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R E D U C E D WA S T E D E N TA L C A R E Updated: Oct 2019 WHO ARE ORGANICALLY EPIC Dental has become Jaynes passion since starting the business so it We are a small business, based in Essex in the South East of England. made sense to

  1. R E D U C E D WA S T E D E N TA L C A R E Updated: Oct 2019

  2. WHO ARE ORGANICALLY EPIC Dental has become Jayne’s passion since starting the business so it We are a small business, based in Essex in the South East of England. made sense to launch our own dental products in 2018, starting with an Founded in early 2015, business owners and Directors, Jayne Clark- adult and children’s toothbrush. We are delighted to add fmoss, refjlls Denyer and Karon Robertson, a daughter and mother duo wanted to and tongue cleaners to our dental line alongside our toothbrushes and bring something a bit difgerent to the UK Organic Market. we look forward to shortly launching ingredient led products as well. When Jayne gave up working in London after 15 years to have her fjrst We are working very closely with the Soil Association to make sure our child, she started working alongside her mother, Karon, for Karon’s products are the best of the best with our packaging being innovative, successful Marketing business, Epic Marketing in 2012. After having her sustainable and ethical whilst also being on trend and workable for todays child, Jayne became bombarded with information on what you needed modern lifestyles. We are always on the look out for improvements and what you should use on your childs sensitive skin. She quickly to our dental line, this includes new products as well as improving our discovered that many of the so called ‘Natural’ Brands were anything current products and their materials. but. She began looking at ingredients, researching their side efgects and was concerned with what she found. She then overhauled the products Our team attend trade shows throughout the year allowing us to speak that she had been using on her childs delicate skin as well as her own. with industry leaders, consumers, wholesalers and stockists in person. Jayne is now often invited to speak at industry events as well as women in business groups about health, wellbeing, organic and natural as well as speaking on the panel of workshops about business. BIODEGRADABLE RECYCLABLE APPROVED PANDA FRIENDLY 2

  3. BAMBOO • Antibacterial, antimicrobial bamboo handle • Our adult toothbrushes have Charcoal nylon bristles for antibacterial teeth brightening TOOTHBRUSHES • Our children’s toothbrushes have Bamboo infused bristles that are soft and kind to children’s teeth whilst also being antibacterial and lifting plaque and stains if need be BAMBOO OR CHARCOAL BRISTLES • Sustainable materials • Vegan SUSTAINABLE BAMBOO HANDLE • Boxes of 12 available at wholesale price • Dentists recommend changing your toothbrush NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL every 3 months. EDITOR’S CHOICE SUSTAINABLY GROWN, CHARCOAL INFUSED ETHICALLY SOURCED BRISTLES FOR NATURAL BAMBOO TEETH WHITENING 3

  4. PEPPERMINT • SUSTAINABLE MATERIALS • 100% VEGAN CHARCOAL DENTAL FLOSS • Charcoal infused for antibacterial teeth brightening • 30 metres of fmoss. • Protects against bad breath, gingivitis and gum disease • Flossing regularly will remove plague build up, protect against cavities and tooth decay • Use every evening after you brush your teeth • Kinder to your gums and to the Earth than conventional fmoss • INCI – charcoal fjber, polymer, candellila wax, mint essential oil BIODEGRADABLE • Vegan CHARCOAL DENTAL FLOSS RECYCLABLE REFILLS • Our refjlls are to be put into you Organically Epic glass jar from your fjrst fmoss purchase • 2x 30 metres of fmoss 4

  5. STAINLESS STEEL TONGUE CLEANER BIODEGRADABLE • This pack includes x2 stainless steel tongue cleaners • Up your oral health care game with our stainless steel tongue cleaner RECYCLABLE • THE best defence against bad breath when used as part of your complete natural dental routine • Gets rid of debris, bacteria and dead cells that build up on your tongue over time • Improves your sense of taste REUSABLE • Helps prevent cavities, gum disease and other PANDA FRIENDLY BAMBOO conditions afgecting the mouth • Helps reduce bad breath • Use twice daily after brushing teeth STRAWS • Vegan • 6 straws per individual pack LIFETIME USE • Includes a steel cleaning brush • Ditch your plastic straws, go sustainable • A must for any Eco lover and they look super chic too! • Perfect for any party or for everyday use RECYCLABLE • Vegan • Compostable and biodegradable • Zero Waste • Naturally antibacterial 5

  6. WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU • Trial and fjrst order of £30 MOQ excluding VAT • Shipping prices to the EU and Globally available on request • Orders thereafter are an MOQ of £80 excluding VAT • Your own dedicated account manager • Standard UK Shipping costs start at of £3.95 • VIP invitations to any trade show we attend • Special ofgers emailed to you monthly • POS materials where appropriate. Wholesale (exc VAT) RRP (inc VAT) Spend under Spend between Spend over £150 £150 and £300 £300 40% MARGIN 45% MARGIN 50% MARGIN Toothbrush £3 £2.75 £2.50 £5.99 Floss £2.63 £2.41 £2.19 £5.25 Floss refjlls £3.45 £3.16 £2.88 £6.90 Tongue Cleaner £3.08 £2.82 £2.56 £6.15 Straws £2.75 £5.50 EXAMPLE PACK 1: EXAMPLE PACK 2: EXAMPLE PACK 3: 40% MARGIN 45% MARGIN 50% MARGIN x1 toothbrush box x1 box of adult tb’s x1 Box of every toothbrush type x5 Floss ( Adults: soft, medium, fjrm. Childs: soft, medium ) x1 box of child’s tbs x3 Floss refjlls x20 fmoss x6 fmoss x3 Tongue Cleaners x20 fmoss refjlls x6 fmoss refjll x20 tongue cleaners x6 tongue cleaners • Please note all wholesale prices are quoted excluding VAT • Please note all RRP are quotes including VAT 6

  7. Call: 01268 513 122 Email: sales@organicallyepic.uk /OrganicallyEpic @OrganicallyEpic @OrganicallyEpic /OrganicallyEpic #organicallyepic #epiclove #epic #reducedplastic #dentalcare #bamboo #reducedwaste www.organicallyepic.uk

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