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Community Engagement & Virtual Public Meetings Tee Coker, AICP - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Upstate Professional Planners Virtual Workshop Community Engagement & Virtual Public Meetings Tee Coker, AICP May 27, 2020 TODAYS PRESENTATION About Me Virtual Meeting Framework Best Practices & Tips TEE COKER, AICP Associate,

  1. Upstate Professional Planners Virtual Workshop Community Engagement & Virtual Public Meetings Tee Coker, AICP May 27, 2020

  2. TODAY’S PRESENTATION About Me Virtual Meeting Framework Best Practices & Tips

  3. TEE COKER, AICP Associate, MKSK 10+ Years Consulting Greenville, SC Native MCRP, Clemson University

  4. VIRTUAL MEETING FRAMEWORK Platforms Meeting Types Strategies & Tactics



  7. PUBLIC HEARINGS REQUIREMENTS “Public hearings do not require that the meeting be livestreamed or otherwise broadcast to the general public. As with physical meetings, municipalities are free to determine whether their meetings should be broadcast. Instead, the public hearing laws require that the municipality: - provide appropriate notice to the public of the public hearing - allow interested members of the public to attend the designated forum - invite members of the public to provide comment or input subject to applicable conditions and rules.” - Municipal Association of South Carolina Public Hearing Guidelines

  8. PUBLIC HEARINGS METHODS & REQUIREMENTS “Methods of possible participation include: - Pre-Meeting Written Submissions - Written Comments Through Technology - Spoken Comments Through Technology - Callback Procedure Regardless of the format selected, municipalities should be sure that all required notices of the public hearing are provided and that the notices contain clear and complete instructions on how the public may comment.” - Municipal Association of South Carolina Public Hearing Guidelines



  11. PROJECT WEBSITES Since launching on February 17th has been viewed by 1,919 unique visitors Since launching on March 5th the online survey has received 218 responses

  12. ONLINE MAPS & SURVEYS Since launching on February 17th has experienced 3,695 pageviews The week of May 18th we will launch an online Interactive Map on

  13. POSTCARDS & MAILBOXES As of March 31st nearly 6,000 “My Upper Westide” my vision for the postcards were sent to H H a a d d N N o o W W o o R R Northside Dr Northside Dr r r w w Collie Collie e e l l residents of the Upper Westside l l M M Marietta Blvd NW Marietta Blvd NW UPPER WESTSIDE IS i i l l l l R R d d Matissa Matissa Underwood Underwood Channing Channing Street Park Street Park Hills Park Hills Park Underwood Underwood Valley Valley Hills Hills 75 C C h h a a t t t t a a h h W W o o e e N N A A v v o o e e c c h h e e Topgolf Topgolf Berkeley Berkeley Park Park Blandtown Blandtown Marietta Rd NW Marietta Rd NW A Waterworks Waterworks Greenspace Greenspace 17th St 17th St Perry Blvd NW Perry Blvd NW R R d d N N u u f f f f W W H H The Goat The Goat Farm Arts Farm Arts 14th St 14th St W W e e s s t t Center Center M M a a Westside Westside r r i i e e t t t t Provisions Provisions a a S S District District Knight Park Knight Park t t Westside Westside N N W W Park Park Howell Howell 10th St 10th St Station Station Write down your vision above! Draw stars over your To share it: drop it ofg at an Upper go-to places in the Westside mailbox [ ] near you, post a Marietta Marietta picture of it on our Facebook page, or Upper Westside! Street Street email it to Artery Artery Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy NW Maddox Park Maddox Park

  14. TEXT/SMS POLLS In late May we will launch an SMS intercept survey campaign focused on Neighborhood Pride, Transportation & Mobility, and Parks & Public Spaces Standard Yard Sign (24”x18”) What makes residents of How can we make getting How can we improve the Upper Westside proud around the Upper Westside quality of life amenities in of their community? easier, friendlier & safer? the Upper Westside?

  15. VIRTUAL WORKSHOPS Topic #1 Topic #2 Topic #3 10 Minutes 10 Minutes 10 Minutes Leveraging Shaping Latent Potential Transformation Ensuring Legacy Facilitators Facilitators Facilitators Darren Meyer - MKSK Andrew Overbeck - MKSK Donny Zellefrow - MKSK James Lima - JLPD Meghan McMullen - Toole Luis Huber-Calvo - MKSK Breakout Group #1 Breakout Group #2 Breakout Group #3 McKittrick, Chris, Stuart Quill, Lisa, Tony Nathan, Malloy, Sharon

  16. IN-WORKSHOP POLLS Building on the Grounding the Confluence of Tech, Finding Hidden Nature Cool Factor Industry & Market Combining three approaches to Complementing consumer Leveraging Georgia Tech spillover create meaningful green space appeal with arts & culture effects to achieve City policy goals and market demand Creating an Effective Harnessing the Planning for Landmark Network for All Value Driver: Beltline Opportunities Targeting solutions for low-stress Aligning BeltLine planning and resources Planning for key street connections and public local connectivity and convenient with community-based UW Masterplan open space on large single-owner sites metro-wide access Introducing the Sustaining Starting with Local Upper Westside Leadership & Capacity Supporting and aligning neighborhood leaders to tackle Building CID awareness, relationships, and Identifying long-term champions for common challenges credibility through the Masterplan process continuity and implementation


  18. BEST PRACTICES & TIPS 1. Select the appropriate platform - and download the latest software! 2. Issue a detailed agenda with thorough instructions for participants. 3. Assign at least three roles for your team: Facilitator, Technology Coordinator, and Administrator. 4. Conduct a trial run with your staff or client the day before the meeting. 5. Check your platform settings to ensure appropriate control (see: Zoom- bombing). 6. Consider starting at 30 or 45 minutes before the top of the hour. 7. Ensure other team members can take over if needed (see: bad internet connection.) 8. Post the recorded meeting to your website. 9. Remember that virtual meetings or workshops should be supplemented with additional digital and analog engagement. 10. Dress for success!



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