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cryptography in ITU-T and ISO/IEC Hao Hao Qi Qin* CAS Q S Quant - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

QCrypt 2020 Industry session August 12, 2020 E-meeting Standardization of quantum cryptography in ITU-T and ISO/IEC Hao Hao Qi Qin* CAS Q S Quant ntum Netw twork rk Co., ., Ltd td. * Quantum key distribution:

  1. QCrypt 2020 Industry session August 12, 2020 E-meeting Standardization of quantum cryptography in ITU-T and ISO/IEC Hao Hao Qi Qin* CAS Q S Quant ntum Netw twork rk Co., ., Ltd td. *

  2. Quantum key distribution: From concepts to applications QKD satellite ◼ First QKD experiment in IBM 1992 QKD commercial products QKD Network (QKDN) ◼ Quantum key distribution (QKD) ◼ Information theoretic security based on quantum physics IDQ, QCTEK, Toshiba, QRate, XT etc. EU SECOQC Tokyo Network Beijing-Shanghai Backbone 2

  3. International Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) ◼ International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ➢ Non-Governmental Organization, founded in 1947 ➢ An international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations ➢ Promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial, and commercial standards ◼ International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) ➢ Not-for-profit, quasi-governmental organization, founded in 1906 ➢ International standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies, known as "electrotechnology“. ◼ International Telecommunication Union (ITU) ➢ Originally the International Telegraph Union created in 1865 ➢ A specialized agency of the United Nations for information and communication technologies ➢ The oldest global international organization ➢ The first international standards organization 3

  4. Standardization activities in SDOs ◼ European Telecommunications Standards Institute ( ETSI ) ➢ Standardization activities of QKD since 2008 ➢ All aspects of QKD: 8 specifications, 2 white papers ◼ ISO/IEC JTC1 ⚫ Information technology ➢ SC 27 WG 3: QKD implementation security ➢ SC 27 WG 2: Post quantum cryptography (PQC) ➢ WG 14: Quantum computing ◼ International Telecommunication Union ( ITU ) ➢ SG 13: QKDN network aspects ➢ SG 17: QKDN security aspects ➢ FG QIT4N WG2: QKDN terminology, use cases, protocols, transport etc (Pre-standardization) 4

  5. Standardization aspects in QKDN based on trusted nodes FG QIT4N: terminology FG QIT4N: use cases ITU-T SG 13: FG QIT4N: Network arch. Classical Functions; QoS protocols ITU-T SG 17: Security requirements FG QIT4N: QKD protocols, ⚫ Standards transport ISO/IEC: Test ⚫ Pre-study technology and certification * Conceptual structures of a QKDN and a user network in Rec. ITU-T Y.3800 (10/2019) 5

  6. Standardization activities in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 WG3 ◼ ISO/IEC 23837 : Security requirements, test and evaluation methods for quantum key distribution Security Targets for specific QKD modules ➢ Part 1: Requirements Protection Profiles for specific ➢ Part 2: Test and evaluation methods types of QKD module SFRs EAs ➢ Work item initiated in 2018 with one year preliminary study in 2017, currently under development ISO/IEC 23837-1 ISO/IEC 23837-2 ISO/IEC 15408, 18045 (CC&CEM) ➢ Address QKD implementation security issues ➢ A baseline of Security Functional Requirements (SFRs), and relevant ➢ High-level framework for the security evaluation of evaluation activities (EAs) for SFRs and QKD module under the Common Criteria (CC) SARs, and serve as a basis for developing (ISO/IEC 15408) framework relevant PPs/STs ➢ EAs for functional conformance test and vulnerability assessment (up to EAL5+AVA_VAN.5) 6

  7. Standardization activities in ISO/IEC JTC1 SC27 WG3 1 ISO/IEC Threats 23837-1: Security 2 Resistance requirements Security functional& assurance requirements ISO/IEC Testing 3 & evaluation 23837-2: Test and Security evaluation evaluation method methods 7

  8. Standardization activities in ITU-T SG 13 Study group 13: Future networks, with focus on IMT-2020, cloud computing and trusted network infrastructures # Work item Name Timing Question # Work item Name Timing Question Y.3800 Framework for Networks to supporting Published Requirements for QoS Assurance of Q16 Y.QKDN- 2021- 1 Quantum Key Distribution 2019-10 the Quantum Key Distribution Q6 9 qos-req 10 Functional requirement of the Published Network Y.3801 Q16 2 Quantum Key Distribution network 2020-05 General Aspects of QoS (Quality of Y.QKDN- 2021- Q6 Functional architecture of the Consented Service) on the Quantum Key 10 Y.3802 Q16 qos-gen 10 3 Quantum Key Distribution network 2020-07 Distribution Network Key management for Quantum Key Consented Functional architecture of QoS Y.3803 Q16 4 Y. QKDN- 2021- Distribution network 2020-07 11 assurance for quantum key Q6 qos-fa 12 Y.3804 Control and Management for Quantum Consented distribution networks Q16 5 Key Distribution Networks 2020-07 Requirements of machine learning 12 Y. QKDN- 2022- 6 Y.QKDN_ Software Defined Network Control for based QoS Assurance for quantum Q6 2021-09 Q16 qos-ml-req 07 SDNC Quantum Key Distribution Networks key distribution networks 7 Y.QKDN_ Business role-based models in Quality of service related 2021-03 Q16 BM Quantum Key Distribution Network 8 Y.QKDN_f Framework for integration of QKDN Q6: Quality of service (QoS) aspects including IMT-2020 networks 2021-07 Q16 rint and secure network infrastructures Q16:Knowledge-centric trustworthy networking and services Arch., Framework, Functions related 8

  9. Standardization activities in ITU-T SG 17 Study Group 17: Security Work item Name Topic Timing Question # Quantum Noise Random Number Published Q4(Cybers QRNG 1 X.1702 Generator Architecture 2019-11 ecurity ) X.sec_QKDN Security Requirements for QKD Security 2 2020-08 Q4 _ov Networks – Overview Req. X.sec_QKDN Security Requirements for QKD Security 3 2020-08 Q4 _km Networks - Key Management Req. Key combination and confidential key Security 4 X.cf_QKDN supply for quantum key distribution 2020-08 Q4 app. networks Security requirements for Quantum X.sec_QKDN Security Key Distribution Networks-Trusted 2021-03 Q4 5 _tn Req. node Tech. Report : Security considerations Security Published 6 TR.sec_QKD for Quantum Key Distribution Q4 study 2020-03 network 9

  10. PRE-standardization activities in ITU-T QIT4N ITU-T Focus Group on Quantum Information Technology for Networks (FG-QIT4N) FG QIT4N WG2:QKDN ◼ Pre-study and pre-standardization Sub- Current Name ➢ Gap analysis, status review, standardization group Version D2.1 QIT4N terminology part 2: QIT4N- analysis, future suggestions quantum key distribution network O-048 ➢ Technical reports with NO normative contents D2.2 Technical report on the QIT4N QIT4N- use case part 2: quantum key O-049 distribution network ◼ Open platform for academic, industry, D2.3 Technical report on QKDN QIT4N- governments etc. protocols O- 050&51 ➢ Established in 2019-10 Part1:Quantum layer Part2: Classical layers ➢ 1 onsite meeting in Jinan, China; 4 E-meetings D2.4 Technical report on QKDN QIT4N- transport technologies O-052 ➢ WG1: Network aspects of QIT D2.5 Technical report on QIT4N QIT4N- standardization outlook and O-053 ➢ WG2: QKD network technology maturity part 2: quantum key distribution network 10

  11. Participations ◼ Main contributors from China, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, UK, US etc. ……. ◼ Restricted to experts from each country’s national body channel ◼ Study groups: Membership based Activities in study groups with different topics ◼ Focus group: open for everyone Free of charge, new comer friendly, flexibility, wide range of topics ➢ Liaison channels among different SDOs 11

  12. Gap analysis and possible future works Ongoing studies in ISO/IEC; ITU-T study groups, FG-QIT4N Potential future studies in SDOs QKD module security (ISO/IEC) Security aspects (ITU SG 17) Network aspects (ITU SG 13) Quantum Key Protocol and test methods Distribution Network Transport technologies Applications Network operation aspects Other possible directions 12

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