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Jupiter Resources | 1 Jupiter Resources | 1 Corporate Presentation May 2019 The largest Canadian energy producer that nobody has heard of Why you should care Jupiter Resources | 2 Canadas 5 th largest gas-weighted producer 2

  1. Jupiter Resources | 1 Jupiter Resources | 1 Corporate Presentation May 2019 The largest Canadian energy producer that nobody has heard of…

  2. Why you should care Jupiter Resources | 2 • Canada’s 5 th largest gas-weighted producer • 2 nd largest Deep Basin pure play • Consistently drill some of Canada’s highest productivity gas wells • Scalable platform with deep inventory of low-risk resource • Targeting all-in corporate returns on capital investment > 20% JUPITER PROPERTIES WESTERN CANADA SEDIMENTARY BASIN DEEP BASIN FAIRWAY MAJOR GAS PIPELINES

  3. Why we operate in the deep basin Jupiter Resources | 3 Technology matters High productivity wells - Leverage strong, integrated technical - Deeper, over-pressured reservoirs team to differentiate our results - Higher relative permeability - Employ risked innovation and challenge the status quo Large multi-zone Strong economic returns resource potential - Prolific natural gas wells supported - Multiple, high quality stacked targets by significant liquids content - Vast database from historical vertical - Low operating costs and good wells & existing 3D seismic infrastructure

  4. Significant resource across ~350k net acres Jupiter Resources | 4 Over 6 Tcfe WOLF CREEK RED ROCK KAKWA RESTHAVEN of recoverable resource identified in proven PEMBINA MUSREAU horizontal target formations Deepcut 150 MMcf/d alone (Cardium, Dunvegan, Falher C, Falher F, Wilrich) PEMBINA JUPITER CUTBANK RESTHAVEN C5+ C5+ 40 MMcf/d 100 MMcf/d STRATIGRAPHIC LEGEND JUPITER KAKWA C5+ PEMBINA FUTURE HORIZONTAL TARGET FORMATION 60 MMcf/d RESTHAVEN Deepcut PROVEN HORIZONTAL TARGET FORMATION 160 MMcf/d TARGET FORMATION COMPANY LAND GAS PROCESSING PLANTS MAJOR GAS PIPELINES

  5. Our diversified, high quality inventory* Jupiter Resources | 5 >6 TCFE total resource From proven formations PROVED 19% FALHER F 35% FALHER C 10% PROBABLE 14% WILRICH 27% OTHER 9% ADDITIONAL RESOURCE 67% DUNVEGAN E 12% CARDIUM 7% Creating value in everything we do Resource split by area 750 derisked future locations (net) FALHER C 10% FALHER F 35% WOLF CREEK 39% RESTHAVEN 21% OTHER 9% WILRICH 27% RED ROCK 8% KAKWA 32% CARDIUM 7% DUNVEGAN E 12% Total Resource includes remaining reserves from 79 wells drilled from 2014 – 2018; Other locations based on preliminary analysis of additional formations including Falher B & Notikewin *As at year-end 2018

  6. Strategy of longer laterals and larger stimulations Jupiter Resources | 6 Lateral length and proppant intensity evolution Sequential accumulation of initial production Jupiter is the leader in proppant loading and well length Operators show consistency in cumulative production resulting in the out performance of peers within the over time with some noticeable changes in performance Deep Basin. 3,500 IP 180 SEQUENTIAL ACCUMULATION (Bcf/d) 2014+ Completions 3,000 0.7 JUPITER 0.6 2,500 TOTAL LATERAL LENGTH (M) Pre 2014 Acquisition 0.5 2,000 0.4 1,500 PEER GROUP 0.3 1,000 0.2 500 0.1 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 0.0 JUPITER PEER GROUP Post-Acquisition Activity (Jupiter Drills) 90 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 100 Proppant Intensity (tonnes/lateral meter) ≤ 0.5 1.0 ≥ 1.6 SEQUENTIAL DRILLS SOURCE: GeoScout, GeoLogic Well Completions & Frac Database, Credit Suisse.

  7. Operating performance — top wells Jupiter Resources | 7 Top ‘gas’ monthly volumes seen in December 2018 “Jupiter Resources took the top spot in monthly and daily gas rates with its 02-22 well producing 489 mmcf during the month at a daily rate of 15.9 mmcf /d” Source: GeoSCOUT, AltaCorp Capital Inc. Top AB Gas Well Results for the month of December (for wells brought on production in the last 12 months) Monthly Vol Associated Mth Daily Monthly Company Well Name Formation First Month On Well ID mmcf Liq bbls Gas mmcf/d Hours 1 Jupiter Resources Inc JUPITER HZ Smoky 2-22-59-1 Kfalher 489 0.0 15.9 741 2018/11 100/02-22-059-01W6/00 2 Jupiter Resources Inc JUPITER ET AL HZ RESTHA 9-3-6 Kfalher 465 0.0 15.3 729 2018/07 100/09-03-060-01W6/00 3 Jupiter Resources Inc Kfalher 464 12.6 15.1 739 2018/11 JUPITER HZ SMOKY 1-22-59-1 100/01-22-059-01W6/00 4 Jupiter Resources Inc Kspirit_r 450 3.1 18.7 577 2018/12 JUPITER HZ SMOKY 10-24-58-2 100/10-34-058-02W6/02 5 Jupiter Resources Inc Kfalher 444 0.0 Conf. Conf. 2018/11 JUPITER HZ SMOKY 4-34-59-1 100/04-34-058-02W6/02 6 Jupiter Resources Inc Kfalher 437 0.0 Conf. Conf. 2018/11 JUPITER HZ SMOKY 12-24-59-1 100/12-34-059-01W6/00 7 Jupiter Resources Inc JUPITER HZ SMOKY13-3 — 59-1 Kfalher 432 0.0 Conf. Conf. 2018/11 100/13-34-059-01W6/00 /8 Tourmaline Oil TOURMALINE HZ SUNDANCE 3-2 Kspirit_r 427 0.0 14.7 696 2018/12 100/03-25-054-23W5/00 9 Jupiter Resources Inc JUPITER ET AL HZ RETHA 8-3-6 Kfalher 400 0.0 13.3 719 2018/07 100/08-03-060-01W6/00 10 Seven Generations TRmontney 389 11.317 Conf. Conf. 2018/03 7GEN HZ 102 KAKWA 9-2-63-5 102/09-02-063-05W6/00

  8. Midstream capacity supports 20% growth Jupiter Resources | 8 Jupiter has sufficient capacity to support planned production growth 800 700 600 500 RAW GAS VOLUME (mmcf/d) 400 300 Shut-in production exposed to daily AECO pricing 200 100 0 JAN-15 JAN-16 JAN-17 JAN-18 JAN-19 JAN-20 JAN-21 MUSREAU JUPITER RESTHAVEN KAKWA PROCESSING CAPACITY CUTBANK NGTL (raw gas eq) RESTHAVEN

  9. Securing market access Jupiter Resources | 9 Natural Gas transportation capacity secured through long term agreements ~ 510 MMcf/d firm sales gas transportation Additional future capacity: 2019: +65 MMcf/d 2020: +130 MMcf/d Primarily exposed to AECO (NIT) pricing Very liquid market with growing Intra-AB demand 50,000 GJ/d optionality to Malin JUPITER MARKET EXPOSURE KEY MARKET POINTS MAJOR GAS PIPELINES

  10. AECO supply/demand overview AECO supply/demand overview Jupiter Resources | 10 Western Canadian Major Gas Pipeline Network • The NGTL system (in blue) is the primary natural gas gathering network in Alberta and relies on TransCanada to balance supply and demand AB / BC / SK Net Production: ~14 Bcf/d Legend Regional Demand: ~5 Bcf/d Historically, TransCanada maintained supply / demand balance by • Westcoast System (ENB) Alliance (ENB/PPL) limiting gas receipts accepted onto NGTL NGTL System (TRP) Mainline (TRP) Other Pipelines In August 2017, TransCanada changed its approach and allowed • Export Routes unlimited gas receipts onto NGTL, flooding the market with gas, similar Station 2 to OPEC with oil in 2014 With NGTL reaching maximum utilization, intra-Alberta bottlenecks • TRP Mainline to Eastern Canada (Dawn, ON) / U.S. Montney & emerged, particularly at East Gate and West Gate, and gas was unable Duvernay Basins (Supply Growth) to leave the NGTL system as alternative channels away from Alberta AECO Empress Enbridge remained full 3.0 Bcf/d GTN System BC Pipeline to Malin, OR to Sumas, WA East Gate In anticipation of increased oil sands and LNG growth to the northeast • and west, TransCanada limited maintenance / expansion on the West Gate Sumas AECO/Empress corridor resulting in further bottlenecks emerging Northern Border Pipeline Alliance Pipeline to to Chicago, IL Chicago, IL Limitations on gas storage capacity and access further exacerbated • price volatility

  11. Recapitalization transaction completed Jupiter Resources | 11 Recapitalization Summary New Board of Directors comprised of: Consolidated existing equity into 10 million Simon Bregazzi (Jupiter CEO) common shares plus warrants Rakesh Wilson (Apollo) – Chairman Converted 100% of existing bonds (US$1.1 billion Wilson Handler (Apollo) 8.5% notes) into equity Robert Pearce (Designated Party) Notes exchanged pro rata for 78,235,294 common shares; plus Eugene Davis (Designated Party) Option to subscribe pro rata for 11,764,706 common shares in exchange for US$50 million (US$4.25/share); backstopped by Noteholder Group Total of 100 million common shares outstanding, excluding Management Incentive Plan (TBD) Completed effective December 19th, 2018 Company leverage less than 1.5x trailing EBITDA

  12. What we’ve learnt to date (2014 – 2018) Jupiter Resources | 12 Team Geology - Built and fostered a highly integrated - Fuller understanding of petrophysics operations & technical team and reservoir analysis - Established strong platform for growth - Matching predictive models to results Results Operations - Improved economics - Process, cost & efficiency improvements - Larger recoverable resource - Drilling longer laterals with - Higher quality inventory optimized spacing 12

  13. What we have done since 2014 Jupiter Resources | 13 We have spent $890 million in capital, generated $1.1 billion in EBITDA (including hedging) and averaged 13% annual production growth. Wells Drilled by Production Area (gross) (mmcfe/d) RESTHAVEN KAKWA REDROCK WOLF CREEK Capital by Unit Operating Cost Type Costs ($/mcfe) ($MILLIONS) DRILLING PROCESSING FEES - CAPITAL COMPLETIONS PROCESSING FEES - OPERATING EQUIP & TIE JUPITER OPEX FACILITIES UNUTILIZED PROCESSING OTHER

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