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PAGE 1 Amazingly Different WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM Inspiration Thats Contagious PAGE 2 V ibrant, innovative and noteworthy - content with the highest journalistic standards. Clich is more than a digital magazine its the hottest source for

  1. PAGE 1 Amazingly Different WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  2. Inspiration That’s Contagious PAGE 2 V ibrant, innovative and noteworthy - content with the highest journalistic standards. Cliché is more than a digital magazine —it’s the hottest source for the latest trends in popular culture. Cliché creates an engaging, cross-media experience that celebrates game-changing creators of fashion, beauty, music, and entertainment. With a fresh take on the world’s leading visionaries, Cliché is meant to inspire an amazingly different way of living. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  3. PAGE 3 Amazingly Different 2009 2010 2012 2014 2011 2013 Short Films Entertainment MUSIC Celebrity Shows Prime Time TV Series WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  4. PAGE 4 Editor In Chief Megan Portorreal Megan Portorreal has been the guiding editorial voice of Cliché since its inception. Her ceaseless dedication to discovering new talent, products, and companies and presenting them in a ground-breaking digital magazine format makes her the vanguard of a new era in publishing. Issue by issue, Megan has built the most compelling content in the industry. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  5. PAGE 5 Cliché Helps Elevate Brand Engagement Digital Publishing & Apps Social Media In a world where information moves at the Editorial speed of light, Cliché promotes your brand Reviews across multiple channels and maximizes your I Love Your Promotional engagement and brand penetration. We Brand Contests help connect you with new customers who create a viral market for your product Visibility message. New Fans Product Reviews Micro Blogs Quality Content WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  6. A Growing and Engaged Audience PAGE 6 4,500,000 1200/mo. iPhone App 4,000,000 Downloads 3,500,000 3,000,000 60k+ Social Fans 2,500,000 2,000,000 Unique Visitors 40k/mo. 1,500,000 Digital 1,000,000 Magazine 500,000 112k Bi-Monthly 0 0 200,000 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Total Reach Per Month Total Reach Per Year WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  7. PAGE 7 The Digital Marketing Mix That PERFORMS Advertisement Cliché offers inbound marketing Product Review Advertorial services to help brands extend their reach and find new fans. YOUR BRAND Brands need more than just an advertisement and Cliché understands this better than anyone. Social Media Promotional Contests Digital Exposure WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  8. PAGE 8 Putting Cliché To Work For You “Cliché Magazine is the best new “It has always been a pleasure fashion/celebrity magazine on the working with Cliché Magazine. Not market, always on the cutting edge only does their work exceed our of the latest styles, trends and expectations, but Megan is so ones to watch. Megan Portorreal delightful to work with !” is the newest rising star in the publishing industry. It's a pleasure “With Cliché Magazine, we know to work with her and the staff at we’ll get great coverage for our “ “ “ Cliché.” project .” Scott Appel Melissa Elkin CEO, Scott Appel Media Big Honcho Media WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  9. PAGE 9 A Seamless Digital Mobile Experience WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  10. PAGE 10 Cliché Digital Magazine: Dominant Marketing Units YOUR MESSAGE Strategically placed among relevant content Travel Luxury Services A B C WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  11. PAGE 11 Brand Extension Services Elevate your audience engagement and enhance your marketing reach! Editorial Interviews Social Media Posting Promotional Contests Product Reviews WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  12. PAGE 12 Cliché Digital Magazine: Think Differently Extend Your Brands Message Through Compelling New Engagements New Customers B WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  13. PAGE 13 Cliché Digital Magazine: Native Marketing Content Created For Your Specific Message A B CEO/Company Interview Company Showcase WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  14. PAGE 14 Cliché Digital Magazine: Native Reviews Product Advocacy Single Product Review B WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  15. PAGE 15 Consumers Demand Digital Content An Exciting Way To Engage Your Audience Modern Design Outbound Links Elegant layout, easy Hot spots and link to use zoom embedding to the URL of features and 1 click your choice page flip. Video Integration SEO Friendly Let us integrate your company commercial or Search engines can product video into your easily index your digital editorial or product advertisements and review. editorials WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  16. PAGE 16 Company Interviews Native Marketing Let Cliché Magazine interview your CEO C-Level Leaders of your company. Does your company support worthy causes or help in the community? This is a great way to personalize your marketing message. We can integrate company commercials, videos, audio messages or other engaging media to help deliver your message. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  17. PAGE 17 Contests & Promotions Native Marketing Let Cliché Magazine launch your next exciting Sweepstakes Giveaway or Contest. We can launch across multiple platforms including your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Pinterest or you can utilize Cliché’s expansive network of engaged fans who love participating in contests. We can create a custom registration form to collect valuable intel and contestant contact info for future marketing campaigns. Our Team of promotional sweepstakes coordinators will help provide the perfect activation idea for your next exciting contest. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  18. PAGE 18 Product Reviews Native Marketing Let Cliché Magazine provide a product review about your company’s products and/or services. We will highlight the most exciting and compelling features that will interest our readers. We can embed a product video directly into your review. We can embed coupons or special promotions into your review with a direct link to your product page. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  19. PAGE 19 How We Measure Your Digital Marketing Effectiveness User Generated Content REACH ENGAGEMENT Unique Visitors: How many users view Page Views: Page views of Unique Visitors. Social Media: Two-way conversations are a prime your ad, editorial, contest or product metric for engagement. review over a period of time. Bounce Rate: Time spent on each page. Social Shares: More and more search engines Geography: Pinpoint where your Mapping Responses: What content is and best practices rely on social relevancy and content is being consumed both most engaging, how viewers get there social sharing metrics to determine reach and domestically and internationally. and what patterns develop allow for engagement. These are essential factors to strategic placement of advertisements generating better leads and more sales. Mobile Readership: Understanding and paid content. what “devices” our content is being consumed through is imperative to for maximizing visibility and optimizing the user experience. WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  20. PAGE 20 2015 Digital Publishing Calendar Plan Ahead! Cliché Magazine Publishing Dates Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec FEB/MARCH: ASSETS DUE DEC 12 February -March APRIL/MAY: ASSETS DUE FEB 13 April-May JUN/JULY: ASSETS DUE APR 10 June-July AUG/SEPT: ASSETS DUE JUN 12 Aug-Sept OCT/NOV: ASSETS DUE AUG 7 Oct-Nov Dec-Jan DEC/JAN: ASSETS DUE OCT 9 Dec-Jan Social Media, Contest, Promotional Contests, Social Media Campaigns, Sponsorships & Display Ads Can Be Launched at Any Time During The Year Sponsorships & Display Ads WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM

  21. PAGE 21 *New York *Miami *Las Vegas *Los Angeles WWW.CLICHEMAG.COM


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