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GCIs Commitment to Quality Healthcare Throughout Alaska History of Rural Commitment 1995 : Began the first DAMA deployments 1998 : Deployed the first Alaska telehealth network in the federal program 2003 : Spent $25m for a 125 village

  1. GCI’s Commitment to Quality Healthcare Throughout Alaska

  2. History of Rural Commitment » 1995 : Began the first DAMA deployments » 1998 : Deployed the first Alaska telehealth network in the federal program » 2003 : Spent $25m for a 125 village rollout of first generation wireless Internet service » 2006 : Committed $40m to Rural Wireless rollout for cell/data in all Alaska villages » 2006-2009 : Committed $60m for Kodiak, South East and Fairbanks Alaska fiber routes » 2010 : Committed funding and begin building TERRA Project

  3. ConnectMD Medical Network » The largest medical network in the Pacific Northwest: Connect MD » A collaborative environment of over 200 clinics, hospitals, and medical organizations throughout Alaska and the Pacific Northwest

  4. ConnectMD Members • Alaska Island Community Center • Mid-Valley Hospital • Alaska Psychiatric Institute • North Slope Borough Health and Social Services • Alaska Regional Medical Center • North Valley Hospital • Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation • Norton Sound Health Corporation • Cascade Medical Center • Okanagan Douglas County Hospital • Central Washington Hospital • Samuel Simmonds Memorial Hospital • Fairbanks Memorial Hospital • Seattle Children’s Hospital • Ferry County Memorial Hospital • Swedish Medical Center • Harborview Radiology • University of Washington Medicine Radiology • Harrison Memorial Hospital • Virginia Mason Medical Center • Ketchikan General Hospital • Wenatchee Valley Medical Center • Kodiak Island Community Health Center • Yukon Flats Health Center • Lake Chelan Community Hospital • Yukon-Kuskokwim Health Corporation • Maniilaq Health Center

  5. TERRA » The TERRA Vision: Terrestrial for Every Region of Rural Alaska » What is TERRA? • Hybrid fiber optic and microwave network • Removes limitations of satellite service • Will provide symmetrical broadband service » Why TERRA? • Participation in the modern economy requires broadband connectivity • Rural users have seen increases in available services, but are not at parity with urban users • Modern applications are challenged by the latency and capacity constraints of satellite

  6. TERRA • GCI applied to USDA-RUS for an award to build TERRA-SW • First round attracted 2,200 applicants requesting over $28B • GCI received notification of an $88M award on Jan. 25: 6

  7. About GCI’s Funded Project • Will provide terrestrial connectivity to 65 villages in the Bristol Bay and Yukon-Kuskokwim regions • Interconnects with existing DeltaNet network • Hybrid fiber/microwave network • 14 new microwave towers (4 remote/mountaintop) • 7 new cable landing stations • 9 new fiber segments (subsea, lakebed and buried) • GCI will offer a well-provisioned wireless residential Internet service in the region at urban-equivalent rates 7

  8. • Map 8

  9. Schedule Grant requires three years to completion – Clock starts at closing of award - anticipated late Summer 2010 • 2009 : Initial permitting, early design • 2010 : Permitting; site survey; site acquisition; upgrade of existing microwave sites; equipment and fiber manufacturing • 2011 : Construction of microwave sites, cable landing stations and majority of fiber network • 2012 : Construction of remaining microwave sites and remaining fiber segment • 2013: Project completion 9

  10. Next job: Norton Sound and Northwest Arctic • GCI submitted second round application to USDA-RUS March 29, 2010 • Application builds terrestrial network to most Norton Sound and Northwest Arctic communities • GCI requested – Grant: $108,213,247.00 – Loan: $46,377,107.00 • Project would “close the ring” with route east to the pipeline fiber 10

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  12. Thank you. Krag Johnsen Director, Rural Broadband Development kjohnsen@gci.com 12

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