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DAY 1 DEPARTMENT OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE- SERIAL. NUMBER 1 to 17 S. System Topic Name Time No Dr.M.Selvam 1 , Dr.T.Maduravani 2 , Dr.A.Kingsly 3 , Lifestyle Management Of Heart Dr.G.Esakkypandian 4 , Dr.R.Antony

  1. DAY – 1 – DEPARTMENT OF EXPERIMENTAL MEDICINE- SERIAL. NUMBER 1 to 17 S. System Topic Name Time No Dr.M.Selvam 1 , Dr.T.Maduravani 2 , Dr.A.Kingsly 3 , Lifestyle Management Of Heart Dr.G.Esakkypandian 4 , Dr.R.Antony Duraichi 5 , 1 Siddha Disease-A Review Government Siddha Medical College, Palayamkottai. 2:00-2:07 P.M Email.Id: Vijayaselvambsms24@Gmail.Com Lifestyle Modification And Dr.Mirunaleni , Dr.Anusha, Dr.Shalini, Dr.Arulmozhli 2 Management Of Sinaipai Mirunalenibsms@Gmail.Com 2:08-2:14 P.M Siddha Neerkatti –Pcod In Siddha Moringa Oleifera -Mother's Best Aravind Samy.M, Gowslya.E, Kalainithi.K,Uma.A.P 3 Siddha Friend Sivaraj Siddha Mdical College, Salem, 2:15-2:21 P.M Aravindjames296@Gmail.Com Dr.B.V.Shasikala (PG Scholar) 1 , Dr. M. Mohamed Lifestyle Disease And Its Holistic 4 Siddha Management Musthafa.,Md(S),Gsmc, Chennai 2:22-2:28 P.M Dr.Nandhinielangovan@Gmail.Com Vishnu Priya.K 1 , Pavithra. 1 , Ramya.R 2 , A Holisitic Approach On Balagurusamy.K 3 Velumailu Siddha Medical College & 5 Siddha Individual’s Health Against Challenging Environmental Hospital, Sriperumbudu. 2:29-2:35 P.M Diseases. Email: A Role Of Yoga In Maintaining M. Latha Rani 1 , S. Mathu Kumar 2 6 Siddha Good Posture For Holistic Health 1. Professor, Sri Sairam Siddha Medical College & 2:36-2:42 P.M Research Centre, Chennai – 44. Holistic Management And Abarna.B 1 , Swathi.T 1 , Ramya.R 2 , Balagurusamy.K 7 Siddha Rehabilitation Of Obsessive 3, Velumailu Siddha Medical College And Hospital, Compulsive Disorder By Cell Sriperumbudur. 2:43-2:49 P.M Phones Prevention and management of Sudha V 1 , Sasi Rekha R 2 , Anbu N 3 1 Pg 8 Iron deficiency anemia through Department Of Medicine, Gsmc, Chennai 106. Siddha siddha system of medicine - An 2:50-2:56 P.M rmerging lifestyle disorder Healthy Ageing- A Work Of Art Dr. N. Anbu, Dr. S. Saranyashalini, Dr. A. 9 Siddha Lavanya,Government Siddha Medical College, Chennai 2:57-3:03 P.M 9788837600. Dr.Saranyashalini@Gmail.Com

  2. Pregnancy & Iron Deficiency Dr.D.Beula 10 Siddha Anemia A Holistic Approach Consultant (Nhm) Towards Well Being Of Mother- Drdbeulapremmil@Gmail.Com 3:04-3:10 P.M A Review Antioxidant and hepatic enzyme Elango.V And Jeya Venkatesh J changes in kanakalinga corporate Department Of Siddha Medicine, 11 meshuga, treated experimental Faculty Of Sciences, Tamil University, Thanjavur. 3:11-3:17 P.M Siddha hypothyroid disorder Drelangovantu@Gmail.Com Ennai Kuliyal (Medicated Oil V.S. Nandini*, C. Samuel Justin Raj*, Thomas M Walter #, Govt Siddha Medical College, 12 Siddha Bath) - A Non-Invasive Therapy For Integrated Psychiatric Palayamkottai,Tamilnadu 3:18-3:24 P.M Management Nandinivsnandu@Gmail.Com Anti Aging - Possible In Siddha Dr. A. Suberna Devi Md(S), Reg. No: 4192, Siddha 13 Siddha Physician. 3:25-3:31 P.M Email Id: Subernadevi@Gmail.Com Management And Prevention of Dr.A.Lavanya M.D(S), Research Associate, Siddha 14 Siddha Lumbar spondylosis -A review of Central Research Institute, Chennai-106 siddha pharmacotherapy non – Lavanyasiddha@Gmail.Com 3:32-3:38 P.M pharmacological therapies A Role On Nutrition For Selvalenin. C, Dr. Revathi. M 15 Siddha Lifestyle Disorders In Holistic Sivaraj Siddha Mdical College, Salem,Tamilnadu,India. Approach E-Mail : Leninselva555@Gmail.Com 3:39-3:45 P.M Holistic Assistance For Porkodi Porchelian Thamaraikannan Vijayakumar, 16 Siddha Hypertension With Imbooral Prakash Ramesh, Dr.Rajarajeshwari ,Sivaraj Siddha Leghiyam Medical College, Salem. Mail Id: 3:46 –3:52 P.M Sp11496@Gmail.Com A Study On External Dr.Revathi.M.,(Lecturer) 17 Siddha Haemorrhoids Allied With diet Sivaraj Siddha Medical College, Salem. And Life Style E-Mail : Prajna_Slm@Yahoo.Com 3:53 – 4:00 P.M

  3. DAY –1- SENATE HALL, SERIAL NUMBER 18 to 33 Integrative Oncology – Dr M.K.Seeni M.D (Ayu),Ph.D (Ayu), Asst.Prof, Govt. 18 Ayurveda Ayurvedic Approach Ayurveda Medical College & Hospital, Kottar , 2.00 – 2:07 P.M Nagercoil Drmkseeni@Gmail.Com A Holistic Approach Towards Vyshna Ravindran 19 Ayurveda Prevention And Treatment Of 4th Year Bams From Sri Ayurveda Medical College , 2.08 – 2:14 P.M Hypertension Chennai Vyshna.2@Gmail.Com Ayurveda Efficacy Of Ayurveda Suganthan R., Palanisamy T, Kalpana.S., Joseph Maria 20 Formulation For The Adaikalam.S And Srinivas G 2.15 – 2:21 P.M Treatment Of Type-2 Department Of Epidemiology Diabetes The Tn Dr.M.G.R.Medical University,Chennai LITERATURE REVIEW OF Dr Lavanya.M., MRs.Kavitha.S. Dr Shanmugasundari. 21 Ayurveda PCOS TREATMENT IN R., DR Joseph Maria adaikalam, Department Of VIEW OF INDIAN SYSTEM Epidemiology, 2:22-2:28 P.M OF TN Dr M.G.R Medical University MEDICINE Positive Approach/Role Of Dr Shikha Upadhyay,Mph 22 Homeopathy Homoeopathic Medication In Dr Debadutta Sahoo,Mph Diabetic Patients During School Of Public Health,Aiims Jodhpur 2:29-2:35 P.M Clinical Practice. Drdevaiims2610@Gmail.Com The Pace Of Homoeopathy To Dr. Hari Sankar.V Md (Hom) 23 Homeopathy Improve As Primary Palliative Associate Professor, Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Care Medical College 2:36-2:42 P.M Kulasekharam, Kanyakumari District, 629161 Resdep@Skhmc.Org 24 Homeopathy Clinical Study On Dr. N.V.Sugathan * & Dr.V.Siju 2:43-2:49 P.M Homoeopathy For Attension Defecit Hyperactivity Email: Disorder (Adhd) In School

  4. Children 25 Homeopathy Prevalence Of Metabolic Dr.T.Ajayan Syndrome In School Children Sarada Krishna Homoeopathic Medical College 2:50-2:56 P.M And Its Homoeopathic Kulasekharam, Kanyakumari District,-629161. Management 26 Homeopathy Effectiveness Of Natrum Dr. SATHISH KUMAR . V 2:57 – 3:03 P.M Muriaticum 1m On Reduction PROFESSOR, HOD Dep of Repertory Of Tsh Level In Females Sarada krishna homoeoepathicmedical college hospital Between Age Group 35 TO 55 Kulasekharam years Management Of Critical Dr.Chandraja.C.V. 27 Homeopathy Values In Hematology 3:04 – 3:10 P.M Laboratory In Skhmc. Priya M 1 Geethadevi S 2 ,Ujjeevanam G 3 ,Kanagavalli K 4 Integrated Psychiatry 1 compulsory 28 Siddha Psychiatric Disorders Rotatory Residential 3:11 – 3:17 P.M (Schizophrenia) And Its Internship,Government Siddha Medical Treatment In Siddha Medicine College,Chennai-106. – Literature Overview Email Id: R.Deebiga 1 , S.Mathukumar 2 Role Of Yogasanam In 29 Siddha Treatment Of Pcos .Lecturer, 2.Principal, Sri Sairam Siddha Medical 3:25 – 3:31 P.M College Shanmuga Sundari S 1 ,Koshy Chithresan 2 , Srinivas G 1 , Efficacy Of Arimedadi Oil Arun Maradi 2 , Valarmathi S 1 , Kalpana S 1 , 30 Siddha Pulling In Plaque Related 3:18 – 3:24 P.M Geethalakshmi S 1 Gingivitis The Tamilnadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University And Sri Ramakrishna Dental College, Thirunarayanan G 1 , Tamizharasan S 2, Shree Devi Ms 3 ,1.. 31 Siddha A Study On Natural Siddha 3:25 – 3:31 P.M Supplement (Mr. Health) In Medical Consultant, Shri Siddeshwara Siddha Hospital,

  5. Body Builders Panruti.2., Chennai.Thirunarayanan.Dr@Gmail.Com Suvetha C 1 ,Vanitha A 2 , Seethalakshmi G 3 , Valarmathi In Vitro Evaluation Of Wound S 4 , Srinivas G 5 32 Siddha Healing Assay Of Siddha 3:32 – 3:38 P.M Formulation On Padikara The Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R Medical University,Chennai. Neer. Ujjeevanam G 1 ,Kanagavalli K 2 33 Interventional Siddha 3:39 – 4:45 P.M 1 head Of The Department, Therapy For Insulin Siddha Dependent Diabetes Aruvaimaruthuvam,Government Siddha Mellitus Foot Ulcer With Medicalcollege,Chennai-106. Majitti Root Email Id: ( Rubia Cordifolia ) Kudineer Phone No:9884175653 - A Case Study

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