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Air meets life. Company presentation Messer Group Messer 1 - 2014 Company Locations Key Figures Products and Applications Messer World Customers Messer 2 - 2014 Short profile Specialist for Industrial Gases Company Messer is the

  1. Air meets life. Company presentation Messer Group Messer 1 - 2014

  2. Company Locations Key Figures Products and Applications Messer World Customers Messer 2 - 2014

  3. Short profile Specialist for Industrial Gases Company Messer is the largest owner-managed industrial gas company in the world. Products Messer produces and supplies oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, helium, inert welding gases, specialty gases, medical gases, food gases and many different gas mixtures. Customers All industrial sectors, healthcare as well as science and research benefit from its products and application technologies. Messer 3 - 2014

  4. Owner and CEO Stefan Messer • CEO of Messer Group GmbH • Stefan Messer’s roles include:  Vice President of the International Oxygen Manufacturers Association (IOMA), Washington  Vice President of the Frankfurt Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK)  Honorary Senator of the Darmstadt Univerity of Applied Sciences  Honorary Senator of Goethe University Frankfurt/Main  Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia ‘‘Profits are important to us, but they’re not the be -all and end-all. It is just as important to be independent and to turn our own ideas into reality.” Stefan Messer, CEO und owner of Messer Group Messer 4 - 2014

  5. Management Together for success Stefan Messer, Chief Executive Officer Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands, Chief Financial Officer Dr. Uwe Bechtolf, Controlling / Accounting & Strategy Johann Ringhofer, Adolf Walth Stefan Messer Johann Ringhofer Engineering & Production Dr. Uwe Bechtolf Dr. Hans-Gerd Wienands Adolf Walth, Sales & Marketing Europe Executive headquarters / Headquarters of the central management of international technical departments, operations: Procurement and Logistics: Messer-Platz 1 Gahlingspfad 31 65812 Bad Soden am Taunus 47803 Krefeld Messer 5 - 2014

  6. Supervisory Board The people behind the success ‘‘A company needs to be free in order to invest in its independence.” Dr. Jürgen Heraeus, Chair Dr. Werner Breuers Dr. Bodo Lüttge Dr. Nathalie von Siemens Dr. Karl-Gerhard Seifert Peter Wilhelm Storm van’s Gravesande Messer 6 - 2014

  7. Our mission statement Messer is an independent, owner-managed family company producing industrial gases with a focus on Europe and China. We act sustainably to meet the needs of our customers in accordance with our collective responsibility for people, progress and the environment. Messer 7 - 2014

  8. Employees Our most important asset • About 5,500 employees worldwide, with 92 % of them outside the “Growing sales and a growing Germanspeaking countries workforce go hand in hand at Messer.” • Targeted employee development • Development of intercultural competence Stefan Messer • Training worldwide, the training rate for Germany is 3.3 • Transnational ideas management Messer 8 - 2014

  9. History 117 Years of competence in industrial gases Foundation: 1898 Adolf Messer forms the Frankfurter Acetylen-Gas-Gesellschaft Messer & Cie. in Höchst for the production of acetylene developers and light fittings. 1903 Ernst Wiss develops the first hydrogen-oxygen cutting torch at Griesheim-Elektron. These are followed by machines and equipment for gas welding technology. 1908 Chemische Fabrik Griesheim Elektron begins operation of its first oxygen plant. Growth: 1965 Establishment of Messer Griesheim GmbH under the aegis of Hans Messer. Merger Adolf Messer GmbH with parts of Knapsack-Griesheim AG from Hoechst. 1966 Expansion in Western Europe and in North America 1990 Expansion in Eastern and Central Europe 1995 Entry into China and rapid expansion 2001 Goldman Sachs Funds and Allianz Capital Partners take over the shares of Hoechst (Aventis). Family ownership: 2004 The Messer family again owns 100 % of the company. 2005 The Messer family again owns 100 % of Cutting and Welding Division. 2006 Billion Euro turnover mark exceeded: Messer Group and Messer Eutectic Castolin. Expansion of activities in Europe and Asia 2008 Founding of Messer Industriegase GmbH in Germany 2011 Move to a joint group head office Bad Soden 2014 Tenth anniversary of the Messer Group GmbH Messer 9 - 2014

  10. Company Locations Key Figures Products and Applications Messer World Customers Messer 10 - 2014

  11. More than 60 locations in 31 countries America: Europe: Africa: Asia: Peru Albania Algeria China Austria Vietnam Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Hungary Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Montenegro Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Russia (Kaliningrad) Serbia Slovenia Slovakia Spain Switzerland Ukraine Messer 11 - 2014

  12. Product supply in Europe through air separation Air separation units Estonia Latvia existing air separation units Lithuania Denmark Russia air separation units in construction or planning Poland Netherlands Belgium Germany Ukraine Czech Republic Slovakia Romania Hungary Austria Slovenia Switzerland France Croatia Bulgaria Bosnia- Herzegovina Serbia Montenegro Portugal Macedonia Albania Spain Messer 12 - 2014

  13. Central and South-Eastern Europe Main focuses • Market leader (over 40 %) in many countries • Nationwide network of sales offices • Centre of expertise for metallurgical and industrial applications in Austria • Certified production of gases for the food industry in nine and for medical applications in 16 countries • On site hydrogen plants in Austria, Serbia, Slovakia and Hungary • Specialty gases plants in Austria, Poland and Hungary • CO 2 sources in Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Macedonia, Poland and Serbia Messer 13 - 2014

  14. Western Europe Main focuses • Re-entry into the German industrial gas market with the entire product range, two air separation plants and a cylinder filling plant • Centre of expertise for industrial and food applications in France • Strong position in Spain thanks to pipeline network • On site hydrogen plant in Switzerland • Specialty gases plants in Switzerland, Belgium and France • CO 2 -sources and outstanding positions in the CO 2 market in Benelux and France Messer 14 - 2014

  15. Product supply in China through air separation Air separation units existing air separation units air separation units in construction or planning Zhangjiagang Wujiang Chengdu Shanghai Chongqing Leshan Ningbo / Shaoxing Xichang Xiangtan Panzhihua Kunming Haikou Anning Quanhui Yuxi Foshan Shunde Yangjiang Messer 15 - 2014

  16. China Main points • At 6.6 billion USD, the Chinese gases market is the second largest market in the world after the USA, with 15 % annual growth. • As one of the pioneers in China, Messer has had a presence in the country since 1994. • 17 operational companies, approx. 30 air separation units for the supply of steelworks and industrial sectors requiring liquefied gases (oxygen, nitrogen and argon) • Main emphasis on three major regions with leading positions primarily in Hunan, Yunnan and Sichuan, as well as in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong • Currently the focus is on expanding the liquefied gases division to provide a better supply to existing and new customers. • Specialty gases plants in Wujiang, Chengdu and Foshan • Entry into new business segments, e.g. CO 2 and specialty gases for the semiconductor and electronics industry Messer 16 - 2014

  17. Vietnam Main points • Messer has been present in Vietnam since 1997 and has three Haiphong companies in Haiphong, Ho-Chi-Minh-City and Binh Phuoc Hai Duong (Province) • Two air separation units, one in construction • Three filling plants for air gases, CO 2 and gas mixtures • Liquefaction plant for CO 2 Binh Phuoc (Province) Ho-Chi-Minh-Stadt • Core industries: steel production, motorcycle manufacturers, Vung Tau shipyards, food processing and metalworking industries Company Air separation unit existing air separation unit Filling plant air separation unit CO 2 production in construction Messer 17 - 2014

  18. Company Locations Key Figures Products and Applications Messer World Customers Messer 18 - 2014

  19. Key figures 2014 Development 2011 until 2014 2011 2012 2013 2014 1,029 Sales in million Euro 1,088 1,027 1,047 241 EBITDA in million Euro 237 231 241 23 EBITDA margin in % 22 23 23 191 184 197 205 Investments* in million Euro 5,251 Employees** 5,364 5,404 5,449 * inkl. IFRIC4 ** contractual employments Messer 19 - 2014

  20. Sales and EBITDA 2014 Consolidated by regions South-Eastern South-Eastern Europe Europe Asia Asia 82 177 321 45 Central Central 1,047 million € 241 million € Europe Europe Total Net Sales Total EBITDA 189 34 Peru 13 Peru 1 Corporate Office 10 Corporate Western Europe Western Europe Office Consolidation Effects 341 51 6 18 Messer 20 - 2014

  21. Share: Sales: In million € , based on consolidated sales Sales by industry 2014 31 % 330 Basic metals, glass, ceramics 15 % Engineering, metal goods, 153 automotive 12 % (Petro-)Chemicals, 122 rubber, plastics 7 % 77 Food, beverages & tobacco Messer 21 - 2014 industries 5 % 53 Competitors 5 % 52 Electr. engineering, electronics 5 % Health services 49 2 % 23 Gas, water, wastewater, waste 18 % 188 Others

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