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Paradigm Protect Stuart Mair Regional Account Manager 1 THE AGENDA Brand promise 1 Ambition 2 Proposition 3 2 OUR BRAND PROMISE Our promise to customers Our promise to advisers Our customers' lives will be made better And advisers'

  1. Paradigm Protect Stuart Mair Regional Account Manager 1

  2. THE AGENDA Brand promise 1 Ambition 2 Proposition 3 2

  3. OUR BRAND PROMISE Our promise to customers Our promise to advisers Our customers' lives will be made better And advisers' lives will be made for knowing that they, and their better for knowing that working with us will dependants, have cover specially be effortless, and that our policies will help designed to never let them down. them give the very best advice. LIFE. MADE BETTER. 3

  4. OUR AMBITION For every family to have protection that they truly believe in. We can only achieve our ambition if protection is sold with advice. That’s why, for us, Financial Advisers are not just another distribution channel. They’re the only channel. 4


  6. OUR PROPOSITION Children’s Fracture Plus Life Critical Illness Protection Protection Protection Critical Illness Protection Level Level Can be added to Life Can be added to Life Increasing Increasing Protection or Critical Protection or Critical Decreasing Decreasing Illness Protection Illness Protection Family Income Family Income Core Optional products extras 6

  7. PRODUCTS. BETTER BY DEFINITION. Ambiguous policy wording protects the insurer. Our crystal clear policy wording protects the customer. 7

  8. PRODUCTS. BETTER BY DEFINITION. Heart attack • If a UK Consultant says your client has had a heart attack, we pay out Cancer • We pay out on all malignant skin cancers 8

  9. PRODUCTS. BETTER BY DEFINITION. Terminal illness • Guaranteed to pay out if your client is diagnosed with: • Stage 4 cancer • Motor neurone disease • Parkinson-plus syndromes • Even if they’re expected to survive more than 12 months 9

  10. FORWARD-THINKING UNDERWRITING. Customers often have a growing need for protection. So, we underwrite with the future in mind. 10

  11. FORWARD-THINKING UNDERWRITING. Reserved Cover • One set of underwriting questions for all covers • Automatically underwrite clients for the maximum we’ll offer for all types of cover • Reserved Cover is available at day one rates for the next 27 months • You and your client both kept informed • Simple process 11

  12. LIBERATING TECHNOLOGY. Our platform sets you free to make protection truly personal. 12

  13. Introducing PROTECTION BUILDER The power to make protection truly personal. 13

  14. LIBERATING TECHNOLOGY. Children’s Critical Illness Protection • Optional extra • Select any amount of cover from £10,000 to £100,000 (up to adult sum assured) • Can be added at any time to Life Protection or Critical Illness Protection • 6 specific children’s conditions • £10,000 funeral cover 14

  15. LIBERATING TECHNOLOGY. Fracture Plus Protection Add to any core cover includes: • Fractures • Dislocations • Ligament tears • Tendon ruptures 15

  16. Introducing PAYOUT PLANNER Simply nominate beneficiaries when you apply . 16

  17. LIBERATING TECHNOLOGY. Commission payments • Indemnity • Non-indemnity • Mix and match 17

  18. FAIRNESS. REDEFINED. Often the industry’s sense of fairness isn’t that fair on the customer. We’ve readdressed the balance. 18

  19. FAIRNESS. REDEFINED. Cover upgrades • We’ll apply upgrades to existing customers too • Mostly free of charge • If the improvement involves a charge, we’ll give existing customers the option Premium Waiver • Included with every policy 19

  20. FAIRNESS. REDEFINED. Mortgage guarantee • We use a 5% interest rate assumption • Mortgage guarantee included in all decreasing mortgage cover • Guaranteed to pay the difference at no extra cost (conditions apply) 20

  21. WORKING WITH YOU We never forget it’s your client. We’ll keep you in the loop. We use technology to enhance relationships. (Not replace them.) 21

  22. INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT Our products have been assessed and highly rated by independent industry experts. Highly rated by the CI • Critical illness decreasing term Expert research tool – top • Critical illness level term rating across the board. • Critical illness standalone • Life assurance decreasing term • Life assurance level term • Protection menu plan 22

  23. m: 0808 133 1821 e: w : Guardian Financial Services Limited is an appointed representative of Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority. Registered office: Scottish Friendly House, 16 Blythswood Square, Glasgow G2 4HJ. Registration number 110002. Guardian Financial Services Limited is registered in England and Wales under number 11115769. Registered office: 11 Strand, London WC2N 5HR.

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