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ADUL ULT T PROGRA GRAMM MMIN ING Beg g | Borro rrow | Stea - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

ADUL ULT T PROGRA GRAMM MMIN ING Beg g | Borro rrow | Stea eal Jenny Shonk 2018 2017 17 Adult lt Prog ogramming Session This is awesome! Hello! llo! Im Jenny Shonk Questions? Comments? Email or call

  1. ADUL ULT T PROGRA GRAMM MMIN ING Beg g | Borro rrow | Stea eal Jenny Shonk 2018

  2. 2017 17 Adult lt Prog ogramming Session This is awesome! Hello! llo! I’m Jenny Shonk Questions? Comments? Email or call 607-319-5613 With special guest, Brandi Rozelle of Waterloo!

  3. BEG … For Help & Don Donations! Build partnerships! (#1 tip)  Beg… Solicit volunteers and donations  Borrow… BORROW…Supplies! Steal… Borrow tools or other non-consumable products  from friends, family, and patrons Borrow from local businesses and then promote  them STEAL…Great Ideas! EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE ON THE INTERNET!!!  Network with member libraries  Follow libraries on social media 

  4. Be careful what hat you wish for! Huge donation to Waterloo from a patron!

  5. Tips ps & T & Tri ricks ks ○ Determine your target audience ○ Get to know your community ○ Poll your patrons ○ You don’t have to be an expert! ○ Build partnerships: Programming Librarian Article ○ Use available resources ○ Ask for donations for projects ○ Passive programming at the desk ○ Apply for a grant ○ Get board approval ○ Adult Engagement Calendars from DEMCO

  6. Ideas as That at Work rk ○ Genealogy Club ○ Fitness Classes ○ Craft Club ○ Job Help ○ Knitting Group ○ Movie Showings ○ Tech Time ○ Gardening or Plant Swap ○ Computer Classes ○ Writing Club ○ Book Club ○ Paint & Sip ○ Adulting 101 ○ Social Media How-To ○ Visit a nursing home ○ Trivia Night or Jeopardy ○ Cooking Classes ○ Spelling Bee ○ Gaming Tournaments ○ Intergenerational Programs ○ Cell Phone Photography ○ Speed Dating & SO O MUC UCH MOR ORE! Its abo bout t what hat makes your ur commun unity ty spe pecia ial, l, us use your ur strength ths!

  7. Mo More re Sug uggestions estions ○ Book Folding/Book Origami ○ Mahjong ○ Read It! Watch It! ○ Classic Movie Series ○ Blackout Poetry ○ Greeting Card Class ○ Ornament Class ○ Cake/Cookie Decorating ○ Puzzle Club ○ Paleo Diet or special diet resources ○ Fluid Art ○ Hand Lettering

  8. Mo More re Sug uggestions estions ○ Library Karaoke/Idol ○ Music Recording Sessions ○ Library Concert or Listening Parties ○ Makey Makey Music ○ Music Book Club ○ Personalized Music Picks ○ Music & Art Journaling ○ Music Swap ○ Musical Instrument Petting Zoo ○ Music Trivia Night ○ Local Music History Program

  9. Print nt/M /Multime ultimedia dia Resour ources ces ○ 5-Star Programming and Services for 55+ A20510968994 ○ A Year of Programs for Millennials A20519404353 ○ Adult Learners Welcome Here A20513797716 ○ Adult Programs in the Library A20516718892 ○ Adults Just Wanna Have Fun A20518815365 ○ iPads in the Library A20516718973 ○ Librarians as Community Partners A20515278441 or A20516718779 ○ Make It Here A20518546437 ○ Adult Crafting Program Box ○ Partnering with Purpose A20512158579 A20519404468 ○ Programming for Adults A20512156852 ○ Felting Program Box A20519091150 ○ Serving Seniors A20512917761 ○ Knitting/Crochet Program Box ○ Successful Community Outreach A20517342424 A20519091613 ○ The Reading America Toolkit A20513798673 ○ Book Club Kits

  10. On Online ne Resources sources Program ammin ing Ide deas as ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○  Click on Browse Ideas and make your selections! ○ ○ We Webin binar ars ○ ○  Click on Conference, then Previous Conferences, to see slides and handouts!

  11. Tabl ble e Talks ks Table le 1: : Book Origami or Origami Book Marks Ta Table le 2: 2: Adult Coloring or Zentangle Table le 3: 3: Paint Sample Crafts Rul ules: 3-4 people per table o 20 minutes at each station o Discuss your adult programming ideas o Try to make it to all stations o Have fun! o Visit for more crafting ideas!

  12. o Lock-In or Escape Rooms (Talk to Ovid!) o Monarch Butterfly Release (Talk to NEVA!) o Planting milkweed for Butterflies o Bonsai Gardening (see Ovid’s Instagram)

  13. Th Thanks! nks! Any y questions? Call 607-319-5613 or email jshon onk@flls. s.or org

  14. Credits dits Special thanks to all the people who made and released these awesome resources for free: ○ Presentation template by SlidesCarnival ○ Photographs by Unsplash


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