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Middle School Our mission is to ensure a safe, orderly dynamic - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Katherine L. Albiani Middle School Our mission is to ensure a safe, orderly dynamic learning environment that provides all levels of learners universal access to a rigorous curriculum that promotes high standards of scholarship and citizenship.

  1. Katherine L. Albiani Middle School Our mission is to ensure a safe, orderly dynamic learning environment that provides all levels of learners universal access to a rigorous curriculum that promotes high standards of scholarship and citizenship.

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  3. Introduction of Speakers ■ Brie Bajar, Principal ■ Kristen Couchot, Vice Principal ■ Guidance Counseling Team ■ Amy Freeman & Rodolfo Mendez ■ Donna McNeel, Activities Co-Director ■ Kristen Couchot, Athletic Co-Director

  4. School Performance ■ California Gold Ribbon School ■ National “School to Watch” Only 3% of California middle schools have received this honor ■ ■ CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress) SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) • Math and Language Arts, Science •

  5. PGHS/KAMS 7-12 Program Setting the stage for academic success ● 6-year partnership ● Seamless transitions ● Academic counseling and support services ● 7-12 professional articulation for staff ● Extensive variety of enrichment and ● co-curricular opportunities Rigorous academic climate ● Safe learning environment established through clear ● behavioral expectations

  6. Joint Use Library Facility ■ PGHS/KAMS Library ■ Our library supports students from both Albiani Middle School and Pleasant Grove High School. ■ We are open for student access from 7:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. - before school, during lunch breaks, and after-school. ■ Our library staff includes a full-time credentialed Middle School and High School Teacher Librarian, full-time High School Library Technician, and a half-time Middle School Library Technician. ■ Students have access to over 35,000 print books, a variety of on-line resources including EBSCO Databases, and 60 networked computers. ■ Our library distributes all required school textbooks and core novels, provides instruction to students to support curricular assignments, provides a library web portal of educational resources available 24/7, encourages students to read a variety of genres, and challenges students to learn something new through monthly library promotions.

  7. A Typical 7 th Grade Day Period 1: 8:05 – 9:01 56 minute classes ■ Period 2: 9:06 – 10:02 Thursdays are “Late BREAK: 10 Minutes ■ Start” which means Period 3: 10:17 – 11:22 school starts at 9:00 am for staff development Lunch: 11:22 – 11:57 Classes are 49 minutes on ■ Thursday; dismissal is 3:00 Period 4: 12:02 – 12:58 pm Period 5: 1:03 – 1:59 Period 6: 2:04 – 3:00

  8. KAMS Honors Opportunities ■ Voluntary program – prepares students for Honors and AP (Advanced Placement) classes at the high school by providing the skills and strategies for success ■ High school AP classes may count towards college credits potentially saving both time and money ■ Studies show students who take Honors/AP classes are more likely than peers to complete bachelor’s degree in 4-years or less ■ Students should have a sense of balance but also be challenged in their coursework - You know your child!

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  10. Updated GATE Identification Criteria EGUSD has developed new identification criteria for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. GATE identification is based on students exhibiting exceptional ability in one of the following areas: Creative Ability ■ Leadership Ability ■ Visual and Performing Arts Ability ■ Academic Ability ■ Cognitive Ability ■ Implementation of the new criteria for identification will continue into the 2019-2020 school year. KAMS GATE Coordinator is Shannon Richardson.

  11. Albiani Middle School Academic Program Overview

  12. English Department Kate Malone & Shannon Richardson Department Co-Chairs 7 th Grade Courses: Course Placement: ◻ Teacher Recommendation ■ ELA Literacy (intensive intervention, other ◻ Parent and Student Requests program curriculum used) ◻ Diagnostic Testing ■ English 7 Lab ( 2 period intervention course, core curriculum used) ■ Students are regularly assessed to ■ English 7 confirm appropriate placement and ■ Honors English 7 changes are made when needed.

  13. Social Science Department Sherry Marchant – Department Chair World History 7 th Grade Courses: Covers the period from the Fall • of the Roman Empire through Social Science 7 ■ Enlightenment Honors Social Science 7 ■ -500 AD to 1789 AD Fall of Rome • Should I sign up for Honors? Middle Ages of Europe • Medieval Arabian Peninsula Are you interested in the • ■ Medieval Africa challenge? • Medieval China Are you motivated to learn? • ■ Medieval Japan • Are you an independent worker ■ Renaissance • and reader? Reformation/ Scientific • Do you enjoy learning from the ■ Revolution past? The Americas • Will you seek help from home or ■ Age of Exploration/ • your teacher when needed? Enlightenment

  14. Mathematics Department Erin Gress – Department Chair 7 th Grade Courses: Covers 7 th grade content standards ❖ Math 7 Covers 7 th grade AND 8 th grade ❖ Math 7 Accelerated content standards in 1 year. Covers 7 th grade content standards ❖ Math 7 with Support Support class takes place of elective. ❖ 2-period class Reinforces elementary concepts ■ Goal is to give students the Initial Course Placement: skills and strategies they need ▪ Student/Parent request to be successful in the grade- ▪ Grades / Readiness Exam level math class. ▪ Teacher Recommendation

  15. 7 th grade Math 7 Math 7 Support Math 7 Accelerated 2 period class 8 th grade Math I Math 8

  16. Science Department Will Carlton Department Chair ■ 7th Grade Life Science ◻ The Scientific Method, The Metric System, The Electromagnetic Spectrum, Cells, Genetics, Earth and Life History, Evolution, Plants, and Human Body ■ 8th Grade Physical Science ◻ Matter, Atoms, Chemical Reactions, Motion & Forces, and Astronomy

  17. Physical Education Diane McEntee, Department Chair 7 th Grade Units of Instruction Typical week: ■ Bowling Cardio workouts Monday and ■ Thursday, Unit instruction Folk Dance ■ Tuesday, Wednesday and Disc Sports ■ Friday Fitness testing ■ PE clothes can be purchased ■ Pickle Ball ■ at the Student Store during Team Handball ■ lunch, through the online web Set for Success store, or in PE class during the ■ first few days of school. Speedball/ Soccer ■ Teachers work with students Track and Field ■ ■ with a medical condition to Tumbling ■ perform modified exercises or Recreation Games ■ book studies related to the unit.

  18. Academic Intervention Department Julie Metesser & Jessica Miller Department Co-Chairs Courses available to students who have an IEP: ■ ELA Literacy (2 periods) – available for students who require intensive intervention in the areas of reading and writing ■ Math Foundations – available for students who require intensive intervention in math ■ MSAT (Multiple Strategies for Academics and Transitions) – Students are given time/support in work from other classes and are explicitly taught the soft skills needed for academic success.

  19. AVID Program Amy Freeman & Kate Malone Co-Coordinators ■ AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination ■ AVID Information & Applications will be available online in October 2020 ■ Begins in January 2021

  20. JumpStart ■ August 4 – 6, 2020 ■ Information will be mailed home this spring

  21. School Counselors ★ Adjustment to Middle School ★ Crisis/Conflict Management ★ Time Management/Organization ★ Career/College Exploration ★ Course Preferences & Scheduling

  22. Course Preference Form Please sign and return to your child’s 6 th grade teacher by the due date written on the form.

  23. Enrichment Course Offerings kams.egusd.net

  24. New Enrichment 20-21 ★ Film Studies - SEMESTER (half the year) ★ Public Speaking (spoken word poetry) - SEMESTER (half the year) ★ Exploring Ag Sci - YEAR LONG (ALL year) Taught at PGHS ★ Intro to Ag Sci - YEAR LONG (ALL year) Taught at PGHS ★ Exploring Science I/II - SEMESTER (half a year) ★ Music I - SEMESTER (half a year)

  25. IMPORTANT NOTES re: Enrichment ✓ All preferences represent possible placement in courses. ✓ No enrichment course is guaranteed. ✓ Enrichment courses will not be changed.

  26. Applications ★ Yearbook applications at kams.egusd.net ★ Leadership applications at kams.egusd.net ★ KAMS TV applications at kams.egusd.net ★ Student Assistant Applications in Student Services Office or kams.egusd.net ★ AVID Applications come out in October at kams.egusd.net

  27. Date School Wednesday, January 22, 2020 Batey (Tracks A & D) Thursday, January 23, 2020 McGarvey & Sunrise (Tracks A & D) Friday, January 31, 2020 Adreani Wednesday, February 5, 2020 Cosumnes River & C.W. Dillard Friday, February 7, 2020 Batey (Tracks B & C) Wednesday, February 12, 2020 McGarvey & Sunrise (Tracks B & C) Friday, February 14, 2020 Sierra Enterprise Friday, February 21, 2020 Pleasant Grove

  28. Climate and Culture at KAMS Clubs, School-Wide Activities, Student Recognition, & Incentives

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  30. BE Safe BE Respectful BE Responsible “Be Your Best!”


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