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Briefing on the Draft Animals Policy Animal Welfare Charter - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Briefing on the Draft Animals Policy Animal Welfare Charter Produced in the mid 90s (date not known) Strong statement on a range of welfare issues The role of the Council Licensing Boarding Establishments Breeding

  1. Briefing on the Draft Animals Policy

  2. Animal Welfare Charter • Produced in the mid 90’s (date not known) • Strong statement on a range of welfare issues

  3. The role of the Council Licensing • Boarding Establishments • Breeding PPASB • Riding Schools • Animal Warden • Dangerous Wild Animals • Pet Shop Licensing • Animal Nuisance Community Services • Dangerous Dogs • Horses on the Common Plann ning • Prevention of Damage • • Management of open Management of open • Impac act of development by Pests space on th he environment • Parks and areas of scientific interest Leisure Services • Fairgrounds

  4. Policy overview • Brings the Charter in t to Policy • Enables welfare views s to influence operational decision m making • Provides detailed Policy licy information for PPASB services • Ensures that welfare p principles are applied in other policy cy areas (those not covered in detail w within the document)

  5. Aims and Objectives Eliminate unnecessa ssary suffering to • animals Protect the public f from dangerous • animals Assist partners in effectively • supervising the anim mal population Protect the public ic from health • impacts and/or nuisa sance caused by animals

  6. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact • Domestic Animals Importance of decision Continuation of current to buy a pet t work in response to • Looking after er a pet complaints and in conjunction with partners Pet Shops • Enforce high h welfare Continuation of current standards work with pet shops. • Discourage t the sale of Some pet shops already do pets at times es where this and others are they are likel ely to be prepared to introduce brought as g gifts more stringent controls. Puppies • Reflects on g government This would introduce a guidance re e purchase of new effort to restrict puppies commercial supply of • Resists sale puppies for the future (no commerciall ally licensee currently sells)

  7. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact • Control of Dogs and Cats Will work wi ith partners Continuation of current and recognis ise our role work to manage straying, • Makes a stat tement aggression and nuisance, about the need eed for a at times alone and at other licensing or r registration times in partnership. scheme A statement about the • Over-supply y of cats need for a national registration or licensing registration or licensing scheme for dogs. No establishments selling kittens in the city, policy would require officers resist attempts to add to inventories

  8. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact Non-human primates • Reflects on g government Policy would require guidance officers resist any efforts to • Recognises t the complex sell these animals within needs of thes ese animals the city Importation of Pets • Seeks to ens sure pets or Officers will work with pet domestic an animals are shops to identify any captive bred ed or species that are not sustainably f sustainably f farmed farmed captive bred and seek to captive bred and seek to • Calls for stro onger control this through penalties for r those who inventory additions in pet are convicted ed shops Animals as Prizes • States that b buying a pet Will ensure council land is should be car arefully not used for this purpose considered an and opposes ani imals as prizes

  9. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact • Performing Animals Recognises p public Will allow us to refuse to feeling re perf erforming let council land for the animals purposes of performing • Calls for a ban an on animals. performing an animals • Calls for a ban an on non- domesticated ed performing an performing an animals in animals in advertising

  10. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact • Wildlife Recognises t the Commitment to receive importance e of wildlife reports and work with in an urban partners environmen ent Supports commitments in • References S SSSI, Nature the local plan reserve and CoL Local Makes clear that Bee’s are Plan unlikely to cause a • • References t References t to the to the nuisance and should be nuisance and should be importance e of Bee’s protected • Reference to o waterways Bans any blood sports on • Opposition t to blood council land sports

  11. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact Snares and Traps • Opposes pro oduction, Officers will work with pet supply and u use of shops to ensure that snares supply does not • Exemption w where it is commence considered t to be most humane me ethod of pest control l • • Conflict between wild Conflict between wild Statements Statements relating to relating to Ensure that pest control Ensure that pest control animals and people pest control l and use of done by the council will be most human ane method humane and meeting • References l legal national standards standards Animal furs and skin • Opposes the e use of Makes a statement these (other er than as by- Restricts use of Council product of m meat land in this regard industry)

  12. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact • Research and Testing Opposes use of f animals for Makes a statement as to CoLC cosmetic and h household views testing Requests new product • Seeks to promo ote ‘leaping acquisitions carries ‘leaping bunny’ certifica ation bunny’ (not pre-existing) • Encourage com mpliance with concordat on o openness on animal research h Factory Farming • Opposition to f factory No operational impact, makes farming where e welfare is a clear statement on views not primary co onsideration • Support restric ction of mutilation, ban an on beak trimming and b ban on live export

  13. Welfare Statement Area Message Impact Slaughtering • Support ban an on Statement of views transportati ion of live animals for s r slaughtering • Supports need eed for slaughtering g to be in close proxim mity to rearing • • Education Education Strongly adv Strongly adv vocates the vocates the Statement of views Statement of views need for edu ucation within curric rriculum

  14. Policy Area - Dogs • Covers • Strays • Lost Dogs • Microchipping • Dangerous Dogs • Dog Fouling

  15. Policy Area – Animal Nuisa sance • Accumulations • Prevention of Damage by Pests • Noise • Prejudicial to Health

  16. Policy Area - Horses • Common Land • Unlawfully Tethered or Grazing • Riding Establishments Policy Area – Dangerous Wild Animals • Licensing function

  17. Policy Area – Pet Shop Lice censing • Application Process • Right to refuse license • License conditions • Inspections • Complaints

  18. General Policy Areas • Publicity • Service Structures • Court Process • Victim and Witness support • Perpetrator support • Closing cases • Seeking views • Oversight • Info Sharing • Legal • Policy Tracker


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