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8/19/2018 1 8/19/2018 Agenda 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Registration / - PDF document

8/19/2018 1 8/19/2018 Agenda 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits 9:00 AM Welcome & Introductions Paige Humble, MBA Executive Director Lung Cancer Initiative of NC 9:30 AM Lung Cancer Treatment Updates Edward S.

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  2. 8/19/2018 Agenda 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM Registration / Breakfast / Exhibits 9:00 AM Welcome & Introductions Paige Humble, MBA Executive Director Lung Cancer Initiative of NC 9:30 AM Lung Cancer Treatment Updates Edward S. Kim, MD, FACP Levine Cancer Institute 10:15 AM Break / Exhibits 10:30 AM Lung Cancer Screening • Overview - Scott Skibo, MD Haywood Regional Medical Center • Access Grant Update - Maria K. Long, MS, RD, LDN, Prevention and Early Detection, Manger Novant Health Cancer Care, Presbyterian Medial Center • Atrium Health Lung Cancer Mobile Screening - Darcy Doege, RN, Program Coordinator of the Lung B.A.S.E.S. 4 Life Program, Levine Cancer Institute 11:45 AM Lunch / Exhibits / Tour Mobile Screening Unit 2

  3. 8/19/2018 Agenda 12:45 PM Breakout Sessions • Survivor Breakout - Cheryl Lecroy, Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats & Programs • The Unsung Hero: The Oncology Caregiver - • Tomma Hargraves, Patient Lay Navigator, UNC Cancer Hospital • Graham Self, Caregiver • Elatt Spiller, Reimbursement Specialist, McKesson 1:30 PM Break / Exhibits 1:45 PM Mind, Body & Spirit Refresh Cheryl Lecroy Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats & Programs 2:00 PM Translating Your Experience into Action Adam Taliaferro, Esq. State Advocacy & Alliance Development, Bristol-Myers Squibb 2:30 PM How You Can Make a Difference: Ways to Get Involved Jenni Danai, MPH, Director of Programs, Lung Cancer Initiative 3

  4. 8/19/2018 Thank you to our sponsors! 4

  5. 8/19/2018 Lung Cancer Initiative Update Build Hope. Take Action. End Lung Cancer. 5

  6. 8/19/2018 Mission Save lives and provide support to those affected by lung cancer through research, awareness, education and access programs across North Carolina 6

  7. 8/19/2018 Vision Organizational Vision Our vision is to improve life for those affected by lung cancer Three-Year Strategic Vision To reach and impact every county in the state of NC by 2019 7

  8. 8/19/2018 Who We Are • 501(c)(3) • State’s leading non-profit organization supporting lung cancer research and education • Specializing in connecting patients, survivors and loved ones with the medical and research community • Dedicated to increasing lung cancer awareness and research funding • Responsible stewards: In 2017, 78% spent on research, education, awareness and access 8

  9. 8/19/2018 Our Staff Michelle McLean Paige Humble Megan Snowdowne Executive Director Manager of Marketing Operations Administrator Courtney Freeman Jenni Danai Lynne Hicks Programs Coordinator Director of Programs Director of Finance Sandy Oehler Manager of Development & Special Events 9

  10. 8/19/2018 Our Board of Directors Hiren Mehta, MD Amy Cipau, MBA, Shirley Sulick, President UNC REX Pulmonary Survivor Advocate Specialists Jennifer Garst, MD, Board Justin Brian Nicholson, Chairman Jared Weiss, MD Survivor Duke Cancer Institute at UNC Lineberger Sterling Capital Duke Raleigh Cancer Center Comprehensive Emily Parks, Advocate Jeremy Holden, Advocate Cancer Center Chief Strategy Officer, Organize for Success, Clean Design LLC Chad Pecot, MD UNC Lineberger Chris Rallis, JD Comprehensive Liz Hynson, Advocate Cancer Center Pappas Ventures Jim Sheegog, Advocate Edward S. Kim, MD Rowhill Consulting Levine Cancer Institute Group Carolinas Healthcare System 10

  11. 8/19/2018 Scientific Advisory Committee Jeff Petty, MD, Committee Chair Liling Warren, PhD Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center OmicSoft Corporation and Acclarogen Jennifer Garst, MD Chad Pecot, MD Duke Cancer Institute at Duke Raleigh Cancer Center UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Jared Weiss, MD Kathryn Mileham, MD UNC Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center Levine Cancer Institute Ed Kim, MD Jimmy Ruiz, MD Levine Cancer Institute Wake Forest Baptist Comprehensive Cancer Center Paul Walker, MD Neal Ready, MD Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University Duke Cancer Institute Amy Cipau, MBA Mark Bowling, MD Founder and President, LCI Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University Patti Pozella, PhD Pursuit-Solutions 11

  12. 8/19/2018 Our History 2009 • Hired first employee and opened office. 2010 • Hired second employee. 2012 • Held first Charlotte 5K. • Held first NC Lung Cancer Advocacy Summit. 2013 Lung Cancer Initiative • Disaffiliated from Free to Breathe and gained independent 501(c)(3) status, rebranding as Lung Cancer Initiative • Funded $500,000 toward lung cancer research cumulatively. • Launched the Access to Care gas card program. 12

  13. 8/19/2018 Our History 2014 • Held first Expert Speakers Series. 2015 • Established Research Fellows Program for funding fellows at teaching hospitals throughout the state. 2016 • Funded more than $1 million in lung cancer research in NC, cumulatively. • Began research partnership with The V Foundation for Cancer Research. • Began to fund local access grants at community hospitals to improve patient access to care. 2017 • Employing 5 full-time employees • Launched Development and Marketing Committees. 13

  14. 8/19/2018 Celebrating 10 Years as a 501c3 14

  15. 8/19/2018 Lung Cancer: A Snapshot Five-Year Survival Rates 99% 100% 90% 80% 60% Prostate Cancer Breast Cancer 40% Lung Cancer 18% 20% 0% Prostate Breast Cancer Lung Cancer Cancer American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts and Figures 2017. Atlanta: American Cancer Society; 2017. 15

  16. 8/19/2018 US Cancer Deaths vs. Federal Funding Source: https://report.nih.gov/categorical_spending.aspx 16

  17. 8/19/2018 Not Just For Smokers! 20-25,000 people in the U.S. get lung cancer each year, despite never smoking. Those who have quit smoking remain at risk. 17

  18. 8/19/2018 Faces of Lung Cancer 18

  19. 8/19/2018 What We Do • Research • Awareness • Education • Access 19

  20. 8/19/2018 Research: Fueling Medical Discovery $1.6 11 $275,000 Million The number of The total amount we The amount secured in researchers being lung cancer research have raised in lung funded at five leading cancer research since for North Carolina in cancer centers across 2008. 2018. the state. Our support has jump-started the careers of researchers who have gone on to receive further funding from the National Institute of Health, Department of Defense and the American Cancer Society 20

  21. 8/19/2018 2018-19 Research Fellows 21

  22. 8/19/2018 V Foundation, Co-Funded Research Qingyi Wei, MD, PhD Edward Kim, MD Duke Cancer Institute Levine Cancer Institute Co-funded $400,000 with The V Foundation for Cancer Research • Projects that recognize and address the disparities in cancer incidence and death rates in African-Americans, as compared to all other ethnic groups • Research presentation in November 22

  23. 8/19/2018 Education & Awareness We are committed to increasing public awareness about lung cancer, through: • Events • Education & Outreach Initiatives • And other grassroots opportunities 23

  24. 8/19/2018 Education: Changing the Conversation 1,600 + 200+ 3,000+ The number of The number of free The number of people educated at patient education providers and our 2016 Expert materials given out oncologists educated Speaker Series with around the state in around the state six cancer centers. 2016. 24

  25. 8/19/2018 Access: Easing the Burden “Thank you for the gas card. I appreciate it more than words can say. I will be traveling 60 miles one way for at least six weeks, five days a week and this will help tremendously.” --2017 gas card recipient $25,000 356 Amount funded in Number of $50 gas Access Grants in cards given in 2017 2017. to patients in 78 counties. 25

  26. 8/19/2018 Access Grants 26

  27. 8/19/2018 Education: Changing the Conversation 243 183 60 The number of The number of The number of online people educated at providers and pledges to date for our 2017 Expert oncologists educated Screen Together. Speaker Series with through ASCO Update six cancer centers. dinners. 27

  28. 8/19/2018 Education • Expert Speaker Series – Allows for patients and their families to come together to hear from experts on topics related to lung cancer and research • HCP Education – Provides educational opportunities for health care providers throughout North Carolina in order to improve diagnosis, referral and treatment • Materials Distribution – Distributes free print and online materials to patients and physician offices • Advocate Speakers Program – Free lung cancer educational sessions to businesses and civic groups to increase wellness • Health Fairs/ Community Tables – Builds lung cancer awareness within local communities and businesses 28

  29. 8/19/2018 Our Goal: More Survivors! Survivors in 2017 & 2018! 29

  30. 8/19/2018 Lung Cancer Hope There is hope! Research has brought about improvements in screening and treatments for other cancers that have led to longer and better lives for patients. We need to do the same for lung cancer! 30

  31. 8/19/2018 We Need You! We have opportunities that allow you to bring your strengths to benefit our organization and those we serve… 31


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