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Slide 1 EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Advanced Emission Model AEM Mark WHITELEY Robin DERANSY Single Sky Directorate / Regulatory Division / Environment Unit May 2011 Slide 2 Aviation environmental

  1. Slide 1 EUROCONTROL European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Advanced Emission Model AEM Mark WHITELEY Robin DERANSY Single Sky Directorate / Regulatory Division / Environment Unit May 2011

  2. Slide 2 Aviation environmental impacts Health & Environmental Effects

  3. Slide 3 Environment in EUROCONTROL � Working in international working groups � CAEP � ANCAT � SAE � EUROCONTROL leads several modelling tasks both internationally and in Europe � Key principle: models developed in parallel with developing international guidance material � Our models now amongst the few that are formally recognised by ICAO-CAEP

  4. Slide 4 Impact on the environment Noise Local Air Quality Global Emissions

  5. Slide 5 Aviation emissions

  6. Slide 6 What is AEM ? A dvanced E mission M odel • developed for aviation • A stand-alone system capable of estimating aircraft fuel burn and emissions • Applies/uses internationally- recognised methods and databases • ICAO/CAEP recognised • Used in R&D and real-life projects • Can be used for local studies or for global emissions calculation

  7. Slide 7 How does AEM work? (1) Flight Legs (portion of trajectory between 2 flight Flight Points points) For each flight point, detailed flight information is required (latitude, longitude, flight level, time, speed, etc.) to calculate emissions flight leg by flight Arrival Departure Airport leg. Airport Notion of flight point & flight legs

  8. Slide 8 AEM inputs : simulated or real-world data • Fast-time model data • Real-time simulator data • Radar or flight track data • Flight data recorder data

  9. Slide 9 How does AEM work? (2)

  10. Slide 10 How does AEM work? (3)

  11. Slide 11 AEM outputs (1) Global by flight and flight phase : � Fuel burn � CO 2 (Carbon dioxide) � H 2 O (Water) � SO X (Sulphur oxides) � NO X (Oxides of nitrogen) � HC (Hydrocarbons) � CO (Carbon monoxide) � VOC (Volatile organic compounds) � TOG (Total organic gases) � PM (Particulate matter)

  12. Slide 12 AEM outputs (2) Detailed by flight and flight phase : � VOC TOG � Acetaldehyde � Acrolein � POM16PAH � POM7PAH � Styrene � 1-3 Butadiene � Benzene � Ethylbenzene � Formaldehyde � Propianaldehyde � Toluene � Xylene � PM � PMTot � PM Non-volatile � PM Volatile � PM10 � � PM2.5 � � PM0.1 �

  13. Slide 13 AEM applications

  14. Slide 14 AEM application example: global traffic data with WISDOM + =

  15. Slide 15 INVENTAIR Supporting climate change research

  16. Slide 16 AEM application example: gridded output Output can be gridded and displayed in Google Earth (for example)

  17. Slide 17 AEM future applications � Reference tool for fuel and emissions calculations in the SESAR programme � To be integrated in operational environments � Could be used for calculating emissions in the context of an emission inventory portal being studied as part of a collaborative work with EC DG CLIMA and EEA

  18. Slide 18 AEM versions AEM exists in two versions: � PC - version � Release 2.0.8 � Based on MS-Access � Limited in size of traffic samples � Distributable � AEM - kernel � C++ version, so portable on many platforms � Unlimited traffic samples size � Not distributable right now but will replace the PC version

  19. Slide 19 Where to find AEM ?

  20. Slide 20 Thank you for your attention!

  21. Slide 21 BADA (Base of Aircraft Data) international reference Trajectory prediction for the DATMAS ATM system in Copenhagen which is based on the THALES ATM Eurocat 2000 system. NATSP Austria AUSTROCONTROL Belgium CANAC, Belgo Control Czech Republic Air Navigation Services Denmark NAVIAIR DENMARK THALES Trajectory prediction for the DFS VAFORIT Germany DFS INDRA system built by INDRA Italy ENAV SPA Norway BATCC Portugal NAV PORTUGAL Arrival Slovak Republic Air Traffic Control Administration manager Spain AENA Sweden LFV (CAA) TP and MTCD as part of the iFACTS BARCO Switzerland SKYGUIDE (Zurich) programme UK NATS UK (A+R Hurn) Ukraine UkSATSE Canada NAV CANADA BARCO O4D Trajectory Modeller forming part of the SASS (Scheduling and Sequencing System)system developed at NAV CANADA (to be used at Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary a/p)

  22. Slide 22 AEM application example: RVSM implementation in Europe ����������������������� �� � �������� � � � �������� ���� ������� ��� ����� �� ��� �������!"���������!#������������$�$� � %�$�&�' ���(�)!�(�*�����(�++�, � ������(����������,�+���-��

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