as a group 5 7 students prepare a virtual presentation on

As a group (5-7 students), prepare a virtual presentation on your - PDF document

PSCI 1104 World Politics Group Virtual Presentation Instructions This assignment provides an opportunity to collaborate with your classmates online and to practice your research and presentation skills! This assignment is also in line with

  1. PSCI 1104 – World Politics Group Virtual Presentation Instructions This assignment provides an opportunity to collaborate with your classmates online and to practice your research and presentation skills! This assignment is also in line with MCTC’s General Education Competencies (communication, critical thinking, life skills/personal responsibility, and social responsibility) as a means to enhance lifelong education. You will have the opportunity to work in small groups to prepare a virtual presentation of one of the topics outlined in the course textbook, Paul D’Anieri, International Politics: Power and Purpose in Global Affairs, Brief Edition , 1st Edition: 1) The United Nations System (p. 258-263) 2) The European Union (p. 264-268) 3) Transnational Crime (p. 300-306) 4) Global Environmental Problems (p. 306-312) 5) International Health Issues (p. 312-320) GROUP VIRTUAL PRESENTATION ( DUE : Wed, July 23 at 11:59pm) You will be graded as a group on the presentation (40 points – see grading rubric):  As a group (5-7 students), prepare a virtual presentation on your selected topic.  You will need to conduct independent research to supplement the information on the topics outlined in the course textbook; be sure to compile a bibliography of references cited.  You will need to coordinate with teammates via via D2L discussions, e-mail, text, etc.  The virtual presentation will consist of a visual presentation created by the group (i.e. PowerPoint or Prezi – 10 slide maximum, or 30-second video using free platform such as Animoto), as well as accompanying written narrative (2-3 pages describing the material in your visual presentation, plus a bibliography of references cited).  An equitable division of effort would be for each member to prepare 1-2 slides for the visual presentation and 1-2 paragraphs for the narrative. Alternatively, half the group could work on the visual presentation and the other half on the narrative. Be sure group members are clear on their role in the group effort!  Written narratives must be typed and double-spaced. Use font size 11 or larger and submit as MSWord document (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat file (.pdf) only. Please do not use other formats as they may be incompatible with D2L.  In both your visual presentation and narrative, include TOPIC as well as NAMES of team members. Be sure to cite references using proper MLA Citation or APA Citation and remember to spell check and proofread papers before submission!  Your audience is your classmates and your instructor. Use your imagination – the presentation should be interesting, creative and informative!  Remember to plan ahead and work as a team! INDIVIDUAL ASSESSMENT OF GROUP PRESENTATION ( DUE : Sat, July 26 at 11:59pm) You will be graded individually on the individual assessment (20 points – see grading/teamwork rubric): Following the group presentation, each student will complete an Individual Assessment of the Group Virtual Presentation via SurveyMonkey (link will be provided to each group for the survey, and you will be required to enter your name/MCTC ID# for credit). You will earn 10 points for simply completing the Individual Assessment via SurveyMonkey, and up to an additional 10 points based on your contribution to the group effort per the Teamwork Rubric.

  2. Group Virtual Presentation Grading Rubric EXPERT PROFICIENT APPRENTICE NOVICE GROUP GRADE VISUAL Very effective use of Generally effective Somewhat effective Ineffective use of PRESENTATION visual presentation use of visual use of visual visual presentation (15 points) (PPT, Prezi or presentation (PPT, presentation (PPT, (PPT, Prezi, or Animoto) and Prezi or Animoto) Prezi or Animoto); Animoto); information was well and information was information was information was organized and mostly organized disorganized in disorganized and transitions were and transitions were sections and transitions were smooth and well smooth. transitions were nonexistent. executed. disjointed. 15 points 12 points 9 points 0-6 points NARRATIVE Evidence of Some evidence of Minimal evidence of No narrative (15 points) additional research additional research additional research submitted or no to supplement to supplement to supplement evidence of textbook textbook textbook additional research information. information. information. to supplement Effectively Generally describes Somewhat textbook describes material material in visual describes material information. Does in visual presentation and in visual not effectively presentation and contains proper presentation and describe material in contains proper citations and contains some visual presentation citations and references. Few citations and and/or contains references. Minimal errors in spelling references. many errors that errors in spelling and grammar. Noticeable errors in detract from overall and grammar. spelling and narrative. grammar. 15 points 12 points 9 points 0-6 points CREATIVITY Presentation and Presentation and Presentation and The presentation (10 points) narrative were narrative were narrative were and narrative were interesting, creative somewhat effective effective at times uninteresting, and informative, and in holding the and held some lacked creativity, audience’s interest. captured the audience interest. and/or contained audience’s interest. vague informative Evidence of extra and did not hold the audience’s interest. effort to effectively present the topic! 10 points 8 points 6 point 0-4 points INDIVIDUAL GRADE COMPLETION OF Completed via Not completed. ASSESSMENT SurveyMonkey (10 points) 10 points 0 points INDIVIDUAL Using the Teamwork Using the Teamwork Using the Teamwork Using the ASSESSSMENT Rubric, individual Rubric, individual Rubric, individual Teamwork Rubric, (10 points) contribution to team contribution to team contribution to team individual was rated Superior was rated Excellent was rated contribution to team by team members by team members Satisfactory by team was rated Not and instructor. and instructor. members and Satisfactory by instructor. team members and instructor. 10 points 8 points 6 points 0-5 points

  3. Teamwork Rubric Responsibility Superior Excellent Satisfactory Not Satisfactory Contributes to Helps the team Helps advance Shares ideas Does not Team Effort move forward by the work of the contribute to articulating group team effort merits of ideas or proposals Demonstrates Engages with Constructively Listens and Fails to Appropriate team members builds upon or responds demonstrate Behavior in ways that synthesizes appropriate facilitate their team member behavior contributions; contributions invites others to engage Individual Proactively helps Helps set Completes all Does not Contributions other team priorities for tasks complete tasks members team and complete their individual work assigned tasks that advances the project Responds to Helps to manage Works to redirect Passively Creates or Conflict or resolve conflict toward accepts or contributes to conflict; common ground ignores conflict conflict strengthens (away from overall team conflict) effectiveness Attitude Around Approaches Approaches Approaches Approaches Learning teamwork with a teamwork with a teamwork with a teamwork with a passion that consistently mostly positive negative attitude inspires others positive attitude attitude to excellence Outside Suggests highly Suggests many Suggest outside Does not Resources and valuable outside outside resources that suggest outside Transfer for resources that resources that may be of value; resources or Prior Learning may be of value; may be of value; contributes contribute contributes contributes some knowledge knowledge exceptionally substantial gained from gained from relevant knowledge previous previous knowledge gained from learning or learning or gained from previous learning experience experience previous or experience learning or experience


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