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E-Cigarettes Defined Current Trends & Data Approaches to Youth Prevention PTO Officer Joe Delgehausen -Edina High School Resource Officer Christopher Lawler - Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Edina High School NIDAs Positive

  1. E-Cigarettes Defined Current Trends & Data Approaches to Youth Prevention PTO Officer Joe Delgehausen -Edina High School Resource Officer Christopher Lawler - Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor at Edina High School

  2.  NIDA’s Positive Parenting Guide:  NIDA Site for Parents:  CDC Guide for Parents (Handout):   FREE Curriculum on E-Cigarettes through Stanford Medicine:  FDA Summary on E-Cigarettes. GREAT for e-distribution: INAL.PDF

  3. Drug use on social media links: Drug Slang Dictionary: DEA Drug Slang Report: Teen Slang Dictionary for parents: The Guardian article on drug purchases on social media: The Sun article on emojis and drug sales: CDC: E- Cigarette “Know the Risks” Site specific to youth: In response Codiene (“Lean”) Withdrawal: Talking to Teens about E-Cigarettes (A Parent’s Guide): NY Times Article on Talking to Youth about E-Cigarettes: Washington Times Article on the link between sex trafficking and drug addiction:

  4.  Mayo Clinic: The Dangers of E-Cigarettes How to Talk to Kids About E-Cigarettes E-Cigarettes: Risk of Infections Nicotine and Vaping: What Parents Need to Know

  5.  There are many different kinds of Vapes and E-Cigs  They all use heat to vaporize a liquid as an alternative to smoking cigarettes  They are marketed as an alternative/healthier way to consume nicotine  Below are common types of Vaping devices JD

  6. FIRST GENERATION DEVICES  Devices designed to look like traditional cigarettes  “ cigalikes ”  Battery-operated, originally composed of 3 pieces:  A Battery to provide power  Atomizer, providing heat  A Cartridge that holds liquid and flavoring

  7. SECOND GENERATION DEVICES  Devices are larger and typically do not resemble a cigarette -Different sizes, shapes, and colors.  Large, separate cartridges or “tanks” for liquids and flavorings.

  8. THIRD GENERATION DEVICES  Like second generation devices, but are typically larger.  Contain different cartridge, atomizer, and battery options  Produce higher heating element temperatures and produces more heat and impacts the amount of the aerosol. -Overheating has been a problem.

  9. E-CIGARETTES – JUUL DEVICE  Popular e-cigarettes like JUUL have developed new technologies utilizing nicotine salts that are absorbed into the body more effectively and come in record-high levels of nicotine.  JUUL pod can contain much more nicotine than regular cigarettes.  Come in a wide variety of fruit and other flavors that appeal to youth.  Easily hidden, have limited odor  Aerosol that disappears quickly enabling youth to use them in public places.  JUUL controls over 50 percent of the E-Cig market


  11. E-CIGARETTES: RATES OF USE  The 2017 Minnesota Youth Tobacco Survey (MYTS) revealed that one in four middle school and high school students (25.9 percent) reported having tried an e-cigarette at least once.  The portion of students that had tried e-cigarettes increased with each grade in school.  In 2017, about one in two high school seniors had tried e-cigarettes. A larger portion of students had tried e-cigarettes than conventional cigarettes (25.9 percent vs. 20.2 percent). Source: MN Department of Health JD

  12. JD

  13. E-CIGARETTES  Larger disparities exist among racial and ethnic groups. A larger share of students that identified as American Indian, Hispanic, or multiple races (non-Hispanic) reported having ever used e-cigarettes.  These patterns among subgroups are consistent with the 2016 Minnesota Student Survey data on past 30-day use of e-cigarettes.  Source: MN Department of Health

  14. E-CIGARETTES: SLANG  e-cigs  e-hookahs  hookah pens  vapes  vape pens  mods (customizable, more powerful vaporizers)

  15. Whether done on purpose or not the different types of vapes/tobacco products look a lot like items your kids would normally have in a back pack. JD

  16.  The JUUL is a small device that is easily concealed  There is little smell from the smoke making it easier to conceal  It looks like a USB Drive – it is charged by plugging it into a USB Port  Less irritation to the lungs when smoking the vape making it easier to start  The flavors are teen friendly with many fruity flavors  There is a much higher nicotine level in JUUL products versus other E-Cigs - 1 JUUL Pod is equal in nicotine to 1 pack of cigarettes - JUUL has 59 milligrams per milliliter of oil versus only 6-30 milligrams in most other E-Cigs JD

  17.  The vape oil is often flavored  The flavors vary but are often fruit flavored  There is no cigarette smoke smell  The vaporized liquid is not as irritating to the respiratory system  Vaping can be done much more covertly than traditional cigarettes  Vaping is seen as more socially acceptable  Vaping is a trendy form of smoking that is often seen as cool by teens JD

  18. JD

  19.  With the growth in using Vapes to consume nicotine the use of the same devices to smoke THC wax/oils has grown (Dabbing)  Benefits of Vaping the wax/oils include: - Less smell in consuming it when using the Vapes - Easier to conceal - Can easily add the wax/oil to the normal nicotine vaping liquid - Not as recognizable as marijuana/THC as traditional blunts or dugouts

  20. CANNABIS : CONCENTRATES  One comparison can be an espresso machine: as the water passes through the ground coffee beans it strips them of their oils (which contain the caffeine, flavor, and aroma) into a filtered, highly concentrated solution.  One popular extraction method uses butane, a highly flammable solvent, which is put through an extraction tube filed with marijuana.  This method is dangerous because butane is a very explosive substance, has resulted in many explosions and accidents in houses, apartments, etc.  MANY videos on YouTube on how to manufacture.


  22.  There is a current trend towards consuming marijuana wax or oils instead of traditional marijuana  Waxes/Oils can have up to 8 times higher THC levels than natural marijuana leading to a much stronger and longer lasting high  The wax/oils do not have the typical strong smell of marijuana and therefore are easier to store and consume  The wax is usually a yellow/honey like color and is often the consistency of butter, honey, or can be hard

  23. CANNABIS : CONCENTRATES - SLANG “Dabbing”: Using an e- cigarette/vaporizer to ingest marijuana concentrates is commonly referred to as “dabbing” or “vaping”.

  24. CANNABIS : CONCENTRATES - SLANG Also known as: 710 (the word “OIL” flipped and spelled backwards), wax, ear wax, honey oil, budder, butane is hash oil, butane honey oil (BHO), shatter, dabs, black glass, and errl.

  25.  E-Cigarette use/possession falls under the tobacco statutes  Monetary Fine  Possible Educational Class  THC use/possession falls under controlled substance statutes  Regular (plant form) marijuana is a petty misdemeanor  Monetary Fine  Possible Educational Class  THC oil used to smoke marijuana using vaping devices is a felony  Will have a court date with the juvenile court  Depending on priors consequences can vary widely  Community Service, Probation, Education Classes, Court Ordered Counseling. Fine, Etc. JD

  26.  Online Sales  Buying through an 18 year old  History repeats itself; Gas station attendees, other business staff who may not be properly carding minors.  Illicit sales, drug dealers who sell pre-packaged THC concentrate e-cigarettes.

  27. “Facebook sucks!” – A young person, 2018

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