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APPENDIX G Visioning Goal # 2 Presentation Buellton Bicycle and - PDF document

APPENDIX G Visioning Goal # 2 Presentation Buellton Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Appendix Page G GROUP 2 MEMBERS Fr Fred L Luna Peggy Brier ggy Brierton on Shar Sharyn yne Merritt erritt Joe Serna Joe Serna

  1. APPENDIX G Visioning Goal # 2 Presentation Buellton Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan – Appendix Page G

  2. GROUP 2 MEMBERS Fr Fred L Luna • Peggy Brier ggy Brierton on • Shar Sharyn yne Merritt erritt • Joe Serna Joe Serna • Mar Mark Prest Preston on • Kimberly Grant Kimberly Grant • Josh Grant Josh Grant • Larr Larry Bishop y Bishop •

  3. INTRODUCTION • Gr Group met 4 oup met 4 occasions t occasions to re revie view objectiv objectives and es and specific action it specific action items ems • Ov Overall w erall we chose t chose to prioritize 2 of the 3 e prioritize 2 of the 3 existing isting objectiv objectives es • Increasing Bike and Ped Connectivity • Increasing Recreational Opportunities • We identified and added identified and added ne new action it w action items ems

  4. OBJECTIVES Objectiv Objective Description escription Priority Priority 2.1 Increase connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists 1 2.2 Ensure access to healthy food sources 2.3 Increase recreational opportunities for all ages 2

  5. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY Our gr Our group o oup over erwh whelming elming thought thought • this objectiv this objective w e was the most s the most im impor portant ant Cut acr Cut across a number ss a number of int of interest rest • gr groups in oups in our community: our community: • Parents with young children • Recreational enthusiasts • Business and tourist enhancement

  6. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY Recreational trails should be developed • consistent with environment and in cooperation with property owners We chose to add an action item related to • improving community transit: by implementing a community shuttle

  7. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY 2.1.1: BICY 2. 1: BICYCLE AND PED CLE AND PEDESTRIAN MAS RIAN MASTER ER PLAN PLAN Continue to to wo work rk towa toward a adoption o of Master • Plan Plan  Joint meeting with Parks/Recreation and PC at end of November (11/28) with adoption early next year  Projects within the plan should consider bicycling aspects: improving existing facilities, adding bike racks at public areas  Plans for re-development of Zaca Golf Course should include trail access

  8. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY 2. 2.1.2 2 PLAN F PLAN FOR SAFER CR OR SAFER CROSSING OSSING OF R OF ROUTE 2 UTE 246 Top priori p priority, though longer t , though longer term, due t rm, due to • outsi outside stak e stakeholder discussi eholder discussions req ons required ired with Caltrans with Caltrans Impr Im prove abili e ability f y for pe r pedest destri rians ans, bicy bicycles cles • and v and vehicles t hicles to cr cross oss Hwy 2 Hwy 246 fr 46 from La om La Lata Lata to w west st • Any improvements considered should be accommodating for all modes and directions of travel

  9. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY 2. 2.1.2 2 PLAN F PLAN FOR SAFER CR OR SAFER CROSSING OF OSSING OF RO ROUTE 2 246 Look to improve the bikeway accessibility along • 246, with ultimate goal possibly being a Class I facility

  10. 2.1: PEDESTRIAN AND CYCLING CONNECTIVITY 2.1.4: COMM 2. COMMUNIT UNITY SHUTTLE Y SHUTTLE Modeled after similar ones in Santa Barbara and • Carpinteria Powered by alternative power, would be eligible for • grant funding Provide s benefits to multiple users: residents, • visitors and children Safe way to connect the four quadrants of our • community

  11. 2.3: INCREASE RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES There There was br s broad oad suppor support in our gr in our group f oup for pr r providing iding more more • community recreational oppor community recreational opportunities unities A A needs based appr needs based approach - oach - conduct a onduct a community sur community survey of of • current f current facilities and cilities and additional needs im additional needs impor portant t ant to community community Pr Proposed recreation pr oposed recreation projects should be de ojects should be developed with no loped with no • shor shortcuts and tcuts and look f look for oppor r opportunities t unities to creat create par partner nerships with hips with the priv the privat ate sect e sector or

  12. 2.3: INCREASE RECREATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 2.3.2: 2.3.2: Expanding Expanding on on Current Community F Current Community Facilities cilities  Group noted that increasing opportunities should be done strategically by identifying and prioritizing community needs not served  Look for opportunities to leverage private investment so that City does not bear full financial responsibility

  13. 2.2: HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES Ac Action I on Items r related t to i improving Health g Healthy F y Food Choices included: ood Choices included: • • Developing community gardens • Recruiting healthy food providers • Farmer’s Market • School food programs, restaurants and purveyors Group 2 supported this objective but did not prioritize. Actions. • • Support for Farmer’s Market • Identify locations for community garden • Inability to influence food purveyors business decisions

  14. 2.2: HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES Some of the t Some of the top priority action it p priority action items included: ems included: • • Continued support for a Buellton Farmer’s Market • Work with Chamber of Commerce • Development of location(s) for a community garden • Zaca Golf Course Property • Jonata or Oak Valley School • City easement end of Industrial Ave

  15. CONCLUSION Obj Objectiv ctive 2 2.1 “ 1 “Increasing C ncreasing Conne nnectivity” a ctivity” as Priority # rity #1, w , with a th actions: ons: • • Complete Bike and Ped Master Plan • Look to ways to improve safety along and across Hwy 246 • Investigate feasibility of initiating community shuttle Objecti Objective 2.3 “Increas e 2.3 “Increasing ing re recreational o creational oppor pportun unities” w ities” was ident s identified as Priori fied as Priority ty • #2, with #2, with actions: actions: • Prioritize Needs for Community • Look for ways to partner with private sector Object Objective 2.2, “Healt e 2.2, “Healthy F Food Sour ood Sources” ces” no not pri priori ritized but d but som some im impor portant acti actions ons • ident identifi fied: ed: • Farmer’s Market • Community Garden Locations

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