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Holbeton, South Hams Parish Council Presentation Design ideas for - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Holbeton, South Hams Parish Council Presentation Design ideas for residential development on land at Church Hill Holbeton, South Hams Contents The site location The site The character of the village Precedent and concept Sketch ideas

  1. Holbeton, South Hams Parish Council Presentation Design ideas for residential development on land at Church Hill

  2. Holbeton, South Hams Contents The site location The site The character of the village Precedent and concept Sketch ideas Character appraisal What makes Holbeton distinct

  3. The site location

  4. l l i H e g a r a c i V Church Hill Fore Street Site location

  5. 400m Site boundwary (approx 1.3ha) 4 miles to Modbury + 75m Conservation Area via A379 Existing development + 63m C Listed buildings Minchinhay Farm Public amenity buildings Key vehicular route 200m Public Footpath 1 Bridleway Holbeton A Church Hill +53.00 B Fore Street 2 C Brownswell Farm Vicarage Hill 3 1 View from public footpath to Church spire + 44m 4 1 A 2 Recent development (Mason’s Yard) 4 3 miles to Yealmpton 2 Holbeton County Primary 1 via A379 School 2 Holbeton Village Hall Holbeton Post Office & Village 3 Stores 4 Public House N.B. Holbeton village sits B within the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) + 78m N 5 miles to Noss Mayo + 89m via Stoke Road Site Context

  6. Site boundary (indicative 1.3ha) Existing development B Vicarage Road Contours Existing trees A Minchinhay Farm Category B Trees Root protection area Existing hedgerows Over head cables Public footpath Highway +65.00 +53.00 Approx. 2.5m retained height above Church Hill views 8 : 1 Western Villas Holbeton Conservation area F Listed buildings 0 1 : 1 A Undesignated Heritage Asset +69.00 +57.00 B View from public footpath to Church spire D C Indicative site access D Indicative pedestrian access +66.00 E E Views onto site from first storey window F Land slopes steeply 69m - 53m AOD C Fore Street Bus stop Church Hill Holbeton All Saints Church Post office Pub N Constraints and opportunities

  7. The site

  8. A Minchinhay Farm Western Villas B Raised churchyard A C B The Vicarage C Raised churchyard Church Hill N Site Context: Church Hill

  9. The character of the village

  10. Village character - historic core Character properties in the village Stone walls & strong boundaries Slate door canopies to properties Stone properties Prominent gables and chimneys Dwellings sit close to the road Larger drive-through openings Large detached properties Access to the historic church Farmyards, barns and courtyard development Stone and slate lych-gate Converted terraces to semi-detached

  11. Village character - historic core Materials - Stone - generally rough cut/natural - Slate - White rough-cast render - Pastel coloured render Roof - Slate - Thatch - Standard pitch - Clipped Eaves and black painted soffits - Chimneys are robust, regular and Properties look out onto front gardens Large semi-detached propeties Narrow, winding roads prominent Windows/ openings - Irregular areas/ voids between glazing on the same property - Wide fronted units - Vertically stacked windows - Heavy slate cills - 2-3 bars to windows regularly Entrance - Slate porches - Front entry - Timber doors - Larger openings providing access to “Olde Worlde” feel to historic core A material mix of stone, thatch, slate and render rear courtyards Details / Key Features - Tall and regularly positioned chimneys - Stone gable ends - Slate topped porches - Stepped units Boundary Treatments - Stone walls and boundary treatments Historic Core dominated by Grade II Listed Church Irregular elevational treatment

  12. Typologies Consistent and varied Historic building line building line varies in set back Terraced Private drives and housing courtyards Wide fronted properties with deep plots Properties set back Large detached Buildings in centre Wide-fronted with south-west facing properties front front onto central properties common gardens onto central hard space in the village courtyard Fore Street Centre Mason’s Yard N Typologies in Holbeton NTS

  13. Typologies Properties with good sized, south-facing front Subservient gardens garages/ links A mix of bungalows and 2 storey semi-detached houses Large detached properties Prominent gables fronting a courtyard off address approach the main route on road Barn conversions Large semi-detached properties set back with Larger properties generous gardens and set in between two driveways routes allowing dual access East Holbeton Brownswell Farm cross

  14. Front boundary treatments 10m 8m Buildings in the centre have small planted front gardens with strong stone A wall boundaries onto the road. Footpath access to properties are made up of cobbles, slate and concrete. 10m 8m A C B 9m C A 7m There are no pavements in Holbeton and many properties in the centre have B little to no buffer from the road. Some properties have private access via a high stepped or ramped pathway. 5.5m 5.5m 7.5m A 8m The steep topography in the village centre creates sudden changes in level, N C with publicly accessed areas such as the Pub garden and Church yard being much higher than the road. Typologies in Holbeton NTS

  15. Small stone walled gardens Strong stone walls are a Raised walkway front the road to properties in common boundary treatment provides private access Formal pavement to one side the village centre in Holbeton to some properties of Fore Street Cobbled treatment to roadside Cobbled drainage channel Properties accessed almost Raised footway and set back Stone boundaries becomes private use/ parking straight off the road (Brent Hill from the road, allocated front road to modern for nearby residents and Church Hill) parking spaces in front of development bungalows Design note: Variety in set-back and transition between street/road and front door

  16. Elevational treatments and details Wide-fronted properties throughout Large openings/ Vehicle Stone boundary walls entrances Consistent eaves line Canopies to entrances Regular robust chimneys Clipped eaves Varied elevational Deep reveals Solid to void treatment ratio Consistent building line Photographs showing the key characteristics of the village

  17. Variation in eaves height Structured and symmetrical window positioning Large entrance Unstructured porches window positioning Outbuildings Walled gardens

  18. Character summary - Wide fronted properties throughout the village - Material mix of stone, render and slate - Less detached properties and more terraced and semi-detached - Both varied and consistent building lines - Front gardens and setbacks - Strong enclosures and strong stone wall boundary treatments - Low front boundary walls and high flank walls - Properties accessed via drives and alleys, clusters behind main route - Single storey detached and link attached out-buildings - Few porches but several canopies above doors. Mix of canopies and deep reveals - Prominent chimneys, some projected - Balanced facades integrating vehicle entrances

  19. Wide fronted properties Raised walkways High stone walls Form follows topography Low stone walls Narrow, winding streets Properties accessed via long drives and alleys, behind main Well vegetated areas to front of route properties Character summary

  20. Precedent and concept

  21. Interpreting character - initial precedents

  22. Interpreting character - initial precedents

  23. Devon longhouse:

  24. Above: precedent images

  25. Outline Application

  26. The outline approved plan

  27. Sketch ideas

  28. Concept development - layout

  29. Developed layout P.O.S P.O.S

  30. Concept development - housetype principles G B Bedroom Bathroom 4 Master Access and visual link from entrance hall to A bed rear of property/ garden Public open space Bedroom Bedroom e/s e/s Feature staircase and gallery landing at centre B 3 2 of home D F Choice of open plan living or separated C spaces with link through each room - much like a traditional Devon longhouse A Living spaces sit on the southern aspect/ wc open onto garden utility E Opportunity for south facing private terrace, D Garage Living with views across public open space Kitchen Dining Public open space C E Practical linking of kitchen - utility - garage F Bedrooms overlook south aspect/ garden Circulation - family bathroom - wc - and other G secondary spaces front northern aspect Garden Example - plots 4,5,6,7 & 8 N Concept - Devon longhouse principles

  31. Concept development - the house terrace A Proportions similar to those found in the village Contemporary features, larger areas of glazing, slid- B A ing doors and terraces found on the ‘private’ sides of houses, and where possible, overlooking south facing gardens. B C More traditional features viewed from the ‘public’ C side of the house or road - ventilation/chimney stacks, porches, modest windows. Private Public feature windows vaulted ceilings to maximise contemporary interpretations of traditional features - onto green or open feeling of space exposed joists, painted brick spaces

  32. Developed layout P.O.S P.O.S


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