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AD ADULT D T DIAP IAPERS by Linette Ltd ADUL ULT T DIA IAPER - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

AD ADULT D T DIAP IAPERS by Linette Ltd ADUL ULT T DIA IAPER PERS by by Linet ette Ltd Company profile Who we are Our Quality Objectives Exports The diaper Overview Technology Bags Configuration

  1. AD ADULT D T DIAP IAPERS by Linette Ltd

  2. ADUL ULT T DIA IAPER PERS – by by Linet ette Ltd • Company profile • Who we are • Our Quality • Objectives • Exports • The diaper • Overview • Technology • Bags Configuration • Contact us

  3. Comp Company Prof ofile – Who Who we are • Established in 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus • The only manufacturer of baby & adult diapers in Cyprus • Purpose: Manufacturer of Baby & Adult diapers for branded & private label products. • Success in Local Market • Nannys Baby Diapers: 30% market share • Tender Adult Diapers: 65% market share

  4. Comp Company prof ofile - Qu Quality • Linette’s success is the result of its commitment to high standards of quality and continuous improvement • Our plant operates a quality management system ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 22716 – GMP • Consistency in quality is ensured through meticulous laboratory testing that covers all stages of production, from raw materials, product in progress, finished product

  5. Qu Quality – IS ISO 9001 - 2015 2015 ISO 9001- 2015 • Our company is certified with the ISO 9001- 2015 certification, that outlines the requirements, an organization must maintain in its quality system for certification to ISO 9001- 2015 • The standard can help companies meet their customers’ requirements for their product/service while fulfilling any regulatory requirements.

  6. Qu Quality – IS ISO 22716 - GM GMP ISO 22716 - GMP • ISO 22716:2007 GMP, is the international standard for the good manufacturing practices (GMP) for cosmetics and medicine • The ISO 22716 - GMP standard has been prepared for consideration by the cosmetic and medicine industry and take into account the specific needs of this sector. The standard focuses on the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

  7. Comp Company Prof ofile – Ob Objectives • To provide quality products at the most competitive prices • To be flexible in meeting customers’ need • To be fast and punctual in its transportation • To be efficient and prompt in the processing and shipment orders • To provide full support as well as know-how to its customers in developing their prospective market

  8. Comp Company Prof ofile – Expo Exports Mauritius Seychelles • As a result to its commitment to Mayotte Saudi Arabia these objectives, Linette Ltd, has Armenia United Kingdom succeeded in developing a close, efficient and smooth Russia Malta relationship with all its Bangladesh Albania customers New Zealand Bulgaria Australia Israel • Our customers can be found in Lebanon Greece the following countries, around Tahiti Qatar the five continents. Egypt Kuwait

  9. The The di diaper per - Ov Overview • ABSORPTION/DRYNESS CAPABILITIES Ø High absorption and dryness capabilities allow the product to be used for severe cases of incontinence. Ø Less diapers are needed as the product absorbs high levels of urine • WETNESS INDICATOR Ø Special wetness indicator shows when the diaper needs to be changed • CLOTHLIKE HOOK TAPES Ø Allow numerous fastenings Ø Provide greater security in securing the diaper comfortably over the user • WATERPROOF BREATHABLE BACK PROTECTION • OUTSIDE SOFT - CLOTHLIKE BACKSHEET • SPECIAL ODOUR CONTROL CORE FOR MINIMIZING ODOURS • ELASTIC LEG CUFFS (BARRIERS) Ø Provide extra protection against leakage • COMPACT PACKING Ø Minimizes transport cost

  10. The di The diaper per – Te Technology – Ho Hook Tapes apes Hook Tapes Cloth like hook tapes for easy positioning and • repositioning. It allows the free movement, without the diaper • becoming loose.

  11. The The di diaper per – Te Technology – Cl Clot othlike Ba Backsheet Cloth like breathable Back sheet Soft Clothlike breathable Backsheet •

  12. Technology – Breathable film The The di diaper per – Te Breathable film Breathable P.E film • Allows skin to breath, but without any leakage. • Breathable film, help to prevent irritation on the • sensitive skin.

  13. The The di diaper per – Te Technology – Si Side E Elastics cs Side Elastics Side Elastics closes softly around feet, preventing • any leakages.

  14. Technology- Vertical standing leg gathers The The di diaper per-Te Vertical standing leg gathers Vertical Standing Leg Gathers, is an extra soft side • burrier to further prevent leakages.

  15. The The di diaper per – Te Technology – Cor Core Three dimensional Core with mixed Fluff and SAP • Three dimensional core design, with a mixture of a virgin biodegradable Fluff pulp and a special Super Absorbent. • More absorbing material is concentrated in areas, where absorption is most needed. Odour Control Core Special USA pulp is used for controlling and • minimizing odours. • It neutralizes ammonia, helping in minimizing irritations on the skin.

  16. Technology – Soft coverstock The di The diaper per – Te Super Soft Coverstock The super soft coverstock, makes user feel more • comfortable, and prevents liquids from coming back to the skin, thus avoiding irritations.

  17. Technology – Special acquisition layer The di The diaper per – Te Special acquisition layer Special airlaid nonwoven acquisition layer, that • helps the quick absorption and distribution of liquids, thus keeping the skin dry.

  18. Contact us Address: 45 Tripoleos Street Latsia Industrial Area, 2235 P.O Box 21325, 1506 Nicosia, Cyprus Tel: (+357)22484600 Fax: (+357)22484603 Website: e-mail address:


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