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T EAM G OALS LS Improved Nations Ranking (2012 rank - 34 th ) 2-3 medals More athletes in Finals and Semi Finals 2012 2016 Top 3 2.4% 7.5% Top 8 14.3% 20% Top 12 9.5% 30% Top 16 14.3% 50% K EY EY D ATES Qualifying Periods DATE

  1. T EAM G OALS LS Improved Nations Ranking (2012 rank - 34 th ) 2-3 medals More athletes in Finals and Semi Finals 2012 2016 Top 3 2.4% 7.5% Top 8 14.3% 20% Top 12 9.5% 30% Top 16 14.3% 50%

  2. K EY EY D ATES Qualifying Periods DATE EVENTS NOTES January 1, 2015 – May 29,2016 Marathon and 50km Race Walk See Appendix A for Qualifying January 1, 2015 – July 10, 2016 10,000m, 20km Race Walk, and Combined Events Standards May 1, 2015 – July 10, 2016 Qualifying Period for all other events Important Dates DATE EVENTS NOTES March 15, 2016 Competitive Readiness Plans due for athletes attaining Qualifying Standard prior to March 1, 2016 Online Form May 29, 2016 Athlete Declaration Deadline for Marathon & 50 km RW Edmonton, Alberta July 7 – 10, 2016 Selection Trials (Canadian Championships) Online Form July 10, 2016 Athlete Declaration Deadline (Exception Marathon and 50km RW, see above) July 11, 2016 Final Nomination July 17, 2016 Training and Competition Plan for July 17-Aug 20,2016 due Juiz de Fora, Brazil July 29 – Aug 9, 2016 Final Preparation Camp Rio de Janeiro Aug 12 – Aug 21, 2016 Athletics Competition

  3. I MPORTANT D ATES Important Dates DATE EVENTS NOTES July 10, 2016 Athlete Declaration Deadline (Exception Marathon and 50km RW, see above) Online Form July 11, 2016 Final Nomination Mandatory for all athletes and staff July 11, 206 Edmonton Team Announcement and AC Outfitting July 17, 2016 Training and Competition Plan for July 17-Aug 20,2016 due July 15 – July 28 Camp – Flagstaff, Arizona July 29 – August 8, 2016 Camp – Guelph, Ontario July 31, 2016 COC Outfitting in Rio July 31 – August 9, 2016 Camp – Juiz de Fora, Brazil August 9, 2016 Village Entrance August 9, 2016 Team Canada COC Outfitting in Rio August 10, 2016 Team Meeting in Rio Rio de Janeiro Aug 12 – Aug 21, 2016 Athletics Competition August 21, 2016 Closing Ceremonies August 23, 2016 Last exit from Village – Olympic Village Closes

  4. R IO IO 2016 T EAM A NNOUNCEMENT It is mandatory for all nominated athletes competing at Trials and team staff to attend the Rio 2016 Team Announcement in Edmonton – July 11 th Please be sure to have your return flights booked for late Monday afternoon AC will be covering the cost for the extra night in Edmonton • Enhanced funded athletes will use their budget • Remaining nominated athletes we will cover COC information sharing • Distribution of Pre-valid accreditations • Team Canada COC outfitting • Signing of Team Agreement must be done • Team Orientation Session Media • Team photo, head shots, interviews Official team announcement and uniform ceremony

  5. J OB OB D ESCRIP IPTIO IONS Peter Eriksson, Head Coach & Overall Lead • All Staff Coaches and IST Staff • Athletes, Personal Coaches, Competition/Training, Appeals Jared MacLeod, Team Leader • Training camp, duty sheet, finance, Village operations Jessica Scarlato, Team Manager • Logistics (accreditation, clothing, travel, accommodations) Carla Nicholls, Technical Manager • Personal coaches, TIC, Biomech booking Ingrid Ruys, Assistant Manager • Family and Friends, ticketing, Performance Centre Trent Stellingwerff, IST Lead

  6. O LYMPIC IC S UPPORT T EAM Peter Eriksson, CTO/Head Coach Trent Stellingwerff, IST Lead Jared MacLeod, Team Leader Paddy McCluskey, Physician Jessica Scarlato, Team Manager Ron O’Hare, Physiotherapist Ingrid Ruys, Assistant Manager Danielle Chow-Leong, Massage Therapist Carla Nicholls, Technical Manager Remo Bucci, Massage Therapist Glenroy Gilbert, Sprints/Relays John Vargo, Chiropractor Charles Allen, Sprints/Hurdles Alban Merepeza, Chiropractor Heather Hennigar, Endurance Penny Werthner, Mental Performance Consultant Dave Scott-Thomas, Endurance Dana Way, Biomechanist Jeff Huntoon, Jumps Brad Curry, Physiotherapy Richard Parkinson, Throws Coordinator Mike Van Tighem, Endurance Support Juiz de Fora Camp Assistance Dale Leblans, Strength and Conditioning

  7. P RE RE -R IO IO C AMPS The camps are open to all athletes according to their Pre-Olympic preparation plans Personal coaches are welcome to attend all training camps Juiz de Fora, Brazil • July 31 st – August 9 th Guelph, Ontario • July 29 th – August 8 th Flagstaff, Arizona • July 15 th – July 28 th

  8. J UIZ DE F ORA IZ DE July 31st – August 9th • Luxury buses will only be available the following dates • July 31st to Juiz de Fora • August 6 th to Juiz de Fora • August 9 th to Rio • August 13 th to Rio - NEW Training camp open to all athletes and personal coaches There is space restriction for personal coaches, priority being given to the athletes Possibility of mock competition between Canada, China, and Poland on August 5 th – TBC Local media might be present on August 5 th

  9. J UIZ DE F ORA IZ DE Training times Venue Session 1 Session 2 Track 10:00 to 13:00 16:00 to 18:00 Field 09:00 to 11:00 15:00 to 17:00 Weight Room 12:00 to 15:00 IST will be available • Trent Stellingwerff, Danielle Chow-Leong, Remo Bucci, Ron O’Hare, Paddy McCluskey, John Vargo, Alban Merepeza, Penny Werthner, Dana Way, Brad Curry, Dale Leblans Coach staff • Heather Hennigar, Glenroy Gilbert, Charles Allen, Jeff Huntoon, Richard Parkinson, Mike Van Tighem Photos

  10. G UELPH July 29 th – August 8 th Heat acclimation camp Accommodations will be arranged IST personnel TBD • All pending number of athletes planning to be in Guelph

  11. F LA LAGSTAFF July 15-28 th High altitude camp Accommodations will be arranged IST personnel TBD • All pending number of athletes planning to be in Flagstaff

  12. T EAM C ANADA T RAVEL All travel for athletes, coaches, and support staff must be booked with the COC – Stage & Screen • All plans should now have been communicated with Jessica Travel costs are funded by the COC except for personal coaches without an Ao accreditation • At the lowest available fare in economy class • Travel from North American location to Rio and back to Canada or the same North American location • As long as booking is done through Stage & Screen, otherwise, reimbursed up to $2,000 CAD Unnecessarily long stops or layovers will be deemed a deviation and will only be covered to a maximum of $2,000.00 CAD

  13. T RAVEL Recommended travel dates • Athletes who are attending the Juiz de Fora Camp • Depart Toronto July 29 th – arrive in Rio July 30 th • Will head up to Juiz de Fora on July 31 st • Athletes who will arrive directly to the Village from Pre-Olympic Camps: • Earliest departure from Toronto is August 8 th Direct flights (Air Canada) • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to Rio • Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to Toronto • Avoid any flights through Sao Paulo Return flights to Canada or USA • Only availability right now is for August 23 rd through Toronto Team Members should be wearing their travel pieces distributed at Team Announcement

  14. P ERSONAL C OACHES Carla Nicholls • Email cnicholls@athletics.ca • Phone (306) 551-8545 We will do our very best to accommodate personal coaches to ensure high performance preparation is continued in Brazil Team Coach/Personal Coach Policy and Selection for Major Events All personal coaches will have to sign a Personal Coach agreement form prior to arrival in Juiz de Fora and/or Rio Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for accreditations, venue passes or tickets Coaches will be required to book all your own travel, but we can provide you our travel agent contact from Stage and Screen You are welcome to be part of our ground transportation between Rio and Juiz de Fora if space is available, during games you will need to secure your own transportation Most communication will be completed through WhatsApp, please ensure your phone is unlocked In Juiz de Fora personal coaches will be staying on a separate floor or be booked in a separate hotel and have meals away from the rest of the Team Personal coaches are responsible for their own meals

  15. V IL ILLAGE July 30-31 st only – Village tour, sleep over (July 30 th ), and Team Canada uniform and SIM card distribution (July 31 st ) – Departure for Juiz de Fora on July 31 st at earliest possible time August 9 th – first entry to village August 10 th – Team Meeting & COC Welcome August 23 rd – last exit from village Athletes must stay within the village until their event is completed: • Highly recommended due to increase risk of safety, infection, and illness outside of the village boundaries. Family and friends will NOT be able to enter the Village at any time Photos

  16. V IL ILLAGE Team Canada building is not exclusive to just Canada, there will be other countries housed with us 10-15 minutes walk from Team Canada building to the dining hall There is an internal Village shuttle Mosquito screens will be installed in each bedroom window – not on patio screen doors A/C will be provided in each bedroom Laundry facilities will be located in the parking level of the building

  17. D IN INING I NFORMATIO ION Main Dining Hall • Open24 hours a day • Menu rotated on an 8-day cycle • Best of Brazil Service Hours • European/American Breakfast 5:00am – 11:00am • African/Caribbean • Asian/Indian Lunch 11:00am – 5:00pm • Halal/Kosher Dinner 5:00pm – 11:00pm Overnight 11:00pm – 5:00am

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