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Smar Smart Tags of Tags of the Futur the Future Faydalar What is - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Smar Smart Tags of Tags of the Futur the Future Faydalar What is Taglette? Taglette is the worlds first and the only RFID based microchip tag which has its own smart device application . Taglette tags makes it possible to get the

  1. Smar Smart Tags of Tags of the Futur the Future

  2. Faydaları What is Taglette?  Taglette is the world’s first and the only RFID based microchip tag which has it’s own smart device application . Taglette tags makes it possible to get the most needed informations and services over the products via Taglette smartphone application.  Taglette uses NFC (Near Field Communication) and nearly all new generation smartphones are compatible.  Each Taglette tag has an unique digital identification number . Every product that has a Taglette tag can be identified individually.  Cetainly prevents fake products.  Makes it possible to advertise over the products .  Tracks and traces the products.  Provides virtual shopping opportunities.  Any content can be easily updated over the internet. Updates are easy and fast .  Provides feedback when providing informations to users.  Set alarms for use of the products.  Taglette connects to CRM and ERP systems and databases .

  3. Faydaları Where Taglette can be used?  Pharmacy  Food & Beverages  Cosmetics  Chemistry  Textile  Electronics  Machinery  Automotive  Books, CD’s, DVD’s  Alcohol Beverages  Furniture  Jewellery  e-Trade & Marketing  Banking etc…

  4. Faydaları What Taglette can provide more? Provides personal loan services of banks to customers ,  Online and  Directly over the product .  By this way, when giving visual product informations in the market, credit possibilities can also be provided to customers to buy the product with bank credits.  Without any Credit Card limitations , I am informed about  Fast, about credit possibilities  New payment solution. when I am examining the  Without negative psychological products in the market. effects when applying to personal loans.  Campaigns reach to the customers directly.  Social media marketing can be done.  Any necessary informations and warnings can be shown on TV screen.  Teenagers can make shopping by getting their parents’ payment permission online with Tagteen.

  5. Faydaları What Taglette can provide more?  You can make your grocery shopping directly ,  Over the real product images on the walls with WallStore;  Without going to market ,  With a wide range of payment methods,  Including credit cards or cash payments via bank ATM’s. I am shopping I pay it as cash over the walls or with credit on my way to card. home.

  6. Faydaları What Taglette can provide more?  Get order number without any Q-matic needs ,  Any bank or company customer can be identified directly ,  Customers can be analyzed by their actions .  Any personal campaigns can be created online and send to customers’ mobile phones.  Customers can be identified directly by using Taglette microchips in credit cards, bank cards and customer loyalty cards, Everybody I don’t need knows my name Qmatics. I learn my and welcomes turn from my me everytime. phone.

  7. Faydaları How Taglette Works?  Once Taglette smart tags are stick to the product and coded in fabrication, the only thing that a customer has to do is to tap his/her phone to the tag.  Taglette automatically identifies the tag and launches Taglette application.  If customer uses Android mobile phone , than smart tag automatically redirects the phone to Google Play page of Taglette app to install and use for the first time.  Taglette application is free of charge .

  8. Faydaları Taglette in Medical (Sample Use)  Provide instructions via mobile phones of the patients as video , animation or text .  Warn patient if there is a fake medication. Get the localization of the fake product at the time of check.  Warn patient about the expiry date of the medications.  Remind medication times to the patient via mobile phones with no costs.  Remind patient to buy a new box if the dosage is not enough.  Gather information of the medication usage if needed.  Get analysis of medications being used by the patients all over the world: Genre, age, city, etc .  Warns patient if he has an allergy about the product.  In high risk groups, Taglette informs one of the patient’s family member directly by his phone if he won’t get his medication for a time period.  Warn patient for their medication times over their Smart TV’s .  Inform patients about the side effects .  Update new data via Internet.  Make advertisements for new or side products via mobile phones for OTC medicaments.  Prepare multilingual RX for all over the world. ( Auto language detection )

  9. Faydaları Taglette in Shopping (Sample Use)  Transform any wall to a shopping mall with real product images.  Makes it possible to shop with NFC or camera enabled mobile phones and tablets.  Every area like metro station, bus stop, road, school wall, etc. tranforms to a potential supermarket.  Different earning possibilities like advertisements.  Every product delivers to the address of the customers.  Any ATM is a payment point.

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