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Recruitment Consultant, ACE RMO ACE RMO Applications ACE ACE Four months Applications Applications close Friday open 7 June 2019 Monday 11 12 pm NZT February 2019 Lunch/Noon This is a job application!

  1. Recruitment Consultant, ACE RMO

  2. ACE RMO Applications ACE ACE Four months Applications Applications close Friday open 7 June 2019 Monday 11 12 pm NZT February 2019 Lunch/Noon This is a job application!

  3. References Request • Using ‘Your References’ Tab references (Manual + Online) Reference • Scroll down page to locate completed references marked as complete Assign reference • Select completed reference from the to ‘References’ section of ‘ Your Application’ application Pg.16 – 20 ACE Applicant Guide

  4. ACE RMO 2019 Timeline Three One week Two weeks weeks ACE match DHBs Ranking ACE assessing ACE National results National process Match process and scoring released to Offer date Tuesday 18 Monday 10 Wednesday 10 June - applicants Monday 05 June - Monday July - Friday Wednesday 10 Monday 29 August 17 June 26 July July July Applicants must respond to their matched DHB within seven days to accept or decline the offer

  5. ACE Scoring Criteria  References  Year 2 and 3 (GPA/Distinction )  Year 4/5 (Distinction/ Deans Commendation)  Prizes/Scholarships  Additional Qualifications  Publications and Presentations

  6. DHB Selection and Ranking Process DHBs DHBs submit their review, rankings of interview preferred and rank applicants to applicants ACE Three weeks HTM L, ACE assess ACE DHBs ACE assessing Submit completes applications CSS, JS directly and scoring application to national and send to send out Monday 12 June - ACE match DHBs offer letters Monday 19 June Please note that DHBs will review all applications they have received, however, might only rank applicants suitable for their DHBs

  7. DHB Scoring Criteria  CV and/or Cover Letter  References (Please note that there is absolutely no problem in submitting references from different settings e.g. mix of GP, hospital based(different clinical attachments), laboratory based, community setting etc.). The DHBs prefer to see a broad range of references.)  ACE Scoring  Interview – Phone OR Face to Face OR None  Expression of Interest letter/Contact with RMO Recruiters/Coordinators  Individual DHB selection criteria

  8. ACE Match Process Electronic Match Process Manual Match Process ACE contact ACE compiles ACE run the unmatched HTM L, If there are ACE run the ACE assessing and audits DHB electronic applicants and unmatched manual match CSS, JS and scoring rankings, match and audit DHBs with applicants and and combine it Monday 12 June - applicant the results of also unfilled vacant positions with the Monday 19 June preferences and the electronic positions with to expand their electronic number of DHB match DHBs prferences/ match results positions rankings ACE releases the match results to DHBs and Applicants

  9. ACE Match 2018 Results Applicants Matched Unmatched Category One 488 1 Category Two 12 5 Category Three 0 27 Total Applications (533) 500 33 83% got their first preference, 6% got their second and 3% got their third preference i.e. 92% of matched applicants were matched to one of their top three DHB preferences.

  10. Things to remember References – Try to obtain a good mix of references from different settings example mix of GP, hospital based (different clinical attachments), laboratory based, community setting. Research the employers – Read the DHB Information Sheets on the ACE website to find out what their requirements are, what they can offer you, speak to the recruitment contacts at the DHBs you are keen to work for. Preferences – Be ready to move! Remember, you don’t need to disclose your preferences to the DHBs at any stage of the process. CV – Don’t make them too long! Should be clear and concise. Include a short personal summary as some DHBs don’t look at cover letters. Cover letters - Find out information on the DHBs and reflect this in your cover letters. Don’t address your cover letters to the wrong DHB and don’t upload them in the wrong slot. Spell check everything in your application! Don’t leave it to the last minute! There are absolutely no extensions so make sure all the required sections of your application are complete (have a green tick) before the application close date.

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  12. ALL THE BEST EVERYONE! Thank you


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