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Canterbury Little Athletics 42nd Annual General Meeting & Presentation Evening 1 st April 2016 Campbell Athletic Field 2015-16 AGM & Presentation Night 1 April 2016 AGENDA Canterbury Little Athletics Centre Annual General Meeting

  1. Canterbury Little Athletics 42nd Annual General Meeting & Presentation Evening 1 st April 2016 Campbell Athletic Field

  2. 2015-16 AGM & Presentation Night 1 April 2016

  3. AGENDA Canterbury Little Athletics Centre Annual General Meeting Friday 1 st April 2016 at 6pm The business of the meeting will be as follows: 1. Formal Opening 2. Apologies 3. Confirmation of the minutes 2014/15 annual general meeting 4. Presentation of annual reports from executive committee and age managers 5. Election of 2015/16 executive committee The following executive committee nominations have been received: • President Ruth Eaton • Vice President James Hondros Allan Shaw • Secretary Sarah Milbourn • Treasurer Peter Dimos • Registrar Lesley Rodgers • Centre Manager Amil Pagliasso The following nominations have been received for age managers for the 2016/17 season: TT Grant McIntyre U10 Katherine O’Brien, Julie Colubriale U6 U11 Alan Mansfield U7 Ruth Eaton U12 Steve Greaves, John Milbourn U8 Steve Sipura U13 Dominique Honore U9 Fabio Cicco, Rebecca Cicco U14-17 Peter Murray Presentations 4 Year Medals Centre Records Thank You Presentation 10 Year Awards State Awards Farewell Awards Special Award Presentation 2015-16 AGM & Presentation Night 1 April 2016

  4. Minutes of previous annual general meeting CANTERBURY LITTLE ATHLETICS MINUTES OF ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Friday 27 March 2015 Present: Executive committee members, age managers, athletes, parents and friends Welcome The president welcomed the athletes, parents and friends to Canterbury Little Athletics Centre annual • general meeting and presentation night. Minutes of previous AGM were circulated. • Minutes were accepted as a true record of the previous AGM • All committee positions were declared vacant. • Nominations received for the executive committee were accepted. All those nominated were elected • unopposed for our next season. Age managers for next season Current age managers have been nominated for the 2015/2016 season and nominations have been accepted. However, several new age managers are required next season and expressions of interest will be followed up. There being no further business, the president welcomed and thanked the new executive committee for accepting their roles for next season and declared the AGM closed. Presentation of awards followed. P RESIDENT ' S R EPORT nights, helping with coaching, communicating with Our centre is fortunate to have an active and parents, volunteering at carnivals, fixing equipment involved executive committee and age managers. or getting grants to upgrade facilities, we all have I'd like to mention in particular the continuing something to offer and the rewards are clear to contribution from Jim Hondros in setting up and see in the children's enthusiasm, enjoyment and managing the Friday night competition, the energy success. Sarah Milbourn has brought to the role of This has been a difficult season in some ways with secretary including improving centre many wet Fridays and the change to the zone and communications, and the efforts of Amil Pagliasso region timetable, which has been disruptive. On not just in looking after equipment but also the other hand we have seen increased providing throws coaching and maintaining our participation in state cross-country and state relay involvement with school athletics carnivals. championships and many of our athletes achieved This season I am very glad to report that we have great results throughout the year. I congratulate been able to expand our coaching program. The all the athletes and the parents, helpers and efforts of coaches Christopher King, Bradley community members who have supported them. Woods and Amil Pagliasso have seen increased I would like to welcome the new committee and participation in cross-country, greater success in wish you all the best for the coming season. championships and a number of centre records broken in particular in the javelin event. Tim Pullen Tim Pullen There is always a need for volunteers to take responsibility for the many roles and tasks involved in running an athletics centre. Whether it be setting up and managing competition on Friday 2015-16 AGM & Presentation Night 1 April 2016

  5. Registration Breakdown: S ECRETARY ' S R EPORT My first season as Secretary has been a busy one. The season was off to a flying start with State Age Groups Total Kids Male Female Relay Championships, where Canterbury entered a TT 54 29 25 record number of 18 teams and came away with two medals. Soon after, Zone Championships were U/6 55 35 20 upon us and we had many successes here and in the U/7 50 21 29 progression through to Regional and State. U/8 71 28 43 This season has seen us introduce the use of an U/9 68 41 27 online rostering system for rosters and signing up for championship events, as well as growing our U/10 61 29 32 coaching staff, where our results have shown our U/11 49 24 25 training successes. U/12 43 22 21 This role is certainly a consuming and busy one, but U/13 44 22 22 a rewarding one also, when you see the successes U/14 24 10 14 and smiles of our athletes. U/15 13 7 6 A big thank you to Lesley Rodgers, who has guided me in the right direction and pointed the way. Also U/17 13 9 4 to Robyn Meakins with her assistance with our 545 277 268 training program, championship entries and parent volunteer rosters. Lastly, to all of our hard working Athletes committee members and parent volunteers. I hope you all enjoy a well-earned rest and will see 80 you back for season 2016/17! # of Athletes 60 Sarah Milbourn Sarah Milbourn 40 20 REGISTRAR ' S R EPORT 0 Well where did the season go? It seems like we TT U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ U/ 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 17 only just got started and now it is over. We did have quite a few cancellations due to bad weather, Female 25 20 29 43 27 32 25 21 22 14 6 4 but there’s not much we can do to change that. I Male 29 35 21 28 41 29 24 22 22 10 7 9 won’t bore everyone with statistics, except to say that we had 545 registered athletes this year. Registering on-line was a huge success this season. Our goal for next season is to get 100% registering on-line. Registering on-line means that every child is in the Results HQ system almost immediately. Registrations for the 2016/17 will open online on August 1 2016 , via the LANSW website. All Registrations for the 2016/17 will be ONLINE ONLY. For the first time we will be holding a Registration Day at Campbell Field on Saturday August 27, 2016. This is the day that you will pick up your registration packs and purchase your uniforms. There will be no dedicated trial nights for season 2016/17. Keep your eye on Facebook and the Website for the times and further details. Lesley Rodgers Lesle y Rodgers

  6. Jack Greaves (U11) Discus 35.85 (31.79); C ENTRE M ANAGER ' S R EPORT • After 20 years of holding the position of centre Javelin 27.60 (N/A); Shot Put 11.58 (10.97) manager I have now relinquished this position. Jonathan Meaker (U11) 1500m 5:16.13 (5:17.17) • Uchenna Egbu (U11) High Jump 1.40 (1.38); Long Centre awards • Jump 4.59 (4.57) Point score 169 Joy Levy (U11) Shot Put 10.57 (10.43) • Event championship 211 Antton Pagliasso (U12) Javelin 33.48 (28.4) • Encouragement 21 Bili Robertson (U12) Javelin 28.40 (25.56) • Riley Gavan (U12) Discus 38.69 (38.26) • Tiny Tots 38 Isabella Mardini (U12) 800m 2:32.88 (2:36.50) • Records 18 Minti Robertson (U12) Javelin 15.94 (14.80) • 4 year 39 Tuyva Jugnarain (U13) Triple Jump 11.20 (10.77) • 10 year 5 Erica Hondros (U15) Javelin 21.19 (16.69) • Latisha Yeboah (U15) Javelin 25.89 (22.81) • Farewell 6 Nicholas Katsilis (U17) 400m 57.89 (58.97); • Participation award 128 800m 2:10.23 (2:23.96); 1500m 4:43.03 (4:55.13) Zone: ES Marks Field 12-13 Dec 2015 Allan AllanShaw Shaw 94 entries in 340 events U7 medals: F INANCIAL R EPORT • Julia Meaker 2 nd 500m 1:10.16 • Angelina Sipura 2 nd Shot Put 4.87m, 3 rd Discus 9.77m • Tallara Joseph- Riogi 3 rd Discus 10.79m • Aidan O’Brien Kratiuk 3 rd Discus 13.14m Region: Sylvania Waters 29-30-31 Jan 2016 60 entries in 142 events U8 medals: Claudia Meaker 3 rd 100m 1:22.11, 2 nd 700m • 2:37.59 State: SOPAC 20-22 Mar 2015 21 entries in 37 events • Jack Greaves U11 2nd Discus 33.63m • Jessica Filocamo U17 Para 3rd Long Jump • Alec Hartley U9 2 nd Long Jump 3.64m • Isabella Mardini U12 2 nd 800m 5:21.50 • Will Roberts U17 1 st 100m 11.00, 1 st 200m 22.46 Centre records: 2015/16 Season Tallara Joseph-Riogi (U7) Discus 13.40 (13.40) • Claudia Meaker (U8) 700m 2:41.47 (2:42.54) • Mariella Speak (U8) 700m 2:45.23 (2:47.50) • Alec Hartley (U9) 60m Hurdles 10.48 (10.60) • Corinna Medaglia (U10) 70m 10.79 (10.91) • 2015-16 AGM & Presentation Night 1 April 2016

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