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1 Certain statements included in this presentation are forward looking statements currency fluctuations; defective title to mineral claims or property and dependence within the meaning of Canadian securities laws, including the following

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  2. Certain statements included in this presentation are forward looking statements currency fluctuations; defective title to mineral claims or property and dependence within the meaning of Canadian securities laws, including the following on key employees. Persons reviewing this presentation are cautioned not to place statements regarding the Aukam property: the ability of Gratomic Inc. (“Gratomic undue reliance on forward- looking statements due to inherent uncertainty therein. Inc. ” or the “Company”) to acquire additional concessions with potential The Company disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any resources; the potential to develop resources; the anticipated economic potential forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events of the Aukam project or any supply or off-take agreement; the anticipated or otherwise, except as required by law. economic potential of the concessions; the anticipated economic and political Gratomic wishes to emphasize that the supply of graphite pursuant to any off-take developments in Namibia; the availability of capital and financing for the or supply agreement referred to in the Presentation is conditional on Gratomic Company to execute its commitments and strategy going forward. Forward- being able to bring the Aukam project into a production phase, and for any looking statements are based on estimates and assumptions made by the graphite being produced to meet certain technical and mineralization Company in light of its experience and perception of current conditions and requirements. Gratomic continues to move its business towards production and expected future developments, as well as other factors that the Company as part of its business plan, expects to obtain a National Instrument 43-101 believes are appropriate in the circumstances. Many factors could cause the Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects technical report to help it ascertain Company’s results, performance or achievements to differ materially from those the economics of the Aukam project. Presently the Company uses its existing expressed or implied by the forward looking statements, including: discrepancies pilot processing facility to produce certain amounts of graphite concentrate from accumulated surface graphite. Please see Risk Factors on slide 37 (“Risk between actual and estimated results from exploration and development and Factors”) . The technical information contained in this presentation have been operating risks, dependence on early exploration stage concessions; political and foreign risks; uninsurable risks; competition; regulatory restrictions, including reviewed and approved by Steven Gray, P. Geo, a Qualified Person as defined environmental regulatory restrictions and liability; under NI 43-101. 2

  3. PERPETUUS 50%/50% JV Graphene tires AUKAM RARE MARKET ADVANCED GRAPHITE MINE Supplier of 98%+Cg MATERIALS graphite purity after flotation and Air Classification. Global automotive tire Graphite production Graphite to graphenes market today is capacity of 20,000 using plasma reactors USD$258 billion 1 and tonnes per annum* forecasted to reach USD$454 billion by Graphite occurrences 2026. 2 along 15km strike • • • MINING LICENSE PENDING!!! World class leadership team Near term production potential with • • 1416 square km of exclusive Low C1 cash cost and production early revenue upside* • prospecting license cost Potential for world class resource* • • • Early stage development of Environmentally friendly method of Potential multi decade mine life* • graphene tire (Gratomic) graphite processing Regional sized graphite footprint 1 https://www.freedoniagroup.com/industry-study/world-tires-3357.htm 3 2 https://www.marketwatch.com/press-release/automotive-tire-market-size-is-anticipated-to-reach-usd-4537-billion-by-2026-2019-03-12 * See Risk Factors – Slide 37


  5. • High grade crystalline vein graphite asset ranging between 3% Cg and 81% Cg through drilling, sampling, and bulk sampling. • One of the only jurisdictions of viable vein graphite outside of Sri-Lanka. • Visible Surface Graphite Identified over 15 km strike. • In the final 3-month construction phase of the 20,000* tpa processing plant, which will enable Gratomic to produce graphite concentrates of 98.37% Cg purity on average. • Surface stockpiles that will serve as initial feedstock for the first two years of production. • Several veins open in lower adit easily accessible for immediate mining. • Aukam graphite to graphene assayed at Swansea University, UK where plasma processes delivers graphenes at 99% Cg. (Please reference slide 17 and 18 – SEM analysis) 5 * See Risk Factors – Slide 37

  6. Luderitz Harbor Paved Highway Aukam Mine Town of Aus & Railway 500m cargo and container quay Paleozoic Tablelands Coastal Plain Desert Atlantic 1.5 Ocean hours 6

  7. AUKAM GEOLOGICAL DIAGRAM AUKAM ACHIEVABLE PROCESSED GRADE Test processing results have produced an average grade of 98.37% Cg in cleaner concentrate average after flotation Higher (>99.9%) concentrations can be 99% achieved with air classification Flotation Concentrate Cleaner Composite ID Concentrate (avg %Cg) AUK-C 1 98.27% AUK-C 2 98.71% AUK-C 3 98.77% AUK-C 4 98.29% AUK-C 5 97.97% AUK-C 6 98.61% 7

  8. TODAQ* PHU SUMIKA* • Under a USD $25 Million (payable in TODA notes) supply agreement with TODAQ, • Under a sales agreement with Phu Sumika, Gratomic will supply TODAQ with pre- Gratomic will supply to Phu Sumika 7,500 graphene graphite to be used by TODAQ as a tonnes of graphite per annum, for a term of reserve backstop to underpin the value of five years from the date the Aukam Plant deployed TODA Notes (TDN). begins commercial production • TODAQ has, to date, placed two initial • The sales agreement contemplates the sale purchase orders, for 1,200 tonnes of graphite, of graphitic product ranging from 80% to for USD $6 Million (payable in TDN 60 Million 99.9% carbon at prices ranging between at an agreed exchange rate of USD $0.10 per $500 to USD $2,800 per tonne TDN), and a third-order is anticipated for another 600 tonnes of graphite is to be placed, for an additional USD $3 Million (payable in TDN 30 Million at an agreed exchange rate of USD $0.10 per TDN). The balance of the order (USD $16 Million) will be paid for in TDN, with the TDN valued at the market rate of exchange. * See Risk Factors – Slide 37 8 8

  9. On the 23rd of March 2020, Gratomic received a Notice from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Namibia. The Minister is prepared to grant Mining License 215 (ML215) for its Aukam Graphite Property in Namibia. The License area falls within the proximity of the Aukam Processing Plant and the Graphite bearing shear zone of 5002 hectares (5002 ha). 9

  10. Gratomic EPL’s: • EPL 3895 – 27 820.4515Ha. • EPL 6710 - 35 201.1195Ha. • EPL 7512 - 24 479.6005Ha. • EPL 7513 - 49 972.0706Ha. Mining License: • 5002Ha on EPL 3895 11 10

  11. • Gratomic owns three triple chamber reactors housed at the Perpetuus Perpetuus is believed to be the factory in Swansea • Semi-automatic, computer world’s only producer of graphite controlled for repeatability and tune- derived graphenes with outputs ability. independently verified for volumes • Robust and capable of processing most graphite derived nano- and quality. materials. • New production facility located in Swansea, Wales, UK. • 2021 production capability of approx. 500 tonnes per annum. 12

  12. • Gratomic and Perpetuus entered into a collaborative agreement on March 5th, 2018. • The agreement calls for Gratomic to be the supplier of high-grade graphite concentrates and Perpetuus to supply operating expertise and contribute IP. • Gratomic owns 3 reactors housed in the Perpetuus factory in Swansea Wales, UK. • As per the agreement, the companies split the profit on a 50:50 basis. • Perpetuus developed its own patented dry plasma processing technology and currently has one of the largest graphene purchase contracts in the world with Vittoria Tires. (Patent owned by Perpetuus) • Perpetuus has a customer base of 500 companies. 13

  13. • The first layer of graphene was isolated in the University • Surface modified graphene stacks: o Easy to handle of Manchester in 2004. o Easy to package • Graphene is an allotrope of carbon a single atom thick o Friable plane of graphite. • Easily handled, packaged and dispersed within target polymer matrix. • Invisible to the naked eye and almost impossible to • Patented production method and production outputs. handle as a single layer. • Eco-friendly. • High specific surface area of 2,700 sq. meters per gram. • Key properties: o Elevates thermal conductivity o Facilitates electrical conductivity o Elevates physical and material properties (when homogeneously dispersed in a polymer) 14

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