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Association Annual General Meeting April 16, 2019 Presidents Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Whiteshell Cottagers Association Annual General Meeting April 16, 2019 Presidents Report 1 Whats happened since the last AGM? 2 The NWFD Survey The Debate: 3 From Probe Research Survey The NWFD Survey 4 The NWFD Survey 5 The

  1. Whiteshell Cottagers Association Annual General Meeting April 16, 2019 President’s Report 1

  2. What’s happened since the last AGM? 2

  3. The NWFD Survey The Debate: 3 From Probe Research Survey

  4. The NWFD Survey 4

  5. The NWFD Survey 5

  6. The NWFD Survey Next steps • Meeting on April 17th with North Whiteshell Business Owners Assoc. to garner support • Early May meeting with RM of Reynolds to explore any partnership ideas/possibilities • The committee is still very much in exploration stages. There is much work to do and we are likely a few years away from reality if we forge ahead • Challenges continue to be in recruitment of qualified 6 volunteers both for the Dept. itself, as well as Committee members

  7. CN Rail derailment clean-up: Nora Lake: Jan 7th – 2018 • A high risk learning experience - helped cement working Relationship with PPSD • Clean-up Efficacy / closure report of July, 2018 Nora Lake Nickel Cottages sulphide spill 7 Marsh drains into lake

  8. Water Level Management Dredging of the East boathouse access channel on Falcon Lake South Shore completed – West access channel scheduled for 2019. Both are Prerequisite to management of the Lake level within historic range 8

  9. Water Level Management Caddy Lake discharge upgrade – awaiting technical review by MI (2 years overdue) West weir CN 80 to tunnel 90 ft wide CP tunnel East weir 9 50 to 60 ft wide.

  10. Water Level Management • Betula Lake – Survey of cottagers May 2019; • Upgrade Options: awaiting technical review by MI (1 year overdue) “Dry” Weir 120 ft wide “Wet” Weir 100 ft wide 10 Black Algae

  11. Water Level Management Nutimik Lake boat launch Star Lake boat launch dredging – still pending upgrade scheduled for 2019 11

  12. WCA Communications • Echo published 5 times per year • Regular email blasts – make sure we have your email address! New • The website has had 3,500 unique visitors in the past 3 months. • Follow us on Facebook for great features including news, safety information, ideas, stories, events and posts every day! • Our new Instagram feed is all about the beauty of the Whiteshell and the people that love it New #whiteshellcottagers 12

  13. Launch of Marketing Initiative - Increased presence in the WPP Community - Develop Signage – WCA specific or Joint with PPSD - Grow membership from 2018 level – 2019 is up 3.6% to date 13

  14. Member Discounts WCA members are eligible for discounts at an increasing number of businesses • Oak, Ash and Thorn • ABC Fire & Safety New Climbing Arborists • Ace Boater Operator • Plesia Insurance New Course Brokers • Cabela’s • Robinson Bath Centre • CDC Computers • Star Building Materials • Cottage Life Magazine Ltd. • Mark’s Work • Total Lighting Wearhouse 14

  15. Planned and/or expected progress - 2019 1. NWFD: Completion of Feasibility Study focusing on: • Adequacy of volunteers • Distribution of Service Depots • Business model & Viability Assessment 2. Caddy Lake water level management • 3 or 4 way joint effort to resolve river flow constraint(s) 15

  16. Planned and/or expected progress - 2019 3. Betula Lake: water level management • Complete level survey and initiate planning for weir upgrading; 4. Sustain efforts to launch an Invasive Species Program a. Launch Purple Loosestrife eradication program; and b. Foster development of a Caragana Control program within PPSD. 16

  17. Planned and/or expected progress - 2019 5. Parks and Infrastructure Budgets • Continue to press for increased maintenance / reconstruction expenditures on local service (cottage access) roadways; • Continue to advise PPSD and the Minister of our highest priority projects and the urgency for their funding. 17

  18. How did we do? Feedback on this Annual General Meeting is Important to us. Please take a few minutes to answer our survey on the WCA website at 18


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