOUR SAFE HOME You feel more relaxed about your home with FIBARO Intercom. When your device registered an unwanted movement or improperly attempts to enter your PIN, you will be notified immediately. In addition, the FIBARO system will trigger an alarm or any event in your home. INTERCOM

  24. INTEGRATION WITH MONITORING SYSTEM You can connect your FIBARO Intercom to your video recording system. The device will become another surveillance camera with the ability to intelligently record and playback events. FIBARO Intercom, while working with networked servers of well-known and respected companies, such as Synology or Qnap, allows you to keep recordings of events at given time. This way you can feel safe both at home and outside. INTERCOM

  25. PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION Installation of FIBARO Intercom involves several steps. Our specialized and highly qualified installers will help you to install the device. They will also connect the entire FIBARO System if you wish. INTERCOM

  26. ENJOY THE FIBARO INTERCOM With FIBARO Intercom you see exactly everything, you hear perfectly everything, and thus know what is happening around your home. Your comfort and safety is our top priority! INTERCOM



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