haemcon2020 congress lahore pakistan 13 th 16 th february

HAEMCON2020 CONGRESS, LAHORE-PAKISTAN 13 th 16 th February, 2020 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

HAEMCON2020 CONGRESS, LAHORE-PAKISTAN 13 th 16 th February, 2020 Avari Hotel, Lahore LIST OF ABSTRACT E-POSTER PRESENTATION Code #: Sr. # Title Author/ Institute Name Cell & Email P&C-0001 01 Platelets Indices as Biomarkers

  1. HAEMCON2020 CONGRESS, LAHORE-PAKISTAN 13 th – 16 th February, 2020 – Avari Hotel, Lahore LIST OF ABSTRACT E-POSTER PRESENTATION Code #: Sr. # Title Author/ Institute Name Cell & Email P&C-0001 01 Platelets Indices as Biomarkers of Glycemic Control Shahzad Ali Jiskani shahzadbaloach289@gmail.com and development of Complications in Patients of Indus Medical College Tando Muhammad Diabetes Mellitus Khan P&C-0003 02 Role of vWF and ADAMTS-13 in Ischemic Stroke Atiqa Arshad P&C-0004 03 Frequency of Platelet Related Bleeding Disorders in Saira Farasat rabia1908@yahoo.com Patients of Tertiary Care Hospital in Lahore AIMC Lhr P&C-0006 04 A novel missense mutation in CD3E causes Saba Shahid sabashahid_dbt@yahoo.com immunodeficiency 18 SCID variant by targeted next- NIBD generation sequencing P&C-0007 05 Rituximab vs Splenectomy as second line therapy in Fayyaz Hussain drfayyaz.h@gmail.com steroid refractory Primary Immune AFBMTC Thrombocytopenia P&C-0008 06 Diagnostic Predictive value of platelet indices for Maria Shaikh dr.mariasami215@gmail.com discriminating hypoproductive versus destructive LUMHS thrombocytopenia in patients attending at tertiary care hospital, Hyderabad. P&C-0010 07 Evaluation of Intron 22 and Intron 1 Inversions of Irsa Khuwaja irsa.khowaja@gmail.com Factor VIII Gene in Haemophilia A patients LUMHS, NIBD P&C-0010 08 To evaluate the clinico-haematological profile of Razia Asif Abbasi drnaziahafeez@gmail.com Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia at Tertiary LUMHS Hospital, Hyderabad P&C-0012 09 Predictive Role of Natural Anticoagulants in Sana Ajmal 0334-8169989 Prognosis of Chronic Liver Disease in Paediatric age CH & ICH sanaajmal@gmail.com group P&C-0013 10 Coagulation Abnormalities and Risk Assessment in Uzma Mahar 3363218528 Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia- An Experience from NIBD mahar_uzma@yahoo.com, Resource Constraint country P&C-0016 11 Sequence analysis of ITGβ3 gene for mutations Tooba Ali 3004348628 affecting β -I domain in patients with Glanzmann UHS/ Gulab Devi Hospital drtooba2@gmail.com thrombasthenia P&C-0017 12 Utility of immature platelet fraction as a diagnostic Zahra Rashid Khan 3005407255 biomarker for isolated thrombocytopenia Army Medical College zrk172@gmail.com P&C-0018 13 To determine the effect on Gender and age of Aysha Sultana 3173017421 Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Liaquat University of medical & Health draysha.imran@hotmail.com Thromboplastin time (aPTT)levels and International sciences, Jamshoro Normalized Ratio (INR)

  2. HAEMCON2020 CONGRESS, LAHORE-PAKISTAN 13 th – 16 th February, 2020 – Avari Hotel, Lahore LIST OF ABSTRACT E-POSTER PRESENTATION Code #: Sr. # Title Author/ Institute Name Cell & Email P&C-0020 14 Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Shahzad Ali Jiskani 3332672268 Thromboplastin time (APTT) and International Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical shahzadbaloach289@gmail.com Normalized Ratio (INR) as predictive factors of University Islamabad coagulopathy in newly diagnosed hypertensive patients P&C-0023 15 Platelet Indices in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Muhammad Wasi Nayyar 3219574020 Females: a comparative study at a Tertiary Care AFIP alishiesh@icloud.com Diagnostic Laboratory P&C-0024 16 Thrombophilia as a root cause of rare Budd-Chiari Nazish Sana 3007058031 Syndrome; Data from large tertiary care hospital AKU naxish.ahmer@gmail.com P&C-0025 17 Treatment response in Immune Thrombocytopenic Madiha Abid 3343831277 purpura patients: A single center study NIBD dr.madiha_abid@hotmail.com YRA-0004 18 Gender Wise D- Dimer Levels: A Laboratory Study at Faheem Ahmed Mamon 03003794615 & 03223022812 Hyderabad LUMHS drfamemon@hotmail.com YRA-0010 19 Evaluation of thrombocytopenia & Fetomaternal Dr. Kiran Aamir 92-334-2823704 Outcome in Pregnancy at a Tertiary Care Hospital LUMHS drkiran73@yahoo.com RCD-0001 20 The Effect of iron Deficiency Anemia on Abdul Rehman Kahlil 0333-2645124 Glycosylated Haemoglobin (HBA1c) in Non- Diabetic LUMHS abdulrehman_86@hotmail.com Adults- A retrospective Study RCD-0002 21 Sociodemographic Determinant of Aplastic Anemia: Maleeha Soomro 03371444238 A Bone Marrow Examination Study in a Tertiary LUMHS Maleeha_soomro@yahoo.com Care Hospital RCD-0003 22 Detection of early Renal Damage using Serum Sobia Bashir 03228838542 Cystatin- C in Multi-transfused Thalassemia Major Khyber Medical University hafizasobia@yahoo.com patients RCD-0005 23 An audit indication and diagnosis of bone marrow Faria Sana ibadarain1@gmail.com biopsies at tertiary care hospital LUMHS LUMHS RCD-0006 24 Significance of peripheral blood smear in correlation Benazeer Bhatti benazeer.bhatti@live.com with automated hematology analyzer LUMHS RCD-0007 25 Systemic Lupus Erythmatosus presenting as Pure Maria Saeed 03361522391 Red Cell Aplasia: A Rare Case Report Shifa International mariasohail322@gmail.com RCD-0008 26 Comparison of Fresh blood transfusion with old Dr. Hassan banked blood KMU, Peshawar RCD-0010 27 Frequency and Etiology of Cytopenias in Adult Bakhtawar Akbar drbakhtawar94@icloud.com population: A single centre study LUMHS

  3. HAEMCON2020 CONGRESS, LAHORE-PAKISTAN 13 th – 16 th February, 2020 – Avari Hotel, Lahore LIST OF ABSTRACT E-POSTER PRESENTATION Code #: Sr. # Title Author/ Institute Name Cell & Email RCD-0011 28 To Evaluate Risk factors for Acquired Aplastic Sumera Abbasi 0333-7567214 Anemia at LUMHS Jamshoro Hyderabad LUMHS sumeraabbasi43@yahoo.com RCD-0012 29 Reproductive Hormones in Transfusion Dependent Sana Fatima sana87@dr.com Beta Thalassemia Major Patients LUMHS RCD-0013 30 The Prevalence of Haemoglobinopathies in LUMHS, Qurat-ul-Ain Bachani aina.mbbs@gmail.com Civil Hospital Hyderabad LUMHS RCD-0014 31 Hematological assessment of Pakistani children with Sumbal Sarwar sumbal.sarwar@ymail.com isolated Ventricular Septal Defects (VSDs) University of Punjab RCD-0015 32 Clinical & Biochemical Assessment of liver function Syeda Nayab Imtiaz dr.nayabimtiaz@hotmail.com tests and lipid profile and its correlation with serum Fatimid, PIMC lab Peshawer ferritin levels in Transfusion dependent Thalassemia patients of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa RCD-0017 33 Microcytosis in Children and Adults with Sickle Cell Mehwish Imam Khushk mkhushk@gmail.com Trait & Sickle Cell Disease in Sindh Liaquat University of Medical & Health Sciences RCD-0018 34 Prevalence of Beta Thalassemia among Microcytic Saleem-ullah Shahid 03313116046 kaynatkhanzada@gmail.com Hypochromic Subjects observed at a Tertiary care Ittefaq Hospital Trust, Lhr hospital in Lahore, Pakistan RCD-0020 35 Thalassemia is a fatal hematological ailment, its Shamim Kori shamakori@yahoo.com knowledge in caregivers of affected children is LUMHS, Jamshoro highly important for safety & survival of patients RCD-0022 36 Evaluation of Causative Spectrum of pancytopenia Vershia Kanwal 0331-8505881 in Paediatric Age group Liaqat University of Medical and Health warsha.kanwal@gmail.com Sciences, Jamshoro RCD-0023 37 Prevalence of Haemoglobinopathies in young adults Maliha Sumbal 0333-3445440 of a Vocational Training Institute in Karachi: The Sindlab clinical Laboratory maliha.sumbul@yahoo.com importance of using Simple Thalassemia Tool for Carrier Detection RCD-0025 38 Spectrum of Haemoglobinopathies; A tertiary Care Noor-ul-ain 0333-2278836 Hospital Experience Dow university of Health Sciences dr.noorqureshi1@gmail.com RCD-0026 39 Frequency of Megaloblastic Anemia in Paediatric Saba Khan 0332-2438989 Patients presenting with Peripheral Cytopenias HMC Peshawer roghanis2012@gmail.com RCD-0027 40 Frequency of beta Thalassemia- Trait among Bushra zafar 0331-5194847 patients with iron deficiency anemia HMC Peshawer bushrazafar86@yahoo.com

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