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Android update June 2010 David Melgar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Android update June 2010 David Melgar Android application development Agenda Google I/O Froyo Future Other Device updates Google I/O Googles developer conference May 2010, San Francisco

  1. Android update June 2010 David Melgar Android application development

  2. Agenda • Google I/O • Froyo • Future • Other • Device updates

  3. Google I/O • Google’s developer conference May 2010, San Francisco • Android adoption • Froyo • Google TV • New advertising formats • Demos showing collaboration with other companies. Sony, Adobe, Logitech, Intel, Spring/ VMWare

  4. Apple Google relationship • No doubt what they think of each other • Best quote from Google I/O, Vic Gundotra “If Google did not act, we faced a Draconian future, a future where one man, one company, one device, one carrier would be our only choice. Thats a future we don’t want”

  5. Android acceptance • 60 devices currently available, 21 manufacturers, 48 countries, 59 carriers • Now activating 100,000 devices PER DAY

  6. Froyo Android 2.2 • Status: Release ‘soon’. • Developer release on Nexus One. Ported to rooted EVO, iPhone. • Lots of new features. Kitchen sink. • USB & wireless hotspot tethering • Bluetooth voice dialing • Adobe Flash

  7. Performance • Java benefits • Architecture independence • Algorithmic screen layout. Provides screen resolution and aspect ratio independence. • Downside: Performance • JIT added in Froyo. 2-5x performance boost! • Updated browser. 2-3x Javascript performance improvement. Laps iPad

  8. Enterprise features • 20 new features • exchange support • auto discovery • security policies • global address book integration • device admin apis

  9. New SDK features • Application data backup API. Lets you backup data to Google. Not just apps. • Cloud to device messaging API. Message can trigger an intent on device. • Don’t know how they’ve handled security issues.

  10. Beyond Froyo • HTML5 new apis. Access to accelerometer, speech, magnetometer, camera. • Speech intention. Make it perform some action on the phone. • Open browser. Inclusive rather than exclusive. Adobe flash support.

  11. Android Marketplace • Quicksearch extended to support searching within app data. Marketplace. • Apps can reside on SD card. Enabled in a secure way and can be transparent • Options for update all, automatic update • Crash reporting. Shows up in developer view, includes stack trace.

  12. Android Marketplace after Froyo • Ability to access via browser • Can initiate remote install over the air from a browser. • Music. Can buy music and send to device from browser. (iTunes competitor) • Stream your non-DRMed music to your Android device. iTunes, etc.

  13. Advertising • More advertising formats. • Analytics. Useful tools. • Adsense for Mobile Apps (ADMA) • Available now. Not limited to Froyo. • Not restricted to Google advertising (unlike Apple).

  14. Google TV • Fall 2010 • Can integrate browser, email, DVR, TV. • Runs Android apps (Marketplace not available until 2011) • Search, integrated with TV listings • Can be set top box or within TV, etc. • Demoed using Intel’s Atom. Non-ARM.

  15. Device updates

  16. Current devices • Nexus One: Google gave up. Pulled plug on Verizon, Sprint version. Sold for AT&T without subsidy (despite AT&T). T-Mobile from Google website only. • HTC Incredible. Verizon. 1GHZ. Supply constrained. • HTC EVO. Sprint. Runaway success. New top phone. First 4G phone. 4.3” screen, front facing camera, 720p video recording and HDMI video out. $10/mo premium

  17. Upcoming devices • Phones • Pads: Confirmed working with Verizon • TVs • Set top boxes • Cars, Roewe 350, Ford, GM • Appliances. Pretty much anything

  18. Motorola Droid X • Verizon. • 4.3” screen. Biggest phone yet. Too big? • 8mp. 720p in/out • 1ghz • Announce June 23rd • Release July 15th

  19. Motorola Droid 2 • Physical keyboard • Fewer details • 1ghz

  20. Samsung Galaxy S • T-Mobile (Vibrant) , AT&T (Captivate), Verizon (Fascinate) • 4.3” • Front facing camera (not in US versions) • 720p in/out • July 21st rumor

  21. Upcoming phones • HTC Scorpion: Froyo 2.2, 1.5ghz. Rumored 4G, either Sprint or early LTE (Verizon) device.

  22. iPhone 4 • 600k presales 1st day • Highest res display, 960x640. Too high? • 720p in/out • Front facing camera • Reception problem due to external antenna

  23. iOS4 • Many new iPhone features already present in Android • Multitasking • iAd: return back to app where you left off • Folders. iPhone limited to small number of apps • Video chat • iPhone advantage • Battery life • Larger battery • Controlled multitasking

  24. Future • Next Android release focusing on UI • Open messy platform with many players and potential inconsistency vs. closed walled garden single company. • Vic’s closing remarks “Thank you for supporting Android, Thank you for voting on the side of openness and choice.”


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