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11/7/17 Bilingual ESOL Department Touch-Base Tuesday Tuesday, - PDF document

11/7/17 Bilingual ESOL Department Touch-Base Tuesday Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Agenda Accommodations Glossaries Flexible Setting Letter(s) Tier Report Update ELLevation Update LF Report Post Exit-Monitoring

  1. 11/7/17 Bilingual ESOL Department Touch-Base Tuesday Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Agenda • Accommodations Glossaries § Flexible Setting Letter(s) § • Tier Report Update • ELLevation Update LF Report § Post Exit-Monitoring Meeting § Immigrant Report § • IPT • Displaced Students • Reminders 2 Monitored(LF) ELLs(LY) 10,833 33,824 4% total 12.4% total population population Recent Total (LY&LF) Immigrants 41,895 14,073 5.2% total 15% total population population Countries Languages 203 191 September 2017 1

  2. 11/7/17 Testing Accommodations • ELLs (LY) are provided accommodations in the administration of statewide assessments AND daily instruction • Be sure to assign Accommodations BEFORE printing ELL Plan Flexible Assistance Scheduling/ in Heritage Additional Language *NOTE: LFs do not receive Time accommodations Flexible Bilingual Dictionary/ Setting Glossary 4 Accommodations and Instructional Practices for English Language Learners (ELLs) for Classroom Observation Use of a bilingual glossary in Evidence of addition to a bilingual dictionary . • Bilingual Dictionary An approved glossary is defined as • Extended Time word-to-word and may include • Flexible Setting content specific glossary. • Bilingual Support for Lowest-Level ELLs • ELL Engagement in Lesson • ELL Consideration in Lesson Plans • English Language Development Standards in Lesson Plans • Teacher Awareness of ELL Levels of Students RULE 6A-6.09091 5 Flexible Setting Letter http://bilingual-esol.browardschools.com (ESOL Forms Tab) 6 2

  3. 11/7/17 Tier Placement Must continue to update Tier for new/incoming students. No additional updating is required for current students. 7 Action Required: Tier Placement 8 9 3

  4. 11/7/17 10 When do I generate and print ELL Plans ? Before Printing… Ø At the beginning of the Ø IMT ¡updates ¡the ¡PLAN ¡ school year for all LY Date ¡on ¡A23 ¡ students. Ø At the end of the year Ø Wait ¡48 ¡hours ¡ for students that met Ø Check ¡that ¡data ¡is ¡ exit criteria updated ¡on ¡ELLeva@on ¡ AND Anytime there is a(n): Ø Generate ¡ELL ¡Plan ¡with ¡ Annual Review/ • date ¡in ¡a ¡(mely ¡ REEVAL manner ¡ • ELL Meeting Ø File ¡updated ¡ELL ¡Plan ¡ ¡ • Change in Program Services (Schedules) in ¡ELL ¡Folder ¡ • Change in *Note: ¡Never ¡discard ¡an ¡ELL ¡PLAN ¡ accommodation 11 REEVALS Annual Review For students entering a US school in 2014-2015 or earlier For students entering a US school in 2015-2016 or 2016-2017 Recommendations for continued placement for Recommendations for ELLs entering years 4, 5, ELLs entering years 2 and 3 based on DEUSS 6 and beyond based on DEUSS Date (within Date (within 30 days) 30 days) ELL Committee IS required. Current data must ELL Committee Meeting is not required Complete Me, Myself & I Meeting on ELLevation be reviewed to make recommendation for continuation of services. After Oct. 1 st IPT assessment (L/S/R/W) must be administered; however, do not update language classifications Update ELL PLAN Date on TERMS Generate Parent Letter (Notification of Update PLAN Date and REEVAL date on TERMS (date of ELL Committee Meeting and Continuation) PLAN date shall match. Generate Parent Letter (Notification of Continuation) Generate ELL Plan within the required 30 day Generate ELL Plan within the required 30 day timeline and file in ELL Folder timeline and file in ELL Folder 12 ANNUAL REVIEWS AND REEVALS 4

  5. 11/7/17 Meetings and Decisions Remember to generate Student Meeting Report at the conclusion of any meeting. 13 Monitoring After Exit 2-year period: End of End of First Report End of First Second Card First Year Semester Year After satisfactory performance during 2-year monitoring period, ELL Code Changes from LF to LZ 14 Document Storage Ø Choose the student for whom you want to add documents. You can click on the student’s name from the Student List or Search. Ø In the Student Profile , select the “ Document ” tab Docs to Upload Home Language Survey (Registration) o Initial Classification Form o ELL Committee Invitation Letter o ELL Committee Meeting Report (with signatures) o Flexible Setting Letter o Student work samples o Report Cards o PMPs o 15 5

  6. 11/7/17 Required Required 16 You can now download, edit, or view the documents from this page. 17 2017-2018 Parent Letter I have been gradually scanning documents into Ellevation. Under what do I scan the parent letters? I have some that are signed and not sure where to put it? Required Required 18 6

  7. 11/7/17 Let’s look at a sample Angelicas’s DEUSS date is 9/19/2013, she is at ABC school in 1 st grade . She now requires a REEVAL as per ELLevation. What can be the potential issue? Update the DEUSS date to the first day of Kindergarten. Once it is updated in TERMS Ellevation automatically take Angelica out of the 4th year REEVAL bucket. ELLevation will take her out of the bucket but the finalized meetings will remain in the system. 19 Reports from ELLevation Active ELL Report Ø Run Active ELL Report from Export Wizard Ø Download file in Excel Ø Sort by DEUSS Date (Oldest to Newest) Ø Analyze Data for students needing REEVALs, Annual Reviews, updating PLAN dates , etc . Ø Check for possible errors (Language CLASS, Basis of Entry, DEUSS Date) 21 7

  8. 11/7/17 Immigrant Identification/Report 22 Immigrant Report Are ages 3-21 Were not born in any State or U.S. territory or possession (PR) Have not been attending one or more schools in any one or more States for more than 3 full academic years. IMMIGRANT REPORT DATA AUDIT 23 24 8

  9. 11/7/17 IPT MATERIALS Schools purchase using General Funds q IPT Oral q IPT Reading and Writing: § IPT 1 Grades 2-3 § IPT 2 Grades 4-6 § IPT 3 Grades 7-12 25 IPT Correlations Chart 26 Displaced Students DEUSS Date The Immigrant Status Additionally, ELL entry date The DEUSS date (Date students from ELL entry date will Entered a United Puerto Rico are not be the date they States School) for immigrants, so are entered into ELLs from Puerto districts will report your (or Florida) Rico will be the first “ N” for ESOL program and day of school in immigrant status . weighted FTE 130 any of the 50 states can be claimed. or District of Columbia. If a student already has a DEUSS, this date is not changed. 9

  10. 11/7/17 http://www.fldoe.org/accountability/data-sys/database-manuals- updates/2017-18-student-info-system/index.stml#D. 2017-2018 ACCESS for ELLs 2.0 Testing Window for 2017- 2018 : 1/29/18 – 3/29/18 n : g i o L d a r i F l o www.wida.us : r d w o s a s P e h i n s u n S 29 WIDA Website www.wida.us For more information on WIDA Assessments 10


  12. 11/7/17 ESOL Parent Leadership Council Meeting 34 Training Name Dates Location Time/ Registration Developmental 3 DAYS Stoneman Douglas 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM Language Arts November 8 th , 15 th & HS via MLP 29 th IPT November 28 Cooper City High 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 School a.m. Via MLP ESOL WIDA November 29 Rock Island 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. Framework K-5 Professional via MLP Development Center (RIPDC) ESOL WIDA November 30 RIPDC 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Framework 6-12 via MLP ELLevation and 2 Days RIPDC 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Curriculum Refresher December 4 and via MLP December 6 Register on My Learning Plan 35 36 12

  13. 11/7/17 Vicky B. Saldala , Director Leyda Sotolongo , ESOL Curriculum Supervisor Stephanie Bustillo , Educational Specialist Melinda Mayers , Educational Specialist TBA , Parent Outreach Specialist Blanca Guerra , World Language Curriculum Supervisor Idalina Orta , Dual Language Specialist Reina Murray , Bilingual Guidance Counselor Celina Chavez , Educational Specialist, Charter School Support 754-321-2590 KCW 754-321-2951 Pembroke Pines http://esol.browardschools.com 37 13


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