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Montgomery County CERT General Meeting Tonights Agenda CERT - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

JANUARY 2016 Montgomery County CERT General Meeting Tonights Agenda CERT Business Reports Upcoming opportunities Winter Preparedness Outreach Operations Santa Run Report Response was fair to good Sat. easier to staff

  1. JANUARY 2016 Montgomery County CERT General Meeting

  2. Tonight’s Agenda • CERT Business – Reports – Upcoming opportunities – Winter Preparedness

  3. Outreach

  4. Operations

  5. Santa Run Report • Response was fair to good – Sat. easier to staff than Sunday • Provided needed logistical and operation coverage – Set up and maintain a perimeter – Direct traffic in limited light settings – Work with JFB and Station eight volunteers • Demonstrated to Chief Knopp that we are a reliable resource • Learned and practiced “night ops” skills

  6. Damage Assessment Report • Response was good but could have been better – Please note drill response as important as actual response • Demonstrated to Div. Chief Hinde we are a skilled resource • Learned value of reliable tactical voice & MURS limitations • Learned and practiced “night ops” skills – CERT staging in an already crowded area • Learned need for consistent forms and total reporting • Learned good practice builds unit cohesion

  7. Damage Assessment Dispatcher Report • Comms were sent out in a timely manner to GoTeam members calling for a dispatch to the damage assessment drill. • GoTeam dispatchers were able to get clear information from members of first and last names with replies they were responding. • For the most part, the GoTeam members that could respond were the only ones to replied to the callout. • The script given out to responders was clear and easy to interpret in e-mail as well as SMS messages. • Learned the importance of the end of shift check-in from responder with dispatcher, and discussed liability.

  8. FTX Opportunity In Germantown With MCFRS • Date: Monday February 1st, 2016 • Time: 0800-1030H • Location: Regal Cinemas, 20000 Century Blvd Germantown, MD 20874 • Sign up in CERVIS using the following link:

  9. Pending Events Additional Go-Team trainings expected in the coming months Expect real time event based Dispatch drills. Working with MCFRS for integrated Hi Rise Evac drill

  10. GoTeam Communications & Testing • The GoTeam will test out the communications sent to members on a monthly basis. • Dispatchers will conduct test e-mails and SMS messages to ensure that GoTeam members are receiving communications correctly in the event of a real deployment. • If you wish to be on the go Team, you must have a county ID and be available for training and deployment opportunities.

  11. Special Operations

  12. Information Technology

  13. CERVIS & Web Page • CERVIS: – Members are encouraged to stay familiar with CERVIS – Please keep your contact information current – Place for 800 MHZ added • Web Page: – Web page updates coming soon

  14. Training

  15. CERT Training Class Spring 2016 – Instructors' Workshop Saturday, Jan 23. 1000-1200. – Wednesday February 3 rd – Saturday March 5 th – Instructors send David your most recent slide deck, soonest!

  16. Future Specialty Trainings • County radio training (2/6@0900 at PSHQ) – Specifically for Go-team responders utilizing a County radio – As with CPR there will be an annual recert requirement • Refresher training on use of tools and equipment – GPS using Lat Lon data vs. street addresses – Map and compass review • Field • urban

  17. Storm Camp • April 3, 2016 • POC: Ann Merrill – Need volunteers For: – adult section – children section

  18. Teen CERT • Teen CERT training – Thursday and Sunday afternoons – Kathee will need instructors periodically

  19. Teen CERT Training • Agenda: – Jan 17: Terrorism and Active Shooter with PO Scott Zimmerman – Jan 24: • Damage Assessment • Risk Assessment • CERT Organization • Medical Skills and exercises – Jan 28: Disaster Kits and pet Preparedness – Feb 13: – Feb 18: Tour of 911 Center- limited to few adult supervisors for teens) – Feb 21: – Feb 25: Disaster Psycholgy and Team Well Being-- C.Freschette lead – Mar 5: Final practical

  20. Upcoming Events

  21. Upcoming Trainings • Friends & Family First Aid (1/21)- Sign up now in CERVIS. • Winter 2016 CERT Basic Class (starts on 2/3/16) • County Radio Training (2/6)- (GoTeam members only) • Spring 2016 CERT Basic Class (projected to run 4/20-5/21)

  22. Organizational News

  23. Montgomery CERT Org Chart 2016 Fire Chief Scott Goldstein Division Chief Alan Hinde Program Manager Greg St. James Secretary President Vice President Treasurer Training Marci Carl Brill Chris Frechette Trish Laut David Steele Applewhite LOGS OPS Outreach IT HR CPR Teen CERT Moulage Special Projects Ken Ow Tom Smith Lisa Ackerman Jay Kaplon Ellen Zaika Cynthia Halota Kathee Henning Kristen Wear Special Ops CERVIS Admin Registrar COMMS Storm Camp Ben Koshy Jennifer Hobson Gigi Knell Go-Team Digital

  24. Winter Preparation

  25. Winter Storms CERT Basic Training Hazards

  26. Winter Storm Risks • Automobile or other transportation accidents • House fires • Asphyxiation • Exhaustion and heart attacks • Falls • Hypothermia and frostbite

  27. Ice • Sleet • Freezing rain • Ice storm

  28. Cold • High winds, windchill factor • Frozen pipes 29

  29. Effects on Infrastructure Disrupted communication: • Victims unable to call for help • Know how to communicate with your family/friends- text

  30. Make Way for Emergency Vehicles

  31. Deaths in Autos 2014 During Winter Weather According to NOAA statistics: • “The most hazardous place to be in the winter of 2014 was in a vehicle, where 10 (48%) died.”

  32. Winter Travel • Avoid it, if possible! • If you MUST travel in winter weather: – Winterize your vehicle – Keep charged cell phone or two-way radio with you at all times – If stranded, stay inside your vehicle – Share your travel plans and location with a buddy in case you are stranded — helps with search and rescue

  33. Car Winter Checklist • Replace Worn Wipers • Keep Tank ½ full to prevent fuel line freezing • Test battery • Check tire pressure • Replace Missing or Outdated supplies in Car Kit — multilayers for warmth; flashlight batteries; heat source; emergency chargers for phones, tablets, etc. Be car-ready as part of the GO TEAM

  34. Watch Out for Kids • School closures mean kids are out and about… • Often playing in the streets Drive defensively and keep an eye out for kids

  35. House Fires • House fires Occur more frequently because of lack of proper safety precautions for alternate heating sources including: – Unattended fires – Disposal of ashes too soon, in non-fire proof containers – Improperly placed space heaters – Chimney fires

  36. Electrical House Fires • More electrical house fires happen in winter months. • Avoid misuse of extension cords, especially with portable heaters • Install AFCI or GFCI outlets in areas where space heaters are used

  37. Winter Storm Preparedness • Understand the risk • Prepare your home • Service snow removal equipment • Keep vehicle’s gas tank full • Pay attention to warnings

  38. During a Winter Storm • Stay indoors and dress warmly • Eat and drink regularly • Conserve fuel • If outside, protect yourself from hazards

  39. If you don’t have a blower, snow shoveling can be a major pain…Literally • Avoid injuries to lower back, shoulders; bend at knees • Stretch first to warm muscles • Do not lift and twist with shovel full of snow

  40. Asphyxiation • Carbon Monoxide • Improper ventilation of auxiliary heating • Asthma and other respiratory conditions affected by severe cold

  41. Exhaustion and Heart Attacks • Stay hydrated • Check in with buddy • Periodically rest and do not over-exert • Signs and symptoms of heart attacks

  42. Falls • Grandma Can’t Take a Joke • Most common cause of accidental death in pt+65 • Elderly account for 75% of deaths from falls Sentinel Event!

  43. Falls Extrinsic MOI Intrinsic Medical Cause HX! 911 - ASK questions, LOOK OUT for Shock! Keep warm, ABC, CSPINE, Move with Care!

  44. Cold Weather Emergencies • Hypothermia • Frostbite • Frostnip • Rewarming • Considerations

  45. Penguins!

  46. Other CERT News

  47. CERT SKILLS utilization • Did anyone use their CERT Skills this month?

  48. Next General Meeting • Please join us on February 11 th here at PSHQ – Sign up in CERVIS

  49. And the stars look very different today…

  50. Thank you

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