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Locality Planning in the South Eastern Area Cathy Polley Ards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Locality Planning in the South Eastern Area Cathy Polley Ards Community Network & Chair of the Ards and North Down Locality Planning Group What is locality planning? Bring together community, voluntary and statutory agencies

  1. Locality Planning in the South Eastern Area Cathy Polley Ards Community Network & Chair of the Ards and North Down Locality Planning Group

  2. What is locality planning? • Bring together community, voluntary and statutory agencies including Sure Start, Barnardos, Bryson, Community Groups, Education, Youth Justice, Police, Health and many more • Statistical evidence, local knowledge and emerging trends experienced through family support hubs or local agencies working directly with families • Develop low cost and no cost solutions to local problems • Raise awareness of family support services between agencies and link families • Embedding outcomes based planning in local communities • Dialogue with community about service planning and development

  3. Locality Planning in Northern Ireland There are 27 locality planning groups across Northern Ireland

  4. Co-ordinating Locality Planning in NI There are a number of measurement tools that have been developed by CYPSP in the Health and Social Care Board to ensure consistency across all locality planning groups in Northern Ireland. – Locality Planning Toolkit – Locality Planning Standards – Locality Planning Core Members Survey – Locality Planning is supported by a locality planning officer in each HSC Trust area

  5. Locality Planning in South Eastern Area There are 4 Locality Planning Groups in South Eastern Outcomes Group area: 1) Ards and North Down Locality Group 2) Colin Early Intervention Community Locality Group 3) Down Locality Group 4) Lisburn Early Intervention Locality Group

  6. Ards and North Down LPG

  7. Ards and North Down Locality Planning Group What we said we would do: Parenting / Family Support: We will improve communication pathways to engage parents through early intervention approaches Ards and North Down Family Wellbeing Project • Directory of family support services for the Ards and North Down sector – over 3500 copies have been distributed • Family Wellbeing Event, September 2017 – over 600 families attended the event Poverty: We will work together to support families experiencing poverty particularly at Christmas and summer periods across the Ards and North Down area • Holiday Hunger support in partnership with the AND Council • Improve the linkages between family support services and foodbanks • Coping with Christmas Stress Advice Clinics for families and family support packs for families in need

  8. Down Locality Planning Group

  9. Down Locality Planning Group Mental Health and Wellbeing: Improve the wellbeing of children and families in the Down area, particular children with an additional need Through the Down LPG Disability Subgroup we are; • Contributing to the Making Sense of Autism Campaign – Family Fun Events, April 2018 • Autism Impact Awards • Parent engagement sessions and marketplace Learn and Achieve: To work in partnership with area learning community to improve the quality of school life particularly for young people in transition In partnership with the Lecale Post Primary School Area Learning Community we have; • Increase awareness and access to family support hubs • Improve body image and mental health and young people • Back to School Uniform Initiative – Toolkit developed & we are sharing learning across other locality groups

  10. Colin Locality Planning Group • Focus Area: Twinbrook, Poleglass, Kilwee and Lagmore areas • Colin Early Intervention Community Programmes and Services • Speech and Language Therapy in Schools • Therapeutic Counselling Service for children, parents/carers • Home visiting programme for first time vulnerable mothers • Adolescent Counselling • Family Support: Incredible Years, Strengthening Families & Partnership with Parents • Mentoring for Achievement • Crescendo Music Programme in primary schools • Colin Community Champions programme

  11. The Changing Lives Initiative - Colin • Funding: EU INTERREG Programme • The Partnership: Colin Neighbourhood Partnership, Archways (Dublin), Genesis Programme (Dundalk), Dundalk Institute of Technology and NHS Highlands (Scotland) • Delivery: Community based initiative supporting families though group based parent practice • Referrals: Families can be referred to the programme by an agency or self referral

  12. Lisburn Locality Planning Group Early Intervention Lisburn: The Best for Every Child Report Focus Area: Old Warren, Hilden, Hillhall, Tonagh, Knockmore and Lagan Valley Help Kids Talk for Lisburn and Colin (A Speech and Language Community Strategy) • Training Plan: infant mental health baby brain development via South Eastern Infant Mental Health Working Group • 2 Rhymes by 2 • Early Talk Boost / Talk Boost • Engagement with parents and local groups to encourage parental involvement in children’s learning

  13. How do we know if anyone is any better off? Our work is contributing to: – Programme for Government – 8 Parameters of Wellbeing from Children's Strategy We are accountable to: – South Eastern Outcomes Group – Local Community Planning Partnerships – Making Life Better Forums – Communities Monitoring and Sharing our Success Processes – OBA Report Cards – CYPSP e-zine, social media, family support newsletter and locality webpages on CYPSP.org – Local agency platforms and networks – Feedback directly from families and increased referral to services

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