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Real-tim e tissue classification and therapy Transform ing continuum of care in prostate cancer Amir Tehrani, CEO January 18, 2018 1 Disclaimer The following presentation, including any printed or electronic copy of these slides, the

  1. Real-tim e tissue classification and therapy “Transform ing continuum of care in prostate cancer” Amir Tehrani, CEO January 18, 2018 1

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  3. Prostate cancer patients poorly served currently Under-diagnosis of cancer; invasive therapies; 26k morbidities annually CURRENT POSITION /PROBLEM PB SOLUTION FOCAL THERAPY • Whole gland therapy • Minimally invasive • Prostatectomy • Reduce side effects 35% HIGH • 85% serious side effects GRADE CANCER 3D MAPPING • Precise 3D mapping • Active surveillance of tumour 65% LOW • 6 monthly biopsies GRADE CANCER • Gateway to focal therapy ClariCore ™ • 12 -14 random cores • c. 50% false negative rate 1M BIOPSIES • Live tissue classification • >25% repeat rate* • Directed vs blind coring • Reduced false negative rate • Increased diagnostic yield • Screening 14M PSA TESTS mechanism • $900m pathology saving *250k procedures p.a. 3

  4. US prostate cancer market >$7 billion Precision Biopsy US addressable market opportunity: >$2 billion THERAPY DIAGNOSTICS/ PLANNING BIOPSY • Localized 3D • Targeted tissue tumor mapping sampling • PB assumption: • 1m biopsy • 100K mapping procedures in US procedures in US • PB Assumption: at $3,000 ASP • $ 1,500 ASP compare compared to MRI PROSTATE 3D to current ASP of $2000 ASP of $5000 BIOPSY MAPPING (pathology) • $0.3B market • $1.5 billion market opportunity opportunity INTEGRATED FOCAL THERAPY THERAPY • Minimally Invasive • $0.5B market opportunity • PB assumption: 100K focal therapy procedures in US at $10,000 ASP (of which 50% to Precision Biopsy, remainder to doctor / clinic) 4

  5. Precision Biopsy’s disruptive technology 1. ClariCore TM diagnostics—spectroscopy technology in a biopsy needle Needle shines light onto prostate tissue at 1 1mm intervals Proprietary machine learning algorithm 2 (AI) assesses reflection against spectral biomarkers found in prostate tumours Providing live tissue classification: 3 benign or suspect Reduced pathology costs 4 More / guided probing – higher diagnosis rates 5

  6. ClariCore Clinical studies following FDA IDE grant in 2016 COHORT B (PENDING Q1-18) COHORT A (COMPLETE) DE NOVO 510K TRIAL PATH  Algorithm training OBJECTIVE • Validate algorithm  System safety • Demonstrate clinical benefit  Tissue collection efficacy  Patient tolerance (pain)  Offline TRIAL TYPE • Live (real-time)  203 (8 sites) # PATIENTS • 300  All objectives met; high OUTPUT • Unlock FDA approval algorithm accuracy rate established & validated (not yet published) 6

  7. Precision Biopsy’s disruptive technology 2. 3D mapping – gateway to focal therapy • Standalone MRI inaccurate 3D MAPPING – 1-10mm tissue classification error • ClariCore can be adapted to map the tumor in 3D with high precision – Unlocks focal therapy • Preservation of healthy tissue – Lumpectomy vs. mastectomy – Minimize side effects 18G MAPPING NEEDLE • Moves treatment from hospital to clinic – reduced cost while incentivising urologist • Two US academic centers (NYU & USC) aligned to conduct FIM studies in 2018 7

  8. Intellectual property ISSUED ISSUED PENDING OTHER OTHER • U.S. patent 8,406,858 • Real-time tissue • Will be filing additional classification device application on algorithm – Real-time tissue & method process, and continually classification device & method adding to patent portfolio • Motorized tissue – Issued claims cover as the technology develops classification apparatus ClariCore™ Optical and method (ClariCore • Internal patent council + Biopsy System extended claims) Senniger Powers LLP • US patent 9,814,448 – Real-time tissue 3D • European patent applications mapping & focal therapy – Therapies include cryoablation, HIFU, RF, local drug delivery • US patent 9,814,449 – Motorized tissue classification apparatus & method – ClariCore system for biopsy, mapping, and focal therapy 8

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